粵語  黑社會 以和為貴  Election 2  古天樂 / 任達華 / 梁家輝 / 張家輝 / 林雪 / 林家棟 / 安志杰  香港暴力犯罪驚悚動作電影 (2019)

粵語 黑社會 以和為貴 Election 2 古天樂 / 任達華 / 梁家輝 / 張家輝 / 林雪 / 林家棟 / 安志杰 香港暴力犯罪驚悚動作電影 (2019)

I am Black Ren. I belong to the Hung Society in China. My rank is Red Flag. Today, I come to you with a proposition: We all came to Hong Kong seeking a better life. To succeed and prosper we must live in harmony. When disputes arise, we must negotiate a solution, before resorting to force. If a conflict can’t be avoided, A date will be set for duel. But the authorities shall never hear of this. We should adopt the rules of Hung Society. United under its philosophy. The brethren shall live together peacefully. Every sect shall carry the name “Wo”, for unity. Shenzhen, Nanshan Impressive, Jimmy! This logistics center is a great idea. I’ve sold bootleg discs all over China. Why waste such a good distribution network. You’ve become a real businessman. Secretary Chou, is everything ready? Yes. There’s nothing to worry, Mr. Lee. We’re on top of everything. The new highway will reduce travel time to Hong Kong by 20%. I hope the trade office will help us out here. We will do everything we can. Thanks, Section Chief. I should be the one to thank you. Great project. The ball park is in millions. I’m in. Jimmy, your connections are your business. Just make sure your past… …doesn’t hurt our future. Do you understand? You have my word, Mr. Kwok. Thank you for your support. Secretary Chief. Mr. Kwok is pleased. We all worked hard on this. I’ll bring you the 20 million next week. I want a mansion here. Second floor will have 3 rooms. One room is for us. The other two are for our children. They’ll become doctors or lawyers someday. What do you say? I just want us to be together. Pay your respect. Happy birthday Chairman Lok. Happy birthday, Godfather. Thanks. Let’s drink! You all have given so much… …to the Society. I’m proud of my godsons. The next Chairman election is approaching. Any plans? My clients will support me. So you’re going to run? Kun went to prison for us. The Society owes him. You killed a traffic cop. It’s not as if you killed the police commissioner! The five of you have been great help to me. So? The past is behind us. Only the strongest candidate deserves to win. Godfather, will you support me? You don’t need me to win. Believe me, I’ll do whatever it takes. Jimmy, you have a good shot too. I’m just a businessman. But the title can increase your bootleg business. It will attract too much attention. It’ll harm business. Don’t give up this golden opportunity. What’s so impressive about selling porn? Money brings respect. If I had his success, people would know me as Mr. So. Godfather, I want to do business in China like Jimmy. Don’t like the job I gave you? No… I just want to make more money. I’m not stopping you. Thanks, Godfather. Everyone looks up to you, Jimmy. All thanks to you. Welcome. Hello, Mr. Shu. Mr. Shu, this is Mr. Kwok. Mr. Shu. Thank you… Thanks for contributing to the charity fund. That’s 2 schools in China. I hear Mr. Shu has a successful business in China. Jimmy and I have a lot to learn from you. Sure. Have Jimmy call me. Great. Please take your seat. Jimmy, there’s someone I want you to meet. Please excuse me. Mr. Xi, I’d like to introduce you… Jimmy. Well well, Wo Sing’s No.1moneymaker. Impressive! Mr. Xi is from the Chinese Security Bureau. Isn’t Lok your Godfather? Here’s a tip: Don’t follow his example. He’s out of control. You guys should be keeping it cool. The next Chairman election is near. You gonna run? No. What’s going on with your lot? Please excuse me. The infighting has to stop. Someone used a gas bomb last week. Civilians were hurt, looks real bad. I’ll take care of it, Mr. Xi. You friends with Mr. So? He runs a gambling ring in China. We’re onto him. He’ll arrive in Shenzhen in 2 days. That’s where he’ll get in trouble. “This is Mr. So’s voicemail.” “Please leave a message.” Things are looking up for you. You’re in bed with some big guns. It’s just business. Why don’t you run for Chairman? I’m only a businessman. That shouldn’t stop you. I can’t be the Chairman. The law will be all over me. How can I take my business public? Let’s talk some other time Uncle Teng. I can’t do this right now. What do you mean? You’re a part of the Society! I joined for protection. What’s the point of becoming the biggest gangster? I’m only in it for the money. Don’t forget that we made you rich. You can’t just walk away! Last few years profits… …are through the roof. All thanks to you. You’ve always stood by me. You gave your life for me. Everyone knows Jet is my right hand. He tells everyone I killed his boss. So when can I stop hiding and help you? Very soon. I will make you the next Chairman. You deserve it. Thank you, Godfather. Still working as a bouncer? Doesn’t pay much. I get by from collecting your debts. Come and help me. My boss won’t like it. I’m the boss of your boss. Thanks Jimmy. “This is Mr. So’s voicemail.” “Please leave a message.” Shenzhen, China Welcome. Is the Section Chief here? This way. Section Chief. Here, your permits are ready. Anyone else waits 3 years for these babies. Cheers. Cheers. The cash is ready. I want to be careful. One can never be too careful. Come. Jimmy. All yours. Something’s wrong. What is it? We have company. Police? Let’s go! Let’s go! Wait! This is Mr. So. This is my new number: Mr. So. Old Huang! This way. Have a seat. I’ll get you tea. Thanks. Don’t mention it. They’re not here for us. “This is Mr. So’s voicemail.” “Please leave a message.” I lost my cell. Call me at this number. Bye. Excuse me. Yes. Give this to the guy with glasses. Yes. “Police are here” Nice working with you. Move! Police! Freeze! Police! Freeze! Jimmy, let’s go! Go. Freeze! There’s no way out Mr. Lee. What’s all this for? Mr. Lee, you are under arrest. Right, Lok is a good leader. He should be re-elected. Are you drunk? You can’t break the tradition. Uncle Teng won’t have it. Sorry. I just want to see if you’ll support me. Lok. You made us rich these… …last 2 years. Of course we’ll support you. If the other contenders are weak, we’ll put pressure on Uncle Teng. Your brothers will stand by you. Does Kun have a shot? No chance at all. He’s too reckless. How about Jimmy? He runs a profitable business. Many brothers are working for him. Uncle Teng likes him. They saw each other a couple days ago. lfjimmy runs, you can forget about a second term. Get your own food. Get in line. Don’t worry. My friend from the Security Bureau will help us. Do you mean Mr. Xi? Jimmy Lee. Jimmy Lee. Sit. Do you want your shoes? No. You’re in deep trouble. But it’s okay now. You and your friends can go back to Hong Kong. You’re welcome in China as tourists. But you can’t do business here. Why? It’s our policy. Mr. Shu is also a gangster. Why can he do business in China? We made a deal with him. And he’s a patriot. I can make you a deal. I can be a patriot. What’s your rank in Wo Sing Society? Not its Chairman. If I become the Chairman, will you let me do business here? Someone will help you to leave. Guard. Yes! It’s your decision. Have a good trip back. You little punk! I’ll have to find you another school! Are you Denny Lin’s father? Yes. This way. Today a prefect caught Denny smoking… …and gambling in the bathroom. His grades are down. He’s been cutting class. And we believe… …Denny’s fallen in with a gang. Mr. Lin, our school won’t tolerate gangster activity. This is Denny’s last chance. We’ll expel him if his situation doesn’t improve. Talk to your son, Mr. Lin. We’re happy to help you to find another school. Understood. Zak. Yes. Find out who Denny’s friends are. Yes. This is Brother Tank. Thanks. This is Brother Snake. Thanks. This is Brother King. Thanks. They will support your candidacy. Bo. Welcome. Jimmy, This is Bo. He’s an old friend of mine. I won a few cases for him. Turned his murder charge into manslaughter. Yeah and I fucking paid for it too! You did. Listen, my only love is cash. I do what you pay me for. You’re my last resort. I hope I won’t need your service. That’s not my business. You have to pay me in full anyway. One penny less, you’re dead. Jimmy said he wouldn’t run. He tricked us. He’s a tough one. It’s not looking good. We’ll see about that. Kun, give up running. Support me for a second term. I’ll make you the next Chairman. How about two Chairmen? We won’t have to fight each other. This second term is not gonna happen. We’ll see about that. We have to stop Jimmy. Take care of him first, we’ll talk later. When our brothers were in need, Jimmy always gave cash to help them out. Nobody has his kind of money. If money is all that matters, there’s no need for all this. Don’t you agree, Uncle Teng? He’ll harm the Society. Nothing personal, Jimmy. But there’s a snitch in your group. If Jimmy becomes the Chairman, everyone’s at risk. The police could confiscate the Dragon Head Baton. Who’s the snitch? Someone by the name of Lik. The kid with long hair. He’s the reason our gambling joints were busted. Snake, do you still support Jimmy? My men said Lik was the snitch. I’ll get to the bottom of it. Good. Take your time. Don’t fuck it up. Wait until the next term to run. Damn cops are everywhere. They’re like cockroaches. Now that we’re in the spotlight. Jimmy, just take care of the snitch. If you can’t do it yourself, I’ll help you. No need. I’ll take care of it. Jimmy. Brother Bear. Where’s the merchandise? That’s everything. Wise up in your next life. Let’s go! “Big Head, I’m leaving you.” What? I thought things were sweet between us. This way. I’ll talk to Jimmy. Will he give in? Mr. Kwok is his financier. Mr. Kwok is his financial muscle. Be careful. Police are all over this already. Understood. Never doubt yourself. Free your mind from all the worries. That’s how you achieve enlightenment. I want to go home first. Don’t leave… I’ll be there in 15 minutes. Wait for me. I’m leaving. Then don’t ever come back. Godfather, I’m in charge here. You can leave first. Make sure you don’t leave any trace. Yes. I’ll accompany you, Godfather. Stay! Wah, see Godfather out. Yes. Pack him in. Yes. Keep an eye on him. Get in there. You’re not serious? Phone. Want me to help you? No. Seal it. Give up running for Chairman, and your moneyman is free. Too late. He’ll never trust me again anyway. Let him go. I have other backers anyway. You gave up selling porn discs. You wanted to go clean. Why run for the election? 2 years ago. You promised I could do anything after your term. Remember? What’s so great about being a Chairman? Why can’t you let go? There’s no room for negotiation? No. It’s either you or me. Prepare to collect Mr. Kwok’s body. I’m ready to play the game. But if Kwok’s dead, a lot of people are gonna fall with him. Everyone has a shot at the Chairman title. We have to maintain the equilibrium. That’s why I picked you last time. Tradition is tradition. Breaking it would cause another war. It’ll be chaos. Understood. You should rest more, Uncle Teng. I’m off. Learn to let go, Lok. Everyone is greedy. When I was Chairman, I wanted a second term. But the Uncles reminded me to bow out gracefully. When you’re old, people will respect you. Anything else means death. Jimmy will be the next Chairman. Hide this somewhere in China. Yes. If I lose, I’m keeping the Baton and the books. Who’s the target? Jimmy. He’s turning everyone against me. I’ve worked for the Society for so long. And still no one knows my name. They’ll soon know it when you become Chairman (Mandarin) Sesame oil… (Mandarin) Jellyfish… (Mandarin) Sesame oil Jellyfish. (Mandarin) Shrimp… Sea Cucumber… (Mandarin) Shrimp and Sea Cucumber. Cheque please. Yes, Mr. Lee. Go to the back door and take a taxi home. Now! “Jimmy, Uncle Teng fell down the stairs, he’s dead.” Ok. Don’t move. No! Jet! Don’t! You drive. Get in. Why don’t you kill me? Fear works better on the living. So what? You should quit being a hit man. I will, Lok will make me Chairman after I kill you. I gave everything for the Society. The Chairman title is mine. Everyone knows Lok wants a second term. You’re so naive. It doesn’t matter if you kill me or not. Run! She’s not scared of you. Get out. If you want, I’ll kill him for an extra charge. No need. He’s your enemy! Leave him alone. Take Mrs. Lee to Yuen Long. Yes. Get them inside! Won’t be easy to convince them to betray Lok. Give me the money and I’ll kill Lok for you. They have to do the hit! This way no one can connect me to his death. These idiots are willing to die for their boss. Maybe you’ll win this after all. Here. If you help Jimmy, this money is yours. Screw you! Take him back. What are you playing for? $10,000 a game. $10,000. Will you help Jimmy? Will you help Jimmy? Will you help Jimmy? Will you help Jimmy? Next. Wait. Damn! Damn! I want more money! This will give me nightmares! Thank you all. They said Lok came to this funeral home 2 nights ago. Ok. Move. Seal off the road. Kun is coming. Move fast. Stop! Turn around. Seal off the road. Yes. Cover here. Yes. Kun is coming. We should leave. Let’s go back. Kill him! Go! Mr. Kwok. Mr. Kwok… Mr. Kwok. We’re here, help! Wai! Stop! I’ll call you back. Brother Lok, Kun is in trouble. Should we go help? More money… This job will cost you more money. Get in! Stop! Police! Freeze! Sir, are you okay? I have nothing to do with it! Kun is the mastermind! Get me out of here! Boss. Sit. Sit. We’re the biggest gang in the area. Join us and no one will dare touch you. You’ll get all the girls. Without us you’ll get no protection. Bring your money? Yes. Denny. Who the hell are you? Let’s go home. I’m a gangster. Denny! Denny! He’s scared. Take him home. Long Gun… Is everyone here? Sit. The result is obvious. Kun has left Hong Kong. Another possibility is Jet. Who? Never heard of him. Let’s get this over with. Hold it. There’s one thing I need to ask. Jimmy! Do you swear you didn’t kill Lok? Take an oath. I didn’t do it. I’m voting for Jimmy. Some of you don’t like me. I’m fine with that. My term will be up in 2 years. Turn the car around. Jet! A lot of people want you dead. This is no way to live. Call me if you need anything. Stop the car. We welcome your investment in China. I wish you prosperous business. Thank you. Your arrest was all a misunderstanding. Construction of your logistic center has been approved. The local authority will begin building the highway here. You own this land now. Thank you. Your estate up there has also been approved. Here is the Baton. How did you find it? On October 28th, Lok’s man… …arrived in Guangzhou with it. 2 days later. He brought the Baton to Guangzhou, China, and hid it in his ancestral home. When you won the election, we arrested him and got it back. I’m deeply impressed, but your power also frightens me. What exactly are you getting at? We have another request. From this day on, the Baton will stay in your family. What do you mean? We respect the election system. But when your term is up, we don’t want any little punks… …like your Godfather upsetting the social order. You want to turn Wo Sing into a family enterprise? Will my son inherit the Baton? We can trust you. Your family will own Wo Sing. You and I will work hand in hand. No! My term expires in 2 years! I’m just a businessman! I don’t want to be a gangster! I don’t want to be a gangster! Forget about the logistic centre! Forget about my business in China! You can’t change the tradition. The Uncles will never agree! My son is supposed to be a lawyer! My son is supposed to be a doctor! You set me up! Freeze! Your leadership… …will make Hong Kong a safer place. Screw you! Hong Kong can only prosper. Screw you! We need your cooperation. We need your help. Screw you! Thank you. Thanks for your cooperation. I’m pregnant. Give me a minute.

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