Foreign Policy Diary – Oil smuggling in Syria and Iraq. How to prevent? (Arab Subs)

مذكّرات السياسة الخارجية – عمليات تهريب النفط في سوريا و العراق. كيف يمكن منع ذلك؟ لا جديد في أن عملية تهريب النفط تعتبر أحد أهم

S. Korea’s political parties condemn N. Korea’s nuke test after all holding emergency meetings

South Korea’s political parties also reacted promptly… each convening emergency meetings. All were on the same page that North Korea’s provocation is unacceptable,… but slighly

The Christian right in American politics (1994) | THINK TANK

Ben Wattenberg: Hello. I’m Ben Wattenberg. The Christian right has become a powerful force in the Republican Party, sparking a debate over religion and politics.