Aunt Of Missing Teen Says Former Sister-In-Law, Lori Vallow, Had A ‘Fixation On The End Times’

Aunt Of Missing Teen Says Former Sister-In-Law, Lori Vallow, Had A ‘Fixation On The End Times’

I met Lori in 2002. She had just recently married my brother. We were fast friends. She really felt like a sister and my kids absolutely loved her. She was Aunt Lolo. I never noticed any kind of red flags until our visit in 2018. One of the biggest concerns was she had this fixation on the end times. She went so far as to say that it’s gonna be so scary, sometimes she thinks it’d be better to just put her kids in the car and go over the side of a cliff. Lori changed significantly. In addition to the end time stuff, I saw a lack of empathy. When my brother died, she didn’t tell me that he had passed. My family didn’t find out until five weeks after. She couldn’t be bothered. He didn’t have a funeral. He didn’t even have an obituary. It was like he just slipped away without anyone noticing. Lori seems absolutely infatuated with her new and fifth husband, Chad Daybell. Chad is deep into the teachings of the afterlife. Learning about his teachings gave me context for some of the crazier things that she said. The chances of Tylee and JJ being alive are extremely remote. Nothing that she’s doing is in any way indicative of a parent who just has her children safely tucked away. JJ was last seen September 23rd but no one can say when Tylee was last seen and it just feels like Tylee, like her dad, just slipped away unnoticed. Seeing the video footage of Lori and Chad living their best aloha life in Hawaii, Lori’s children are unaccounted for, is unimaginable. It’s infuriating. There are total strangers who are more worried about her kids than she is. Well Annie, I’m glad you’re here but I’m really sorry for the circumstances. When did this hit your radar that something was not right here? She didn’t tell me about my brother’s death. I found out about my brother’s death through a family member who had been contacted by a funeral home or the ME’s office and so I reached out to her. She asked me to come out to be a support to Tylee and it was in that visit in May of 2018 that I started noticing things that were disturbing. So, she didn’t even tell you that your brother had died. Yeah. How strange is that in your relationship with her? It was very strange because when I found out, I thought ‘Oh my gosh, she must not know’ ’cause they had a very contentious divorce and custody battle and so I just thought ‘Oh my gosh, she doesn’t know. Tylee doesn’t know.’ So I reach out to her. She didn’t answer the call but then I emailed her and asked her, you know, “Please call me, it’s important. It has to do with Joe” and she called me and then said “Yes, I know.” So it was very jarring and then she asked me to come out to be a support to Tylee and I just kinda had to take a couple days to process it and decide to put aside my personal feelings and go out there to connect with Tylee. You went there and you said you got a really odd feeling while you were there about just the dynamic of the situation. What was it that you saw that bothered you and what did she say that bothered you? She just made some really inappropriate comments about my brother in front of Tylee, one that actually erupted. I mean, Tylee got very, very, very upset and screamed. And then in my personal interactions with Lori, Tylee wasn’t there for these but her fixation on the end times. That was brand new. She had never mentioned anything about that. It was like she was trying to alert me that there was some kind of imminent danger and she wanted me to know that these times were gonna be really scary and she thinks because of how scary it’d be, it would be better to just put the kids in the car and go off the side of a cliff. And so, that was Sorry, that was a hard line that had been crossed and you know, she saw the look of horror and she immediately started walking it back. Just like “Oh, I’m totally kidding. I’d never hurt my kids.”

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  1. Is this Aunt the one who wrote the intensive timeline? She’s trying to help and deal with it in the best way she can.

    It must be so hard for the families involved.

    Total strangers around the world are worried about those kids (and other missing kids). It’s awful when anyone just disappears off the face or Earth, whether dead or alive. But hearing about kids is the worst.

    Edit: I just saw a (possible) statement by Chris Parrett (also a member of their belief group) stating the kids are alive and well. It was posted on Twitter by someone following the case).

    If the statement is real why not produce them then? How twisted. If anyone is holding the kids and not telling then is that a felony too? I mean just tell the families involved where the kids are and put their minds at ease.

  2. I'll bet my bottom dollar that Lori & chad thought that the End of the world was on January 2020… & They didn't want the kids to live to see the end times.. & oops in on there mind right now

  3. She wanted to start a new life with the new guy that’s why they “deleted” their ex and the kids. The rest of their family should be very careful.

  4. If that Texas mom could kill her 5 boys in the bathrub, I don't doubt for one second that Aunt "Lo Lo" has killed her children. She will pay in the end. You can run but you cannot hide.

  5. Cliff is the clue how about looking for cliffs!!! ???Around the area! Why can’t police just start looking themselves?😡😡😡😡

  6. People dropping dead all around her and him and she's soooo nonchalant about it. Sorry to say, but those beautiful children are dead. This is some kind of PRIVILEGE, to walk around free and have people killed off like there's no consequences.

  7. This one time.. you should release the whole entire episode on YouTube for this case. People that don't have cable would love to see the whole thing.

  8. Also.. I can't even believe they arrested Lori and not Chad.. he's obviously just as involved as she is. They should BOTH be behind bars with 5 mill each for bail.

  9. That broad sounds exactly like a narcissitic sociopath. You can be interested in the afterlife, but, people need to know we are all here to fulfill certain purposes and learn certain lessons. Fixating on death is going to hinder the whole process of incarnating. I study afterlife info constantly and read NDE's all the time. But, I focus on my life here and I'm not fixated on dying. She knows full well what happened to those poor kids. She's one of those people, like my brother's ex wife, that always needs a man (alive or dead for insurance) because she's too damned lazy to support herself. She's vile. My brother's ex HAD to have kids right away and that's her whole identity, she acts like shes the only one on the planet that has had kids. taking almost all of my brother's paychecks and trying to keep the kids from him even though hes a WAY better parent. She had a new bf as soon as they separated. Court ordered to get a job and she hasn't had one in 7 or 8 years and can't hold one. Sadly, the courts are VERY bias toward the mother, even if they are completely worthless and not healthy for the kids. Why are some women so lazy and dependent? Like they can't survive/exist without leaching off people and taking on that person's style/identity?

  10. Sorry but if my sister in law said something like that about my niece or nephew I'd take them in my car & bring them home with me immediately

  11. Once she started talking about taking her kids and driving off a bridge ….. I think that was the time to have the kids removed. Ugh

  12. Not informing family about his death is just alarming. But there's two sides to every story and grief is a powerful thing. Not everyone deals the same.

    Oh wait.. they were divorced. Why does she need to inform her ex husband's family of his death??

  13. She Isnt related to that incident where that car went over the cliff recently in Ca Is She??? Like were the kids in that suv? (if that case wasnt solved btw???)

  14. How comes she is allowed to walk around undisturbed? She is THE Only suspect in this missing case with all these red flags. I don't get it.

  15. A. She killed them
    B. She sold them to human traffickers for that Hawaii trip
    C. Tilley took JJ and ran away because of some incident and then something happened to them because of the mom or creeps
    But in any case these kids deserve justice

  16. I feel like what whatever was being carried out of the storage unit was one in the kids bodies unfortunately. She killed her kids

  17. She took them to yellowstone people…. right now in Yellowstone there are more lava pools then ever. If she did something to the kids there they will likely never be found.

  18. I think this is fishy all of this could just be some kind of way for them to have a movie made so they can make millions on selling thier story

  19. My guess is she left them with cult members who believe the same as she does and their holding the kids hostage. They're probably locking in some basement somewhere being treated like slaves and forced to learn the beliefs of the cult. You hear about it all the time from those who manage to escape and you won't hear from them until they do the same thing. If they even want to leave by that time. Cults are notorious for hiding the kids of their members while their parents are facing legal actions.

  20. I’m confused, is this the sister of Lori’s most recent deceased husband? I can’t even imagine someone not telling me if my brother had passed. Didn’t the husband prior also die? And she mentioned this is her fifth marriage. Also the grandparents, who’s parents are they?

  21. What's the point of prepping for apocalypse if you'll be slowly rotting to death behind bars?? All the supplies in the world wont save her then.

  22. Lori married Chad 2 weeks after her brother killed her husband…so we know that had to be planned. Looks like body of boy being taken out of storage area wrapped up in something…seen on storage area video

  23. 👀
    Anyone have any information on this end of days, Doomsday cult ? An actual name of it or Facebook page, website anything.

  24. Ive had this feeling since I first heard of this case, that she has eliminated her children to spare them the terrors of tribulation. Thing is, if that's the case, this god, as she claims to be; appointed to help people in end times, IS WAAAY OFF! She is completely misled, because in these times, she is missing her own faith. We should never ever be so scared as to take a life, not ours or anyone else's. If she were truly being led by God or Jesus, she would have taught her children the value of faith, prayed WITH them, and put her fears in HIS hands. I would not want to be in her shoes when He DOES return!

  25. Wow she actually told their aint she was going to murder them…. and she did nothing. I bet she regrets that now. I feel like she should have done something at that point… jeeezz

  26. Makes me wonder why it's the ex wife's responsibility to tell his sister that her brother died? What's wrong with the rest of her blood family that they didnt tell her because that's whose responsibility it was.

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