A Complete Disregard for Democracy: Greenpeace Condemns Trump’s Move on Pipelines & Silencing of EPA

A Complete Disregard for Democracy: Greenpeace Condemns Trump’s Move on Pipelines & Silencing of EPA

AMY GOODMAN: Democracy Now!, democracynow.org,
The War and Peace Report. I’m Amy Goodman. In addition to issuing presidential memos
to revive the Keystone XL and Dakota Access oil pipelines, President Trump and his team
have taken several other actions that have alarmed environmentalists. All references to climate change have been
removed from the White House website. Reuters is reporting the Environmental Protection
Agency has also been ordered to remove its climate change page, which contains links
to scientific global warming research as well as detailed data on emissions. The EPA has also been prohibited from issuing
press releases, publishing blog updates or even posting information on social media. In addition, the Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention has abruptly canceled a major conference on climate change and public health. Joining us now from Berkeley, California,
is Annie Leonard, executive director of Greenpeace USA. Annie, as we wrap up this show, can you talk
about the executive actions on Dakota Access pipeline, Keystone XL, and all of what we’re
seeing right now in the new Trump administration? ANNIE LEONARD: Absolutely. You know, I’m actually very worried. I’ve been an environment activist for about
a quarter of a century, and there have been many uphill battles. But in the past, we were operating within
a framework where there was some respect for democracy, some respect for science, a stronger
grasp on reality than President Trump is indicating. His actions yesterday, both on the pipelines
as well as trying to muzzle the Environmental Protection Agency, demonstrate a complete
disregard for indigenous treaty rights, a complete disregard for environmental laws—that
executive orders and memoranda don’t change; those pipelines still have to go through NEPA,
through the Clean Water Act—a complete disregard for democracy. Millions and millions of people have voiced
opposition to these pipelines. But perhaps most troubling is a complete disconnect
from reality. The vast majority of the world’s scientists
say that 80 percent of remaining oils needs to stay underground. The last thing we should be doing is investing
in more pipeline. It’s terrifying that he thinks this is an
appropriate direction to move our country in. AMY GOODMAN: And the argument he makes that
this means more jobs? ANNIE LEONARD: Well, this is one of the few
things I do agree with President Trump on, is that we need more jobs. But we need sustainable, healthy and safe
jobs. And the real way to get long-term meaningful
jobs is through the transition to clean energy, whether it’s retrofitting buildings to be
more energy efficient, whether it’s building actual infrastructure for clean energy. There is an almost infinite number of healthy,
sustainable, good jobs available, and that’s where we need to be investing in for this
much-needed jobs delivery. AMY GOODMAN: You said in your statement, the
Greenpeace statement, “A powerful alliance of Indigenous communities, ranchers, farmers,
and climate activists stopped the Keystone and the Dakota Access pipelines the first
time around.” Protests have broken out all over the country
right now around resumption of this. What do you feel the protest movement needs
to do? And what does President Trump need to actually
push these pipelines through? ANNIE LEONARD: You know, I’m not sure there’s
anything that President Trump could do to actually push these pipelines through, because
in addition to actual laws and environmental impact statements, there’s all of us. There are people. The word that I’m hearing more than any
other these days is “resistance.” Actually, the second one would be “unity.” All across the country, indigenous groups,
climate groups, farmers’ groups, labor groups—all these different people are coming together
and saying, “We will resist. We are not going to go away quietly. We’re actually not going to go away. We’re going to fight with everything we
have, because what’s at stake really is everything that we love. It’s our democracy. It’s water. It’s our multicultural communities. We’re not giving up. We’re not going away. We’re going to resist.” AMY GOODMAN: Finally, it seems very likely
that Rex Tillerson, CEO of ExxonMobil, will be the next secretary of state, already approved
by the committee, now the full Senate vote. Your response? ANNIE LEONARD: You know, for a long time,
we have fought against or been very concerned about the influence of fossil fuel money in
our democracy. This appointment is just stunning in terms
of an absolute, complete merger with our government and the biggest fossil fuel industries in
the country. It just shows that the onus on making sure
that things are handled appropriately is now on the people. More than ever before, we need to be awake,
we need to be alert, and we need to be involved. AMY GOODMAN: Annie Leonard, I want to thank
you very much for being with us, executive director of Greenpeace USA.

26 thoughts on “A Complete Disregard for Democracy: Greenpeace Condemns Trump’s Move on Pipelines & Silencing of EPA

  1. Fight, fight, fight!!! The health of the planet is far more important than everything else. We are temporary custodians of our beautiful home and need to teach following generations that there is no life if there is no healthy home for us to live on.

  2. After these parasitical non patriots in this GOP Plutocracy get done with their anti law and environment actions will leave a legacy that will haunt them for the foreseeable future … !

  3. If people think that the government or Greenpeace will be able to fix the climate, they are sadly mistaken. If we want to address the problem we must check ourselves first and make the necessary sacrifices to live a more sustainable life. We can't continue to demand that oil company's stop producing and then support them by buying what they produce, it wont work. Stop buying it and they will stop producing it.

  4. What is trump doing? Is he even aware of the problems he's causing? No more pipelines! Our land is more precious than fossil fuels. Let's evolve people, forget coal mines and oil. We don't need that anymore!! Think about it.

  5. We have citizens with out clean water and what does đź’©Rump do? Instead of investing in much needed repairs for our water system, as soon as his fat ass can he's in there using the gov't to cater to corporate greed.

  6. let me guess you freaking tree hugging hippies that we just simply stop driving cars and fly like those fools in Dragon Ball Z to any where in the universe we want to go!!??? ummmmmm hell no we can't I have to use my truck to service all you left wing tree hugging hippies internet tv and phone service so I guess if me and all my brothers in the telecom industry stop driving to fix things then you won't have precious YouTube to post you bull shit on so as far as I care get out of the way let me do my job and have a little more money in my pocket because fuel prices go down

  7. Wanting a smaller government is not "a complete disregard for democracy"! On the contrary, it enables democracy. Large government milks the people dry and silences them which is exactly what entities like the EPA inevitably end up doing. Bloat and bureaucracy that won't stop if unchecked.

    Everyone knows each state has their own EPA right?

    I know you all love socialism but when you push it too far, well, you get Trump. Never gonna learn I guess.

  8. The United States of the constitutional democracy doesn't exist any more. The only thing that exists now is the United Corporate billionaire oil and military/industrial oligarchy. We will see the complete destruction of this country and an oligarchic control over everything we thought we held dear. We didn't and now it is lost.

  9. These people are f'ing morons….good bye " Retards Now", I was hoping for Truly unbiased news but its just the same old Uber liberal BS

  10. I believe it was Dick Cheney who said something like "we are an empire,we make our own reality"not an exact quote but he did say something very much like this

  11. Surely people realize that this UGLY MONSTER does not care one iota about the environment, the people, democracy, fairness or what is good for America or the world. It is all about getting more money for himself and his rich friends/acquaintances. I am sure he does not have any friends. He loves himself only, and everyone else is to be used for his own adulation. His sad wives have all been battered and abused. ( talk about having poor taste in men) He is a bully, a thug and an ignorant sociopath. We will be lucky to survive one year with this monster before war is declared upon America. Why has our government and the powers that are supposed to hold someone like that 'in check' Done nothing? He should be locked away for life, at the very least.

  12. Environmental Impact Statements are produced by the EPA.  Which has been at present silenced by the Trump administration.

  13. 100 trillion bucks to stop the runaway effect and growing, who will pay even all trumps money we need, interesting to see how the super rich will hold on to there moneys

  14. As I see it, you people on the left, who only ever talk to each other, have sat back and watched the 'right' walk straight into government yet again. Whether you like it or not, the Republicans won the election together with their 'troubled' President because the left failed to engage, not only with the articulate right, of which there are many, but which huge numbers of ordinary people. You can hardly blame democracy for the position America has found itself in. For goodness sake, start inviting some people like Ben Shapiro onto your programme and get some decent debate going. It could do some good in the long term and your programmes would not be so incredibly boring.

  15. Hey turn around. What do you see? Yeah! It's snow! That means it's cold outside. So stick your global warming bs up your azz!!!
    You people haven't a clue on how things work or how WORK gets done in this country. Yeah, you're busy protesting, causing a hassle for citizens going to work and for our police who have to focus their attention on getting you stupid azzes outta the road. If you don't like how things were done that made this country the best place on earth to live, go! Leave

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