After The Fall – State of Play Trailer | PS VR

After The Fall – State of Play Trailer | PS VR

After the Cold War ended,
we thought things could only get better… …then hell froze over. They’re calling this “The New Ice Age.” Been 20 years. The 80s seemed to lurch from high to high. We injected every designer drug known to man… …on a trip to be the best possible you. Playing tag with the hand of God. We scavenged what was
once our home to get by. Take our chances… …with what was once human… …all for the sake of our survival. The world was ours once. I say we get it back. [TECHNO MUSIC PLAYING] Dammit! Smasher!

60 thoughts on “After The Fall – State of Play Trailer | PS VR

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  2. I'm so sick of psvr game trailers having fake graphics in the trailers, Amy psvr owner know that this isnt going to look like this when you play.

  3. I'm surprised that PSVR is still a thing. They just need to remake/remaster some of the classic shooter games like the House of the Dead series and Time Crisis series. They could also package each of those remaster collections with the PS VR and the PS Move controllers with a new gun attachment thing.

  4. Huh, this game actually looks pretty fun. Wish I had more money and time to play my PSVR. There are still year 1 games I haven't played yet. Haha

  5. Пока что смотрится как очередной VR проходняк.Но может позже станет лучше.

  6. Why VR always shotting & gun 😫 we want games like party or sport .. i want Headmaster 2 i loved the game you can challenge your friends also amazing .. waiting Ping pong pro to see 🏓

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