[B&S] Account Sharing and NCOIN Refund Policies

[B&S] Account Sharing and NCOIN Refund Policies

hello everyone today I'm gonna be talking about the new policy that NC West has put in for account sharing as well as their n coin refund policy so first of all let's talk about account sharing if you've read the Terms of Service when you first created your account you know all that text that you have to click except to actually get into the game it does say that you should not be sharing your account with anyone else so for example if you own the account let's say my summoner I am the only one that knows the password and the pin and I'm the only one that's playing on that account and no one else is and this is one of the policies that has always been a gray area however now with this updated policy now they've clarified a lot of things that you should be the only person playing the account if you own it and that if you own this account you should not be sharing it with other players or your friends or your family members mainly because if there is a problem let's say that you do account share with let's say your brother or your sister or family member and let's say that one of your items go missing or one of your items disappear or you need to do a revert for a certain item when they check the account and they see that oh this accounts been logged in like two five six different IP addresses or five six different locations within a very short time frame then they will start questioning saying is this revert legitimate and they'll start questioning the security of your account so NC West is not trying to punish you because your account sharing they're trying to protect you they're trying to protect your account it's just that the account sharing policy before was not very clear it's very wishy-washy and now they've clarified it it pretty clearly that you should not be sharing your account so if you do share account just make sure that the people that know your account details are trusted people and that they won't you know accidentally let other people know your details or stuff like that but if you want to be super super safe just keep it to yourself you know just have your account only you play it don't let anyone else play it that's the safest way and if you do share the account make sure that it's just between you and the person sharing it with because you really really really don't want NC us to know that you're sharing an account with other players especially if you're sharing it with a lot of other players like five to ten different players because they do have logs on when people log in so if you have an account that's always online but always log like one person logs off at this IP address and sign-in logs on on another one and they play a bit in and they log off and another IP address comes on you know they're gonna get suspicious so you really want to avoid stuff like that and of course you want to avoid any malicious activity such as gold selling hacked accounts used to count stuff like that you want to try to avoid these type of things just to be safe so that's basically the TLDR for account sharing and next up is the endpoint refund policy I actually did not know anything about this until they actually posted it up so the TLDR is if you spent end coin you're able to refund and coin back however you're not able to refund the end coin back into cash let's say that I spent $100 and I bought an coin and then I use this end coin to buy trove keys if I have not spent the trophy's I'm able to refund the end coin back so let's say about a hundred trove keys for four thousand something and coin right I'm able to refund that as long as I have not spent the trove keys however if I have used the trove keys then I'm not able to refund it so there's that as you can see over here they've done a breakdown on what can be and what cannot be so outfits and unused consumable items will be refunded within one month of the purchase this includes foods potions material supply items consumables etc used items that provide short-term benefits such as food potions repair tools Resurrection items keys never qualify for a refund so for all of those categories if you use them already you cannot get a refund on them mainly because that could be abused like I would buy a hundred trophies use one hundred I didn't get anything good I sent a support ticket I want to refund you know it doesn't it's not a very good business practice so they've banned that some used items can only be refunded if the refund request is created within 24 hours of when they were used such as revertas slash use weapon skins maybe I bought a Lotus weapon skin on f10 and I say ah doesn't look as good as I thought it would look and then as long as I sent it within 24 hours there's a chance there's no guarantee but there's a chance that they might revert and refund the end coin and here's the most important one Premium Membership purchased with n coin can only be refunded once per count and within 24 hours of when they were used and you did not use any of the items and jamón coin that came with the membership so let's say you did buy premium and you don't want it anymore maybe it was an accident for whatever reason you don't want the Premium Membership as long as you send a support ticket within 24 hours and do not spend any of the extra items that they give you because there's certain bonuses let's say if you buy the one-year of Premium Membership they give you like costumes and at home one coin and a whole bunch of other goodies don't spend those then you'll be eligible for this refund however keep in mind that this refund is limited to once per account so once you've refunded Premium Membership once you're not able to refund it again the chances are very very unlikely that they'll do another refund and finally items offered in bulk amounts in the homeland store can only be refunded in full this means that we cannot provide partial refunds for bulk purchases so for example if you buy 23 dragon trade pouches you are not able to refund let's say five of the trading pouches you have to refund the whole 23 so unfortunately they're not able to refund partial it has to be the entire purchase or the entire bulk but yeah this was definitely very interesting about the end coin refund policy I did not know a lot of these things mainly the Premium Membership one I didn't know that but yeah hopefully spreading more awareness of the ins and outs of their policies especially about account sharing and end coin refunds and stuff like that hopefully now you guys have a better understanding of what you can do and what you cannot do and what you should avoid doing stuff like that but yeah hopefully this video helped if it did I would appreciate a subscribe as it really does help out my channel and as always thanks for watching see you guys next time – you're welcome for the here's the boost

14 thoughts on “[B&S] Account Sharing and NCOIN Refund Policies

  1. Wonder what will happend for latin people , since we dont have a Static IP for me i prob reset the modem every day and i have to put mostly every day the IP code u get on ur email , also this mean we wont be able to use ms / ping programs like wtfast exitlag pingzapper noping? rip us T^T

  2. somebody I know got almost 100 oils reverted 1 day before the policy released. nsoft is scumbags and unfair.

  3. Hopefully they won't think I'm suspicious… I usually play in three different locations frequently >.< But since the times are pretty spaced out hopefully it's ok ^o^. Thanks for the video Kero!

  4. for ACC sharing, already try to do that on other game, and become one of my greatest regret of my life…

    sharing with even someone you fully trust is not guaranteed your account is 100% safe…
    human nature is more complicated things in this world, you never knew when they gonna stab you in the back…

    probably if still between your family, like your brother/sister, or your cousin, its still on safe side, since if anything happen you can just ask them directly without send ticket to NCsoft.

  5. Regarding account sharing, you partly mistaken. Before they published this article, every account that was suspicious at sharing was first locked and if you do not provide any evidence that you do not share your account, you immediately get banned and your account deleted. I know 3 players that's it has happened to them and one person that provided proof that he moved out therefore his ip changed.

  6. I once had a clanmate who was sharing their account and the first thing I said was "I'm pretty sure that's against the terms of service".
    …and there you have it

  7. and what hapen if u share the acount and is used just for farm no hack or other things(sometimes i play the game form pc, sometimes from laptop…), u get ban or lock the account and the owner need to reset pw?

  8. I don't think I've ever gotten NCoin refund and had no idea they did that lmao . O.o . When I trove and get crap, I realize that's the chance I get when I open boxes and use keys :).

    Not sure if trust anyone with my account either o.o .

    Had people in my clan get items taken and deleted, etc. It's really easy to keep your account secure, I don't see why it's an issue.

  9. My question is what if we use a vpn because I use one called mudfish so I can get better ping and sometimes I need to change the server due to ping related issues so my Ip gets changed here and there. What could happen to me then.

  10. I think it's fair, because I just imagine … oh it wasn't me who used cheater, bought gold, whatever, was my brother, sister, friend etc… So I shouldn't be punished.

    And I've seen some people complaining, but
    don't sharing account is old news in like, any other mmo out there.

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