8 Times Patrick Broke the Law 🚨 SpongeBob

8 Times Patrick Broke the Law 🚨 SpongeBob

What can I do for you boys? We stole a balloon! We stole a balloon… What’s the problem here? It appears these two stole a balloon. What are you gonna do to us? [whispering] OK, follow me. If you can’t do the time,
don’t do the crime. OK, time’s up. Now get out. But… But we stole a balloon. Yeah, on Free Balloon Day. [laughing] Oh, give me that! I worked my whole life for this!
You don’t deserve this. [laughing] Huh, litter bugs. This is why I joined the force. It’s the police! Pull it over, litter bug! Litter bug? No! Ooh, I got me a runner. Patrick, what do you think you’re doing? I don’t know.
I don’t have a license anymore. Look out! [screaming] [sirens blaring] [screaming] 90 days! And I hope you learned
a valuable lesson about littering. So long, buddy.
Don’t forget to feed Gary. Is it true that you were at
the Oyster’s Lair with a Mr. Patrick Star? Yes! Yes, it’s true! It’s all true! The merriment, the peanut, the Patrick! That’s all we need to know, son. Let’s book him! Wow, you guys are good. I’m the last person
I would have suspected, but I was looking for me all the time! It’s the perfect crime. Yeah, yeah, tell it to the judge, pinkie. Oh, no! Patrick’s too sensitive for the big house. [laughing] One too many Goofy Goobers
again, eh Patrick? [groaning] No, sir. I couldn’t eat another. Get in there and sleep it off. [snoring] Not exactly the blanket I wanted. [screaming] Stop! Give me that restraining order. [gasping] Alright, let’s look at this. Squidward, please don’t send me to jail. Stop the water works!
You are not going to jail. [sniffing] I’m not? No, I’m releasing you from this order. Really, Squidward? And adding someone who’s
much more deserving. Sorry, button. No Patrick, you! – Alright you two, you’re under arrest.
– What for? Unlicensed use of a sitar. But my grandma gave me this sitar.
It didn’t come with a license. Yeah, well neither did this. Highway! Highway! Highway! Highway! Highway! Highway! Highway! Highway! [cheering] [cameras clicking] Patrick, I’m scared. SpongeBob, I’ll never forget what my
Great Uncle Cleatus said right before he was arrested
during a freedom march? What was that? It’s where a bunch of people
go walking down the street– I know what a freedom march is, Patrick.
I mean, what did he say? Oh, he said “Let not your heart
walk away from you”, “lest your mind grow legs and follow it.” Wow, your uncle sounds like
a pretty smart guy, Patrick. What happened to him
after he was arrested? I don’t know.
He was never heard from again. And I tell you before. I’m trying to get some shut-eye. Patrick, what are you eating? Those hors d’oeuvres
you left on the table. Not bad. Now Patrick is harboring
stolen merchandise in his belly. Uh, he’s an accomplice too. Here they are, officers. These idiots have been causing a ruckus,
interrupting my beauty sleep. Well, well, well… If it isn’t the art thief himself.
Drop the spoon. You’re all under arrest
until we figure this out. What? What do you mean “all”?
I’m not under arrest. I’m… these are idiots causing
a ruckus, I want sleep. Send me away forever as
a corporate spy if you want to. But not before I’ve had my say. [cell door closing] You have a visitor. Who is it? Hello, Patrick. Hi, SpongeBob. Hey, I heard you’re in charge
of the laundry room on Thursdays. – That’s nice.
– Yeah. Yeah, it’s… pretty nice I guess. – You know what that makes you?
– Uh-uh. An executive! Whoa, wait.
Is that what I think it is? Uh-huh, an executive treatment. [groaning] [gasping] What happened to prisoner 665321? [alarm ringing] – Let’s go home, SpongeBob.
– OK. But who are you? [laughing] [music playing]

100 thoughts on “8 Times Patrick Broke the Law 🚨 SpongeBob

  1. My favorite jail scene where Patrick ate so much ice cream and got wasted, then played Otis from Andy Griffith Show back in the 60’s.

  2. Number 8. arrested for free ballon Day
    Number.7 spongebob
    Number.6 crabs
    Number 5.ice cream beer
    Number 4.fighting
    Number 3.being hipsters
    Number 2.eating food
    Number 1.catfishing in a job interview

  3. Do I need to see Patrick commit crimes and go to jail? No.
    Do I want to see Patrick commit crimes and go to jail? Yes.

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