Chappelle’s Show’s Best Political Sketches - Chappelle’s Show

Chappelle’s Show’s Best Political Sketches – Chappelle’s Show

[Applause] suppose suppose ladies and gentlemen I bring to you now black bush President Bush continues to make this case for an invasion of Iraq after carefully examining the region me and my cabinet agree that that area is definitely right for regime change all right but if I can be real about it be real sign real real real shot kill my father man play that say where'd he try to kill your father meanwhile President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair offered a spirited explanation for a possible war with Iraq this nigga very possibly has weapons of mass destruction I can't sleep on it not on my watch that's not how I roll that is serious now if you want to take my word for launching X Tony Blair he got a hold of seven telogen boys what's up Tony we don't know much about random niggas with things like that as George so eloquently put it on I'm with him a hundred percent of the way we don't know what he hurts if the United States goes to war with Iraq will it first have to provide evidence that Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction so far the UN has found nothing but President Bush counters with this aluminum – gladly – tell you what the you can do with an aluminum they don't skate bad I didn't one say this the bought some yellow cake okay in Africa he went to Africa and he bought yellow cake are you sure yes I'm sure a bitch ridiculous me jib just coming back from Africa cradle of are you sure it was yellow cake y'all niggas don't believe me I got yellow cake right here look she don't drop that no I know what doing it I got it wrapped up in especially I ain't robbed bad yeah hello jump this pray to God no got this yellow cake right a sensitive accusation for this administration is the theory held by many that the real reason the u.s. is so interested in toppling Sodom is control of the oil that Iraq is sitting on what about people who say you're only interested in the Middle East for oil what President Bush met with UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and made it clear the US will act even if the UN is reluctant you win him problem with that you know what you should do you should sanction me sanction me with your army oh wait a minute you don't have ouch up my sweet sixteen Lange cuz you gonna need them when you in task we're selling fake hats I don't do tea when I see it they got rich I got a Coalition of the Willing I got 40 nations ready to roll son like who folks say that like who angling Japan's sending Playstations thank onea said they're willing to drop bombs over Baghdad Afrika Bambaataa the Zulu Nation not doing this by myself and I'm not disrespecting that you win even though they don't got no army go sell some medicine bitches trying to get that all uh-huh the u.s. fired the opening salvo in the war on Iraq with at least 40 Tomahawk cruise missiles and precision guided bombs centering on Baghdad good evening tonight President George Bush is on board the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln off the California coast it will be the site of what is essentially his victory speech in the war against Iraq Oh what did I say I'm not gloating but what did I say to that let's say that we will win it we rocked them families we wrapped up the second straight day these hardline Iraqis protested the American presence here mr. president when do you think they'll hold general elections in Iraq damn I shouldn't call it on his name distract with things like the war and stir all real issues gay people are getting married folks yes Nantz imagine that two women touching on each other's titty balls wrestling gently stroking those nipples so they get just so stiff and a rat blowing on pillar men barbecue like I like you too doll let's get married man it's crazy what about your rich it is gross mr. president mr. president sir how do you explain the continual upheaval in Iraq even after the capture of Saddam Hussein why are you doing this man I thought she's my black brother why you ask me questions like that fine I'll ask you a stupid areas question here's how I feel about Iraq I feel like you guys keep trying to distract people with Iraq when I'm focusing on other things namely the moon yes I said it the moon can't be distracted what's going on with the war or what's wrong with your coming stop worrying about that I got that under control lost focus from space nigga the United States of space as I stopping at the moon write this down am a or s mars bitches faxes we are : boss red rocks yo yo know something we're not just gonna go to New Hampshire Tom Harkin we are gonna go to New York we're gonna go to Vermont we're gonna throw the Oregon we're gonna throw the Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania we're going to keep cool for spring break we're gonna go to Montreal we're going to that Coover I'm going all over the world and then I'm coming all the way wiring and easy to take back the White House [Applause] and I will chop that mode by the desk in half now grab your secret servers like this we're gonna hit lovers Hey they're going scared about better look at my wife I guess [Applause] and then I'm gonna wash up we'll wash up and Emma be like this yeah goodnight [Applause] he says policy for this administration and I support the president 92nd well I think it's important to remember when you're talking about this issue that Vice President Cheney has a lesbian daughter and not only is his daughter Elizabeth but his mom's illiterate and his sisters lesbian and his greasy granny has holes in her panties I watched the l-word on Showtime yeah [Applause] a little break Washington Vermont

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  1. "Imagine that! Two women, touching on each others titty balls. Wrestling. Gently stroking those nipples til they get just so stiff and erect … blowing on em … fooo fooo .. burrrrr" 😂 So glad I grew up in this time. Comedy will never be the same.

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