Andrew Neil ‘destroys’ Ben Shapiro in BBC interview

Andrew Neil ‘destroys’ Ben Shapiro in BBC interview

Why is it that a bill
banning abortions after a woman has been pregnant
for six weeks, is not a return to the dark ages?
What’s your answer? –My answer is something
called science. Human life exists at conception.
It ought to be protected. Now, back to my question to you.
You purport to be an objective journalist. The BBC purports to be an
objective down-the-middle-network. It obviously is not,
it never has been and you as a journalist
are proceeding to call one side of the political aisle
ignorant, barbaric and sending us back to the dark ages. Why don’t you just say
that you’re on the left. Is this so hard for you? Why can’t you just be honest?
It’s a serious question. –Mr Shapiro, if you only knew how
ridiculous that statement is you wouldn’t have said it. I just asked you a question. –And I asked you a question and you
failed to answer a single one of mine. Frankly I find this whole
thing a waste of time. If you want to read the book
and critique the book, why don’t you read and
critique the book. If you want to critique me, you can
think whatever you want of me. Frankly I don’t care.
I don’t frankly give a damn what you think of me since
I’ve never heard of you. –And I’ve never heard of you
until I briefed myself on this but that’s not the issue.
You have a new book out … –Then why the hell are you
interviewing me, sir? –It’s an interesting book but my
point is your book claims that society –Well it would be nice if you
would quote it from time to time –I’ve done so several times
and I’m about to do so again if you would let me just
finish the question. –Now frankly I don’t think. Your book claims that society
is turning its back –Honestly, honestly sir –on judeo-christian values. What are those values that
it’s turning its back on? –I’m not inclined to continue
an interview with a person as badly motivated as you,
as an interviewer so I think we’re done here.
I appreciate your time. –All right well thank you
for your time and for showing that
anger is not part of American political discourse. Now, Mr Shapiro,
we’ll say goodbye.

100 thoughts on “Andrew Neil ‘destroys’ Ben Shapiro in BBC interview

  1. Lol. The guy literally said one line that barely did anything to Shapiro. Hardly a right to call this destroying Shapiro. Apparently he (the man from BBC) didn't answer the question and proceeded to ask Shapiro questions after that. In conclusion, Shapiro has always been a direct and straightforward guy so don't mistake irritation over irrelevancy and his blunt, harsh remarks to someone he is technically debating to a degree for sheer anger. Essentially there was no "destroying" here… just a guy who didn't answer questions from a man who got irritated over the fact he didn't (Shapiro usually doesn't waste time to say something in public conversation and this was more evidence of such). 👍✌️

  2. Destroyed? lmao.He literally just tried to insult Shapiro for 20 mins.He didn't even mention the topic that the entire interview was meant to be about

  3. The title to this video was completely false just because he ended the interview does not mean that he was destroyed whatsoever. I'm looking for a video that chose Ben Shapiro losing in a debate. And this did not cover that whatsoever . grow up

  4. At what point does ben get destroyed exactly?
    – The host asked a question and Ben answered it directly.
    – Ben asked a question and the host failed to address it instead choosing to baselessly assert it as ridiculous.
    – The Guardian then disingenuously cuts to a clip 'some time later in the interview' where Ben criticizes the interviewer for failing to stay on topic and making disingenuous personal attacks before ending the interview.

  5. I find it funny that everyone who is against Ben flocks to the ONE video where there is actually something rationale to hate on him for. Would love to see you all visit the hundreds where he completely shuts down his opposition with facts and logic.

  6. I am a pro abortion man tho. Imagine a minor being raped, haven't done any university studies, cannot provide for the child and the child will ruin her life. And when someone says that its a life inside the belly is abselute bs. The child wouldn't know what life is what therefore couldn't care less about it. It isn't even consious. Its basically saying men can't masturbate no more becasue sperm are lives. wtf

  7. Ben torched Neil, remember you must listen to hear.
    When you ask questions be ready for the answer, even if it's you that has to answer.
    Otherwise keep it pushing Homie, kick rocks to the next pond.

  8. Andrew Neil 'destroys' any suggestion he is a fair or intelligent interviewer. Nasty, cheap shots characterise this narcissist.

  9. Yeah sure mr Neil you destroyed him Yeah right more like he proved you to be a fumbling buffoon who instead of answering a question st st st stutters around for anything else to talk about

  10. I used to really like Ben Shapiro, but he was really childish with this,. The second he actually had someone who could match him in a debate he kept interrupting him and ran. This isn't gonna help the Right here Ben.

  11. Destroys is a pretty far stretch…Shapiro answered his question and in turned asked his own question to which this BBC fucktard would not reply. If you watch the full interview then you would see Shapiro wins the interview hands down.

  12. this is my first time I see Shapiro, my reaction is: Shapiro try to be clever but doesn't, Shapiro is a kid try to be adult, Shapiro try to be something else that couldn't, relax and think! Shapiro never give the opportunity to continue the interview always interrupting the conversation, he doesn't has arguments. i loosing my time.


    What they fail to mention:
    This is the only time he has ever out of his entire career as far as I am aware
    He got destroyed by someone on the right wing
    Ben Shapiro destroyed when he looses his temper over the interviewer asks him about shady stuff he has said just under 6 years ago. (That bit was cut out)

  14. He didn’t destroy Ben if you kids watch the full interview you will see how annoying the British guy was being and was basically just reading quotes from a website of all the dumb things that Ben Shapiro has said from years ago that Ben Shapiro made HIMSELF. Ben had all the right to do what he did

  15. This clown is attempting to “gotcha” with every single question and trying to attack Ben’s character. I’d leave too

  16. This video was clipped completely out of context while yes I believe Shapiro lost his temper during this interview he did also have some valid points so while you all are busy typing your “ooooohh Shapiro got wrecked” comments you should go watch the full length video instead of watching it off of a clearly and admittedly liberal network. Just a thought…

  17. Neil is probably the one of the only people that actually reports fairly. If the person he is talking to is on the Left, he asks Right wing style questions and vice versa. He leads the conversation in the most intellectually stimulating. Ben isn’t used to people not attacking him.

  18. Ya’ll want to bash Ben, but imagine how frustrating it can be when you go into an interview and answer the person’s question, but they don’t answer any of yours. This was obviously a political scheme meant to waste his time and make him look bad. Smh. British parliament is a mess at the moment anyhow.

  19. I love Ben Shapiro and everyone’s human he was blinded by anger and frustration but if he had remained calm he could’ve answered all of the questions with reasonable answers

  20. I beg to differ with the title of this video. By all means he did not destroy Ben Shapiro. He was talking down to him and not valuing his point of view and what he believes! The interviewer was disrespectful and uncooperative. If you see Ben Shapiro in his other interview, he does not back off! He knows what he stands for and firmly believes in his moral values and life. Shame on BBC. Obviously he is a left and like pretty much what the left does is insult and does not respect.

  21. Where did Ben Shapiro apologize to Andrew Neil? Also, Neil did not destroy Shapiro, far from it. He was asking less than intelligent questions, mostly trying to goad Shapiro, which Shapiro saw thru and basically told him to F-off.

  22. Clickbait. No one was "destroyed" here. Two people disagreed on when life begins, interview over. Neither person would change the other's mind anyway. Simple. The misleading title is telling to which side "won" if we're actually keeping score.

  23. This wasn't what I searched for when I searched for Ben Shapiro Piers Morgan full interview, & I never even used the violent word 'destroyed', that You Tube did here. IMO, Shapiro wiped the floor with this drunk old pompous twit, lol…

  24. Why does The Guardian not show the whole 16 minute discussion? Oh yes because they only want people to hear/read/see/believe things from their Leftist perspective.
    Very mis-leading and dis-honest. But that's The Guardian: guardian of lies

  25. Let me just say, Ben answered the question, then asked his own. He may have went a little overboard, but he’s smarter than any of you will ever be, so stop trying to be funny with your ignorant comments.

  26. Seems to me like ben answered the question asked but the interviewer refused to answer him. How did ben get destroyed? Am i missing something here?

  27. Destroyed? That's laughable, both men had a fruitless disagreement, neither won nor lost. But I've never seen Ben this annoyed before nor have I ever heard him swear. There must be more to it than a soundbite.

  28. you used a minute clip you took away most of the context out of the interview now Ben did lose his composure but don’t start saying who’s in the right if you don’t give the full context

  29. He basically said “nah, you just mad coz streets don’t fux with you” that was his witty retort. That’s not any kind of serious response. The interviewer saw through his layers…

  30. Ben Shapiro: don't use the argument from authority
    Also Ben Shapiro: I got that statistic from the Census Bureau so it has to be true

  31. Shapiro was in no way "destroyed." Another example of Leftist LYING. The BBC guy was obviously reading a script and has no idea what the actual discussion is. Ben was right to walk away from such a premeditated smear attack.

  32. Ehh looks like he just wasn't having it that day. Can't say he lost the debate when he refused to debate. I don't think we're getting the whole story here.

  33. its rare to see a man walk out of a debate. that's usually more of a female thing, the sort of thing that happens during a heated duscussion on The View.

  34. Ben Shapiro talks a lot of sense sometimes, and I even agree with him on many things. Abortion, for one. But I have to say his cackling voice, fast-taking style grates on my nerves. Typical American media hack of the right. Ben, even when talks sense, sounds too much like a smart aleck college-going brat. As is his fan base, obviously. Infuriating, to put it mildly. In this segment, it was incredibly infantile of him to talk and behave the way he did. Andrew Neill can be an annoying cat in the best of times, but Ben could have handled him in a saner way instead of throwing a tantrum like the brat he is.

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