Chomsky: The United States Is Not A Democracy

Chomsky: The United States Is Not A Democracy

professor Noam Chomsky gave a talk in
bonn Germany about the state of politics in the
United States an alternate got a hold of the transcript and in the speech he seeks to answer the
question is the United States a democracy and
basically the answer he gives is no and you really makes a strong case
using polls and data but I went into it
further and when you really come by or all the
polls I really think it’s close the US is
definitely not a democracy now I understand it’s a
strong claim let me go ahead and break it down for
you and you can determine whether or not you agree with that assessment so first of all ninety-two percent of
Americans according to a Gallup poll see that job
creation is extremely slash very important and it should be the number one priority
of elected officials but instead it what did we get we got
the support mister which means Congress is focused on
deficit-reduction not job creation deficit reduction is
the opposite of job creation so ask yourself the question who wants
deficit reduced according to the polls its the rich and the corporation’s now isn’t it weird
that the politicians are carrying out the bidding above what the
rich in the corporations want and they are
ignoring ninety-two percent of the American
people can they make it any more clear where their loyalties lie let’s continue eighty percent of Americans say raise
the minimum wage eighty percent and then when you break
it down by demographic group it’s even stronger ninety-two percent of Democrats same
race it sixty-two percent are Republicans say
raise it hasn’t been done yet no who doesn’t want
it done yet again the original corporations
seventy-seven percent of Americans wanna public option for health care we
didn’t get that why because the rich didn’t want it the health insurance companies who have
a tremendous amount of money and use lobbying arms they didn’t want it so we didn’t get it
I we find it funny when conservatives say oh look a a slight
majority the American people are against Obamacare right because they want are more aware
or option they want the public option
that’s more progressive furthermore sixty-one percent of Americans say you raise taxes on the rich and
corporations now did we get that certainly not any serious degree so again why did we not get well the
original corporations are paying the politicians and for them to run their campaigns and the
politicians get elected they do the bidding of the rich and ignore sixty-one percent of the
American people but this is I haven’t even given you but some of the
strongest evidence yet background checks I mean you’re a poll
on background checks ninety-one percent of the American
people directly after Sandy Hook supported universal background checks
for gun purchases not only do we not get that we may get a
watered down version of that bill now to be fair support has dropped to
seventy one percent since then in some polls on the polls at
still higher but that is still in all well-meaning majority anybody who
knows anything about politics in the US know that 71 percent is a mandate but we didn’t get that a majority of the american people
supported a ban on high-capacity magazines and a ban on assault weapons we get that
we got no love these policy goals yet again the reason this happened is
because it doesn’t matter what we think it doesn’t matter what the american
people want in this case the gun manufacturers fun in the NRA and then the NRA fund the politicians so
the politicians were doing the bidding of the gun manufacturers who don’t want any gun legislation
passed because even the tiniest Mossman no reforms what got into their profits again but more information fifty-eight percent
of the American people want no social security cuts what’s happening right now Democrats and
Republicans are negotiating social security cuts fifty-eight percent
want no medicare cuts same thing Republicans and Democrats
party Goshen medicare cuts 61 percent want no cuts to education
funding and what’s Washington doing they are
cutting education right now with the sequester I just read
article in a talking about how head Start is being cut tremendously so what is the United States effin all
these different areas all these different issues all welding
majority say we want this and they are screaming it we are
screaming it the entire american population but they don’t know what the government
doesn’t do it what are we what does that make us or not a democracy we’re not a
representative democracy we’re not a constitutional republic what
we are is a kleptocracy to corrupt form a government that exists
to try to enrich a small group of people were quite talk
or see and we’re a plutocracy plutocracy is government I love by and for the rich I don’t wish that were the case but then
again these poll numbers versus the reality is quite overwhelming

66 thoughts on “Chomsky: The United States Is Not A Democracy

  1. "Deficit reduction is the opposite of job creation." Thats when I stopped listening to this moron. Its not opposite nor the same. Just stupid ramblings.

  2. I find the gun polls to be dubious. Gun sales are crazy high right now. Obama is the best gun salesman in human history.

  3. The US serves arms dealers, the military, secret services and sociopathic shareholders (corporations).
    The US has become the bane of free people.
    If you vote poorly, you get governed poorly.
    The US is poorly educated, so votes based on beliefs (ignorance) rather than facts.
    Americans are so poorly educated that they are open to all types of madman and/or conmen, and actually vote them into power, so the place is fucked, of course.
    It's that simple.

  4. If our economy rewards greed and selfishness it kind of makes sense that it's a plutocracy when you think about it. Although one of the good things of this economy is the fact that simply based on our demands for a product we could change the supply only if we could shift our culture toward more green energy, natural foods etc.

  5. not really. in our current economic climate poverty is so bad that it is undermining consumer power. for example families in the .u.s. have to eat fast food most of the time because they can't pay for anything else.

  6. the reason we didnt get the gun control is because it was a sham and everyone knew it. they stood up for the rights of everyone over the whims of the masses. im actually proud of them for slapping that shit down. do not compare the heinous gun grab bullshit with the rest of the way congress has been acting.

  7. Noam Chomsky, '…corporations by their very nature are psychopaths…'

    The gop works for the corps…

    Great vid, thank you for posting…LLP

  8. Nailed it! Democracy is dead and both the constitution and rhe bill of rights have been gutted. But the majority of Americans remain apathetic. But as the warmer arctic slows down the jey stream so that wet times last longer and dry times last longer – the coming food riots might just

  9. More unproductive ramblings. Spending money you don't have is the same as charging up a credit card. Short term gains that sacrifice your kids future. Basic economics. Make your next comment fact-based.

  10. Great work. Let me add even a little more evidence.

    Just since WW2, the US has overthrown or attempted to overthrow almost 60 governments, and the majority of them have been democracies.

    If you claim to be a democracy, then you overthrow a democracy, you are no longer a democracy.

    If you don't agree with this, imagine a country you don't like doing even close to the same thing, and ask yourself if you would consider that country a democracy.

  11. I think you're right. taking more and more debt to "create" jobs isn't what the government should be doing. I don't even think job creating is the job of the government to begin with. there should be less government jobs, smaller government and let the people create jobs by giving them freedom in forms of less taxes and less regulation.

  12. And less war! War expenditures are more than stated on the yearly budget. It doesn't included VA benefits, medical expenses, pensions, interest, spying, and an endless array of military related waste. Its over 4 trillion now for Iraq and Afghanistan alone. Check out costofwardotorg.

  13. When the upper one percent equals the lower 95% in worth, there's some serious power that needs to shift! Time the world unite against the upper 1% . They did not earn it that's for sure. The impoverished would be feed and the world would be more philosofical and prolific if the powers that be did not exist. And a true democracy was put in place.

  14. There is quite a difference between representative democracy and direct democracy. The U.S is not a directly democratic state, but a representative democracy. I.e not a "pure" democracy.

  15. well, not only are we not a democracy, but we aren't even SUPPOSED to be a democracy – we are supposed to be a Constitutional Republic

    IE. our civil rights are supposed to be so fundamental that not even the majority rule can take it away from any of us, let alone a tyrannical government

  16. Money goes to wars, and international spy operations, and the gouvernment save on social issues, I wonder how Long the American People will take this?

  17. Is there any chance of a URL link to sources of this information. Just to prove in my democracy report that this video gives reliable evidence. These facts are brilliant but from this video, without the sources with the info, the info is worthless…

  18. the constitution says 3/5ths blacks are, only wealthy white males with land can vote, so if you are poor white you really cant vote, women are not full citizens  america was never democracy only a republic  a lot of people are fooled.  this country really isn't christian nor founded on democracy the founding fathers were into the occult and owned slaves.  so we are kind of like a monarachy like england

  19. America is a Republic not a Democracy. HOwever, Democracy has led us to an Oligarchy by subverting the Constitutional Republic.

  20. The corporations want the debt ceiling raised u fool. How else would they get their corporate welfare and stimulus if they didn't screw over the tax payers.

  21. toddlers scream for what they want… adults discuss matters, and in a republic, enlist representatives to address public concerns according to guidelines set in A CONSTITUTION – laws that dictate, not majority, monied interests, not external international interests.

  22. Unlimited political donations and the lack of financial oversight including disclosure leads to corruption. Also the fact that voting isn’t mandatory like other western countries means politicians and their parties are not held to account by having to be more representative of people’s issues. The US citizenship is also apathetic, manipulated and uninformed. It’s so blatantly clear the USA is NOT a democracy its more of a plutocracy. A country run by the wealthy, also known a Muliti billion dollar Corporations. I can see it and so can the rest of the world. After all it was the USA that invented Corporations in the first place. A set of laws which gives a business the same rights and increasingly more rights now than a human being. What a swell idea. America hates democracy. True

  23. If you want these things then vote in those who will do these things. It’s the first and last thing standing between you the people and serfdom.

  24. There's no mention of democracy in the Constitution. That is the whole idea and it's not a democracy on purpose.

    Raise minimum wage all you want. The company will only pay out so much money. So if they can only afford to pay out $4hr for 8 people, they'll pay 2 people $16 and the unemployment rate will rise. You can't make companies (mostly Small business) pay more more and continue to be fully staffed.

  25. We’ve become a plutocracy, a form of oligarchy (a select few run the country), where the select few running the country are the wealthiest….but, yeah, kleptocracy works, too….LOL

  26. The rich should pay no higher percentage than the rest of the working people.  The poor have no right to take from hard working people. Get a job.

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