April 24th, 2019 First Trump Takedown Meeting Was At Mayflower, Jared, Kislyak, Dimitri Simes - NCI

April 24th, 2019 First Trump Takedown Meeting Was At Mayflower, Jared, Kislyak, Dimitri Simes – NCI

okay here we are on Connecticut Avenue we're going live April 23rd 2019 George 11 Washington DC reporting and what do we have behind us we have the Mayflower Hotel this is the formal start of the takedown of Trump a month before this in 2016 in March a1 Dimitri simps to be true Sims attends an event a Kissinger event in New York where there's one Jared Kushner they talked to him and he meets Sergei Kissel yak for the first time the Russian ambassador he lives just down the street we went there two years ago we talked about the takedown with all the symbols Dimitri's Sims Dimitri sim BOTS the boo Tina's and so forth we talked to you about it but a month later on the 26th of April 26 April not – for almost three years ago now right or two years ago now three three a couple of days to go that's where this meeting happens where they move the venue they move the venue of meeting the Russians so that there could be meet-and-greet time so the sim bots will have time to mingle mingle with the singles so this is where everyone in the Trump inner circle is going to meet Dmitry excuse me Sergei castle yeah and also Dmitri Sims and also a guy who ends up leading the effort for Ukraine to try to take down Donald Trump maybe two of them are here one of them is named Sid Nick and you can just think of the old piece got your engine if you're a drug dealer for run you can think of the old city ins the peace sit-ins so you can sometimes they used to call those people in the 60s peace Nicks so you can just think of people who go to sit-ins peace sit-ins as sittings only it's sy t NY NY case it Nick and again along with lysenko those are the two guys that are indicted but anyway she's just out at the other just out of Connecticut Avenue right not far from club K not far from K Street they're making a speech there at Farragut square so we've got to contend with a little bit of media here but there's your story now this is where it all starts now if you wind the clock back a whole year 2015 that same Demetri Sims is putting butene ax into two meetings this Center for national interest I call it the Center for national self-interest and the Center for national self-interest the Center for national self-interest is not very far away and I think you're going to recognize what's across the street remember we talked about Baker Hostetler two years ago we talked about Baker Hostetler being Ground Zero ground zero for fusion GPS ground zero for Dennis Katz it when we put the cats through the sieve ground zero for all these sons and daughters of KGB operatives right that now we're in America as diplomats the kids are now in America as diplomats so we're gonna take you over there it's not going to be not gonna have to go far it's a very short walk but literally right across the street from where we took you two years ago literally where we took you two years ago the Center for national self-interest Dimitri Simms just pretend all these folks walking here Simms you know that game Simms where you simulate cities and so forth I guess if you simulated Washington DC you have to start with ten 1024 over there with Baker Hostetler you if you're gonna start with a swamp you want to start out with a swamp right so that makes sense but right across the street we'll go a little bit closer to 10:25 that's where the center of national self-interest is so remember Dimitri when you need to get your sims going we need we need when you need to get your sims going that's all the further you need to go now um streets right over there where I started that's where Imran takes all his sims or all the sims go there with Imran and Imran tries to compromise all the diplomats but this is going to be the center of national self-interest it's gonna be hard for you to remit forget to me tree sims because what you're gonna remember is this little curved part of the building it's the distinctive part of the building right you'll remember that Farragut west so you'll think of damnest torpedoes full speed ahead and then of course of course you've got Baker Hostetler right there got you know blasé Ford and all those folks you can see that flag way up there at the top that's where I had the cigar but in the scar bar with jerome corsi two years ago it's all right here there's that famous Washington Square I don't know how many I've done here and here comes an Center for national self-interest and what do you want to bet what do you want to bet but you could sit on that Bret that balcony over there Dimitri Sims could set on that balcony and he could program this little sim machine and he can make people cross the street and change direction you know like the Sims game can you see him up there can you see him looking across over at the cigar Bartus you know the diplomats here Dmitri send the Sims over diplomats here so this is the key group this is the key group that sets up the Treasury meeting right before the Iran deal right before the structuring of the Iran payments and right before the Fed meeting with Bou Tina now she's just a student at American University fine but she's also pictured as I showed this morning at Gettysburg College she's pictured with a guy named Fed e shin so we said fetish shine fetish I'd like a got a fetish that involved a shine and that guy's grandfather ran the KGB so I'm not trying to cast aspersions on boo Tina I'm just saying that as we get closer and closer to the election there seems to be a lot of meetings with JD Gordon JD Gordon is the person that's putting people into the transition putting people into the transition and we have our hero globe-trotting gunrunner Paul Erickson who's singing with boo Tina in 2013 in Moscow and working with the crowd on Bogut Chava and there Thelma and Louise run through eight states and then of course 2016 we know about they have a similar fun run through through the United States through the different key swing states and also Keon NRA states but as we get done with the convention in Cleveland we have that same JD Gordon taking Tessa yak not only by the hand here in April at the Mayflower Hotel but there in Cleveland he's also shepherding Kissel yak all around for photo opportunities and the sim bots are there so Dimitri has to send his sims all the way up this street about 50 feet wellnot 50 yards maybe and then we have the key smoking gun email from Paul Erickson at the end of September of saying hey why don't we go over the Swiss Embassy and we'll meet Kissel yak and he introduces supposedly for the umpteenth time but it's supposedly that's the first time boo Tina meets with JD Gordon and they fall in love and he takes the whole team the whole bellman Louise and now we've added boo Tina so now it's Charlie's Angels it's Gordon's Angels that team doll goes to the Styx concert on October the 17th and then of course I almost got hit by our Postal Service it's nice to have a postal service so I had a lot of good experiences interacting with members of our Postal Service don't ever forget the members of our Postal Service yeah sure say is our say I could sell send 12 pipe bombs from Ed plus he's on a watch list plus he's on the watch list being watched by the FBI and he's that he can send 12 pipe bombs to Hillary Clinton CNN MSNBC without any of them being intercepted yeah sure yeah I believe in miracles so anyway it was he really trained at Blackwater in hand hand combat and Philippines and then brought here that ways threatening people as that ways threatening Bernie wise man for a silent ride the other guys who knows we don't want to we don't want to look at the post office and have those thoughts but that doesn't add up does it anyway then of course JD Gordon has a birthday he's not on the Trump team but he's planning the transition now he's gonna plan the transition for all the positions going in the transition and of course he's going to go out with a bunch of Russians that are suspected of spying even though he was questioned frequently in August at the convention about Russia influence did Russia hack the election did Russian hack the DN C and D Triple C servers for Hillary for Donald Trump all those questions even though he's been sensitized to all those reporters questions he still is going to take the group out to sticks that's that's real smart we don't know if Vogue achieve and krylova are those two we don't know if that's the group there's 72 of them by Mike Rogers count one of the things we do know is in the transition there's a thing called agency and action agency and action in the transition that scares they living bejesus out of me right there agency in action I how about foreign policy but anyway two of the people in the transition are Kellogg we know him we've got the khaki guy figured out right and I want a key I want you to keep an eye on it see if Simms is bringing out one of those coalition akov sniper rifles and putting the red down in the back of my forehead so so see if Dimitri we've got mayor browser now got mayor browser I also see I think I saw its chief Newsom he had four stars on this thing I saw chief nooshin with his thick glasses so that was interesting I don't know if he's retired now or not I don't think it's the current police chief with DC police but anyway you've got the transition Mike Rogers is running security to national security which is good and then defense the odds-on person is going to be named Secretary of Defense is Kellogg but no Mike Flynn in the transition and here we've been led to believe I just saw an orc chart we've been led to believe that Mike Flynn was the national security adviser in one of those two spots but I just checked you an orc chart he's not there I just checked your chart and Pollard since not listed as an advisor just check the org chart Steve ban is not listed just check the org chart and boo Tina's not listed as a Simba neither is proud louver iboga Chavez so did we get a phony org chart well we don't know but we're we now have all the names of the people that were on the org chart and we're gonna start calling every one of them hey did you get a did you get a key card to go into 1717 Pennsylvania Avenue how did that all work did you go up to bed Minster and work up in Bedminster in New Jersey after Mike Rogers told Trump Trump Tower was hacked when did you go into 1717 Pennsylvania you ever go to any parties where Rutina was pouring shots out of a collision of Kafka Cantor these are the questions we can ask or just looking at a postal service trucks you could ask the city sees hard to say questions so there you have it for today there's your Mayflower Hotel there's your Center for national self-interest there you are and remember this ties in with what lead Stranahan is reporting he wouldn't listen to me yesterday so I'm gonna say it again that this guy Dmitri right there Sims Center for national self-interest right also takes those two Ukrainians les Janko and sit Nick to the meeting on April 26 and remember we have another meeting at the Willard hotel a little bit later not too much later about six weeks later after they've all the targets are assigned after they take all the pictures from that meeting and the girls get to work on all those targets they have a follow-up meeting with Nellie or Nellie Wars gonna be fundamental in bringing those people in fusion GPS fundamental and bringing all those people in all those girls in and they're gonna give they give the hard drive excuse me the thumb drive over to Christopher steel with that that's a meeting with Bruce or who else is that fourth person we still don't know who the fourth person is I say it's somebody from Cambridge analytical I say it's Alexander nix it could be the daughter of Eric Schmidt she also works for Cambridge analytic Oh could be Robert Mercer I don't think so but I would say if anybody I would say the daughter of Eric Schmidt although she did say it was a man and it had a British accent so maybe it was Hall per we don't know yet you nice to ask Nellie or that question Trump tweeted out today with this is going to get good now as we figure out how this whole thing unfolded but here's a few more stepping stones in the timeline

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  2. George, thought you might want to watch Papa the spy acting like he is the victim! Here he is in this vid he did a couple of days ago Papadopoulos Explains How He Was Illegally Spied on by the Obama Administration https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rb6em1zCg2A

  3. Hey George where's your making America great hat ? Don't you want to get pummeled by antifa?

  4. Don't forget the NOC is close by President Trump's Golf Course. I hope that they wouldn't get involved in spying on President Trump. Eric probably has connections in that building with his days at the Labs.

  5. The guy has good taste in music. Saw them in my 20s . . . Great concert and Dennis and Tommy still have great vocals.

  6. I saw you on a twitter feed earlier so decided to check out your info here on youtube. I follow several people and after listening to you I think you'll clarify a few things and add new prospect to this Russia debacle. If you haven't heard Dan Bongino, I highly recommend his daily podcast and book Spy Gate on Amazon. I'd love your opinion on some of my comments here and Twitter if you have time.
    Take care and thank-you for your input. Hugs

  7. NOBODY is taking Trump down. Obullsh!t is going down along with Killary and ALL the DUMBSH!T toadies who do their bidding.

  8. This Triangle is oozing Vodka… Very Glad you got through this broadcast…
    I have heard (if they want) they can hear everything anybody says on the streets there.

  9. One thing that is great bout D.C. ,,, it's really a small town & if ya wear out some shoe leather one gets to know real ppl,,,


  10. Here’s a story I ran across about Maria Butina that has some information if you are building a timeline on her. You may have already seen it, but here it is just in case you haven’t. https://www.refinery29.com/en-us/2019/02/224395/maria-butina-russian-spy-friend-story

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  12. Edit: April 23 to.(24)
    Scrunchie Remote Editor 🤗

    Note: Saw that (Edgar) name on building.
    Reminded me of The Battle at Edgars Lane.
    GW you were at a resteraunt in Hastings-on-Hudson very near to the site.

  13. In 2008 I was attending the NRA National Convention in Louisville Kentucky and was STUNNED by the BABES who were assigned to the booths offering/demonstrating weapons and gear, both foreign and domestic and their accents were obvious. I'm no cherry or fool being a Nam COMBAT vet and could see the action going on. Oliver North had a huge presence there with an expensive motorhome parked front and center. I saw him on a panel during one of the presentations and could only think of his role in the Iran-Contra mess at Mena Arkansas. Terry Reed's excellent book "Compromised" tells you who North and others actually are. North is now president of the NRA. I'm a life member, Master Rifleman, and champion on many levels and am ashamed of what has become of the NRA. GEORGE! Keep doing what you are doing! I'm Michigan City Elston 65' and know Fort Wayne North. LS is a PUKE! Don't waste your and my time on him.

  14. Russian Officials, State Media Meet Explosive 'Troika Laundromat' Report With a Shrug
    March 6, 2019
    An investigation into a Russian money laundering network that funneled billions of dollars abroad sent shockwaves through Europe this week but was largely ignored by Russian officials and state media.

    The report released by the Organized Crime and Corruption Project (OCCRP) Monday said that a network of over 70 offshore companies had moved $4.6 billion from Russia to Europe and the United States via a defunct Lithuanian lender in 2006-2013.

    The “Troika Laundromat” report named at least half a dozen major Western banks that had been recipients of the money, sending their sharestumbling and sparking internal investigations. Other figures and companies mentioned in the report include Sergei Roldugin, a friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin; Ruben Vardanyan, a philanthropist and social entrepreneur; Prince Charles; Chelsea Football Club; and shell companies allegedly used in a schemeuncovered by the late auditor Sergei Magnitsky.

    When asked to comment on the laundering scheme, Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said it was not an issue on the Kremlin’s agenda.

    “We have fiscal departments and financial intelligence [agencies] that have all the needed powers to monitor the financial activities of the institutions in this sector of the economy,” Peskov was cited as saying by the RBC news website Tuesday.
    Meanwhile, Russian state-run television largely ignored the report in its coverage.

    Weeks after trumpeting Russia’s investigation into money laundering in Moldova ahead of elections there, Rossia-24 channel’s news coverage fell silent over the Troika Laundromat report.

    The Kremlin-funded RT’s English- and Russian-language websites alsosidestepped the OCCRP report entirely, as did the state-run RIA Novosti news agency.

    The state-run TASS news agency filed a story out of London on Tuesday evening naming Prince Charles’ fundraising vehicle as having received a total of $200,000 from shell companies in 2009-2011.

    Meanwhile, Interfax published an in-depth report following Peskov’s muted comments on the investigation.

    The Russian business community’s ambiguity toward the findings “speaks more eloquently about the situation in the country than the investigation itself,” the Vedomosti business dailywrote in an editorial.

    “No one is willing to come out and defend Troika outright,” Vedomosti wrote, referring to Russia’s Troika Dialog investment bank at the center of the money laundering scheme.


  15. Former State Department Employee Pleads Guilty to Conspiring with Foreign Agents
    Defendant Admitted Receiving Tens of Thousands of Dollars in Benefits From Two Chinese Agents in Exchange for Internal State Department Documents: https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/former-state-department-employee-pleads-guilty-conspiring-foreign-agents

  16. Wow. So they're all within a block of each other. They're all traveling to each others events in those tunnels underneath your feet. Great video. Thanks George.

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