45 thoughts on “Bullseye: The political game that involves physical and verbal gymnastics

  1. Khalwale, you are a gun for hire, a cheap mercenary. Mudavadi, other than your father's ,name you have no charisma. Raila, your historical role is to escort others to state house. Ruto, you have surpassed the rest by being such a polished hypocrite. And the man from Gatundu,whom very one is dying to shake hands with, question is, how does ONE family amass such vast land holding, if it was acquired honestly, if the white man had robbed our fathers, can stolen property be acquired on a " willing buyer, willing seller" basis. In a law abiding society that's " handling and being in possession of stolen property ". End of story.

  2. Yeah yeah,
    The 2007 war started this way, bit by bit,
    The idea of your tribe and our tribe.., is what started the war,
    You see, Uhuru is the President, not the Kikuyus,
    Uhuru is the president and the Kikuyu don't enjoy one piece of bit more than the rest of the country,
    Able minded Kikuyus also wish another person would have won the election, doesn't matter the tribe,
    The politicians are salesmen that sell themselves,
    When they sit on that throne, they start eating the people as Kenyans, not as tribes,
    So my fellow Kenyans, don't ever listen to the shit these people speak,

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