A Night of Defiance: Interview with Omer Ozkizilcik  -1-

A Night of Defiance: Interview with Omer Ozkizilcik -1-

let's bring in a mouska soldier he's a analyst at the security department of the set of foundation and he joins us now from from Ankara am i good to have you on the show now throughout the evening for especially for the vast a sort of half an hour we've been concentrating on the foreign policy aspect of so the repercussions of the failed coup that's happened three years ago let's talk about it from a security standpoint now this is actually a unique sort of organization I think that's a sentiment that's been sort of reciprocated echoed by several of our guests tonight but I want to sort of get your take on it because from the Turkish perspective both the PKK is a terror group and the fetterlock coup d'Honneur fit so is also a terror group but they operate in in in very different ways don't they yeah obviously they operate very differently from each other part let me bring here another perspective another point of view into this discussion and today's topic first of all the difference between the PKK and the feta is that one of them has infiltrated the Turkish institutions so for example the Turkish armored force or the Turkish Foreign Ministry or the Turkish security apparatus all of them were infiltrated by the Fatah tales organization and in the crew tonight most of them were active and involved and only after the crew tonight we have seen a cleansing of the Turkish institution from these fettle members so actually what happened there was that before the photo was being organized inside the Turkish institutions so there were two channels the first was the formal channel from which is a formal channel from the superior from executive to the state employer on the way we a little ground but we had also a second channel which was the informal channel and this was a dangerous part so we had a parallel state structure within the Turkish state and the federal members have not listened to the superior the formal superior but to the informal superior from the federal terrorist organization so for example a teacher who was the superior of army officer of a Fatah member had more to say for him and he listened to this teacher of the Fatah tales organization rather than his superior turkish armed force and this has have brought some difficulties for to this foreign policy because there was on one side took his national interest and exposure took his national security threats perception and interests but on the other side we had the Fatah tales organization who had its own interests its interests who benefit its own cult only ignoring the risk for Turkey in its entirety so for example let's bring up the issue of Syria we had cemetery who was responsible for the operations of the Turkish armored force in Syria and he had the control over the border region and the operations going on across the border and we know that he was a main figure in the crew tonight and that he was a senior fellow member but let's speak about it opening what happened when he was on duty the he as a feta member had pursued and acted not only for turkeys national security interests but also for the interests of the Fatah tears organization so therefore we had this dilemma and difficulty and this made the Turkish state institutions incapable of acting and actually the process after the coop also showed that the Fatah members inside the turkey institution explicity overlapped at highlight and decreased proves and message information which was gathered to prevent that house attack so we had much mortars attacks in Turkey then we would have helped the temp photo tells organization wouldn't have so much infiltrated took state but after the coop attempt for example in turkish armed force a third of the personnel was cleans formative from the Turkish armored force but despite the first expectations that the capabilities and capacity of the Turkish armored force will decrease actually quite opposite happened the Turkish armored force through major Metro operations in Syria and they launched several in northern Iraq they are doing many dwells in the ease of the agency so we have seen that with the cleansing of the turkish armed force we have a much more effective turkish armored force than before and this makes talking more efficient in pursuing its national security interests so to sum up before we had this put between turkish national interest and interest of the feta cold and now we only have the national security interest of turkey which is the main agenda and topic appear to be armed force and other turkish institutions as well and i thank you for that sort of lengthy explanation

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