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  1. Lmao these adults just because you went to school earlier doesn't mean something life altering was going to happen to you. It's a quality of life improvement like it said better test scores and just overall a better feeling. Waking up at 6am compred 7am is a big difference.

  2. Another dumb move by a governor that should be recalled. It's an attempt to keep our kids lazy so they can grow up to be lazy and say: give me,give me,give me free stuff,because I need my sleep! More sjw's to come! Thanks to the failed leadership of dummies like governor Givem Newstuff!

  3. Broooooooooooo why not Washington😭😭😭 our schools give us homework for each class, want us to do clubs and after school activities, and get to school at 7:20? Bull crap! I want to have a life! I have my own interests!! I am fed up with it, I want to be able to enjoy my life outside of school

  4. So my kid is in second grade does this not apply for her she has to be to school by 7:30 So younger kids in elementary should go earlier?

  5. I was excited to see the school time to start at like 9ish but 8 I do that every day since I was in kindergarten nothings changing. 8 is to early to. Anyways most middle to highschool go to sleep 12 or after. Waking up at 6-7 to get to school at 8 thats 6-7 hours

  6. Eliminate homework and useless stuff that we don’t need to know in school so we can learn what we really need to know. Also paying for a semester or learning something that’s not, is utterly a waste of time.

  7. My goodness. What is the world coming to? Only Gavin Newsom would pull some nonsense such as this. What about those kids who later choose to pursue medical school, law school, etc? There is no sleep then, and an incredible amount of sacrifice unknown to many is required to succeed, both in academic study, and in practice. What a shame to send this message to the next generation. Progressive policies do not equal progress. Shame on you Gavin Newsom.

  8. While the idea is good, the logistics are not. If school gets out later, all of the after school activities will be pushed back later. Therefore, it will be even later for kids to go to bed at night. Thus, kids will still be getting the same amount of sleep.

  9. Welp they need to turn off their electronics and go to bed early the way we use to. It’s just that simple 🙄 they have enough time.. it just requires disciple.. it’s the same 24 hours we all have

  10. Maybe going to sleep earlier can help them get better sleep? Idk? Just saying, its idiotic to have them start school late so they have better sleep, but why not make them sleep earlier?

  11. Millennials for some reason we a consider a dumb generation, so now the adults or smart people are on the way to make the laziest generation, lol

  12. Wait, I graduated HS 2 years ago, and our times were like this already. They should push the time to 9:00 or 9:30

  13. Oh please i don't even sleep because of insomnia,depression and anxiety. And i have 85 and up of grades. And i am barely 16….

  14. I live in Los Angeles.

    In middle school and high school, the start time was always 8:00 AM. I remember in high school, for the two years I attended, I was literally late every single day from anywhere between 5 seconds to 50 minutes EVERY DAY. Well, to be fair, not every day. I ditched 1 to 4 days a week and studied on my own. I swear classes taught material I could learn in 10 minutes into 2 hour lectures. It was ridiculous, and yes, I was straight A's throughout all high school. My truancy wasn't a problem.

    I wanted my career to be software engineering or business, and yet I had to go through biology, chemistry, PE, and all these other classes. I understand knowledge is power and that some people in our world fight for education, but at the same time, I had other goals I wanted to pursue. The only classes that aligned with my goals and I think are important to everyone are Math and English. But everything else? I'm currently in a four year uni, and I still get straight A's still.

    I'm glad I didn't waste time in high school. While I loved taking a shortcut, I know it's not for everyone. If you're struggling in high school, you'll probably struggle in college (though in my opinion, college is easier). For anyone who's high achieving in high school and you have a good idea what avenue you want to pursue, check out the CHSPE.

    If you plan to be a biologist or an accountant or whatever, you will have to take introductory courses in college anyway so you aren't missing out on anything. In high school, you're honestly just there to get your diploma. I always say this to friends: High School is honestly just an overhyped memorization game.

    But I will say, staying in high school gives you time to develop your personality and mature your mentality. It's also a time for you to explore anything and everything. You also develop social skills and study habits. There are many pros to staying in high school

  15. School starts at the right time
    Where is live elementary starts at 8:30
    Middle school at 8:20 and highschool at 8:55
    Plus middle school gets out at 1:30 and elementary gets out at 2:00 and highschool enter a hour later every wednesday
    I see no problem with the times

  16. Bruh wait I start school at 6:50 what
    Also, my parents leave for work at 6:30 so I guess I’ll have to start walking, which means I have to get up even earlier. Good for those of you with a schedule that works for this though

  17. Newson can't deal with the real problems so he comes out withe stupid laws!!!!! He does' t realize how he will disrupt the family dynamic!!!! The after school activities!!!!! Mothers running around trying to meet the schedules!!! Good shot Newsom!!!! What's going to happen when these students have to go to work early in the morning!!!!! What are we teaching these students!!!!!

  18. Are they going to provide babysitters for the parents who have to be at work earlier than these new start times? How do employers feel about this?
    Cali just needs to Secede.

  19. This is idiotic. The students who go to school in the Pacific time zone do not get better scores than the students who go to school in the Mountain time zone even though they start school an hour later.
    This is just moronic playing around with the clock.

  20. Great, now kids will to go to sleep 30 minutes later, wake up 30 minutes later, still go to school tired and we'll have solved nothing.

  21. This is the kind of change that the school system needs, a child’s education is the most important no matter how it affects everybody’s life

  22. Believe it or not, morning sleep is healthy for many people..
    Not everyone gets sleepy at 9pm- even off the grid(meaning no electricity, media toys)
    Or needs 6 hours sleep(a lot need more- like 9-)
    Or have their metabolism kicking in at first wake.

    There isnt 1 way for every single human, and is dum dum to think there is.
    We live in a creative universe, which includes many different ways and styles..that includes biorhythms.
    Who would want everyone exactly the same..yuck.

    Just sayin'

  23. Now that they can wake up later, I’m sure they won’t stay up later. I wonder how many parents will be dropping students off early regardless?

  24. Um… Some Florida schools got this at the beginning of this (school) year. Middle schools for example start at 9:20AM

  25. This makes no sense. There are 24 hours in a day all you are doing is exchanging a later start for a later dismissal. Think about daylight savings time, after the novelty wears off you're back to your normal schedule and it feels no different. Nobody actually gets more sleep. If this was the case then the people of Hawaii would get 3 more hours of sleep than us and the people of New York would get 3 less. It's all relative. This is a case of the California Legislature making more useless laws that don't actually do anything.

    Kids will now Instagram and Twitter till 1am instead of 12 am the result will be the same sleep deprived kids

  26. Indoctrination starting a wee bit later than other places.

    Welcome to the global banker slavery system.. listen and repeat…NEVER question.

  27. Umm Australia has basically always started school at 8:30am and finished around 3pm! Why is America just catching up now!?!

  28. The issue here is to get to school by 7am my kid had to be on the bus at 530 am. So we had to get him up at 430. Do you know how hard it is to get a child to sleep.at 7pm 😆

  29. Kids are just gonna stay up later. If your not getting enough rest it aint nobodies fault but your own either way. Also the problem isn't when these kids start there day but how they start it. Im sure many of them wake up at the last second and rush off to school.

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