9 thoughts on “តុល្យភាពនៃអំណាច _ Khan Sovan talks about Hun Sen, Balance of Power

  1. u never belive it was life also lucky I thought also did a lots of great things too so anything will be passed and ok

  2. all my father ' $ family brother si all got married Carson and nephew nobody could speak Chinese only speak Cambodia only my father speak Chinese so funny I knew y they all want to be top but not my father satuk satuk satuk

  3. my father always said since I was little no work politics and no get married for 3 of Chinese last name and no killing animal and no bad words then I asked y then my father said will hard life satuk satuk satuk

  4. ទៅណាបិតផ្លូវរហូត ស្ទះផ្លូវខ្លាំងជាងរោងកាទៀត


    តែបើហ៑ុនសែននិយាយ ចេះតាជឿដែរ ស្បតមិនដែរធ្វើ

  5. លោកពូសុវណ្ណវខ្ញុំក៏អាណិត សម្ដេចហ៊ុនសែនដែរ…

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