52 thoughts on “Benson Can’t Understand a Woman Hurting Another Woman – Law & Order: SVU

  1. I know this is a recurring thing that I say at this point but ima keep saying it: I love svu but they don't have to have Olivia be at every scene on every case being the hero. We get it. Let other characters get a chance to shine. She doesn't need to be hands on every single episode

  2. Come on, Benson, you can't be so näive. You know there are female criminals too. But I forget the show's current seasons portray all men as criminals. What happened to the series? It used to be one of my favorites because it spoke for victims; now it's all about third-wave feminism.

  3. Lol Olivia was shocked a woman hurt another woman because Olivia "bElIeVe'S aLl wOmEn". That makes me mad because every since Elliot left, they have been pushing a certain agenda with Olivia being front & center & it's completely unnecessary. What do y'all think???

  4. I’ll be honest: when I first read the title, I thought it was a woman assaulting another woman. That should be covered in an episode

  5. I cannot imagine how Women can be so foul. If I express that one of my Friends did something that I would not do. I am fake if I still be kind to them. That is how it is with People. Even when they are in the wrong and you say that they should get what they dish out. They will still claim it was the Person wronged fault. People do not have to do much to be blamed for things besides be in the wrong group.

  6. So, back when her character was the smart of the group, and there was s group by the ways, she tackled 2 to 3 female criminals by season, and now only an accomplice, and she "do not understand" WTF??

  7. it sucks that i’ll have to wait a few weeks for this episode to air on sky witnesses, but i’ll prepared to wait!😂

  8. My problem is her shock at a woman hurting another woman. I'm not shocked. Is she shocked when a man hurts another man? Why would a woman doing it matter.

  9. That's her story for why she conspired to take down and frame Luna? Over a necklace? I mean I get that times were tough on her family but really? A necklace?

  10. This isn't anything new. Contrary to what some may believe, women can be more vicious then men sometimes. With men it's about (the nasty) business of murder, nothing more. With women, it's always "personal"…

  11. I can't believe this show is still on.Theres only ,like 10 different episodes with 30 different actors….and 4 crimes.

  12. Saying stupid things like this is exactly why I’ve grown to really hate Olivia. I wanna keep watching for Carisi but this show just keeps getting worse every week.

  13. Olivia has been around long enough to know women can be just as cruel and vengeful as men not perfect, infallible beings who are victims 100% of the time. I blame the current crop of SJW writers, it's not SVU it's the Olivia Benson show.

  14. This was one of the best episodes of the past 7 years….unfortunately the end was stupid and convoluted….but the first 40 minutes reminded me of the old SVU

  15. I wish this woman had realized at some point that they didn't have to stay friends. Her friend stole something that she treasured, and wore it around her, and yet she remained her friend for 30+ years until she had a collection of things like this and reasons she actually hates her "friend", and was willing to accuse her of a crime in order to take over her company.
    Why not just stop being her friend at any point in the past 3 decades? Sorry but this story was exceptionally odd.

  16. Olivia has been on the job long enough that she should understand that evil has no gender. Humans are the Worst kind of monsters.

  17. Remember in the first season they made the point that cops only make it a couple of years in the SVU. Benson has been there 20 years.

  18. I’ll be honest, this episode was a bit disappointing. I wished Luna really was guilty of everything, it would be something different to have a female capable of this.

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