100 thoughts on “Day 1,048: Trump Blasts Impeachment At NATO On The Eve Of New Hill Hearings | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  1. What a ridiculously partisan world I've grown up into. Thanks for all the Republican news lobbyists and professional liars. What great role models we have, pathetic. The Fox News whats his name, how unprofessional they all are over there. "News"…hardly. Just a mouthpiece for the right.

  2. The world leaders missed a great opportunity to discuss and laugh about Trump's impending impeachment behind his back.

    Guess that subject is taboo for all the reasons they ALL are on thin ice for reelection.

  3. Is it just us people who have witnessed family slip into dementia noticed Trumps face & expression resemble his mental degradation? How can any medical professionals not speak up & save our country. We see the republican politician love his mental disabilities as they get to pass legislation to ruin our future.

  4. Trump: The only president ever to have the media keep tabs on how may days he has been in office.
    That pretty much says it all.
    Aren't we sick of this reality show president? This Drama King?

  5. DT wants to independently change the American Constitution to read…
    We, really me, the people, and for the people, really me, inorder to make a far better country for myself….

  6. Hope Nunes, Pompeo, Mulvany, Giuliani, Barr and Trump are all charged as they are all in the loop and complicit in the crime and bribery.

  7. It was nice of Trump to turn up at the NATO conference to provide some ad hoc entertainment for the countries wondering when would be the best moment to kick the USA out of the G7 now that it is under Kremlin control.

  8. Nunes is not the President Donald Trump but acts on his behalf criminal behavior exposed to the world proof that the US government is corrupt exposed to the entire world Supreme court FBI DOJ IRS Trump/Putin Wilbur Lector Ross Moscow Mitch & Mrs McConnell Steve Mnuchin FED REPO Final Phase

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  10. President Trump working for the American worker. New orders for goods from American factories rose in October, the latest sign that the U.S. manufacturing sector may be stabilizing after a summer swoon.
    Factory goods orders rose 0.3 percent for the month to $497.0 billion.

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  12. To paraphrase Nunez: "Even if they have the recordings of my calls, they're welcome to play them. The calls were perfect."

  13. Nunes: " I don't really recall"….speaking with ANOTHER indicted Trump minion…"that name"…BUT…"I remember that name, NOW,
    because he's been INDICTED"… RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGT!!!, Devin.Just another day in Devin Nunes LYING weasel's, wretched, worthless life, folks!

  14. He's so lying. Nobody in gov't uses that type of language but Trump. He's a person who need to be shamed as much as possible, so he will not think he can get away with this again.

  15. Yeah, no. Experts say that he's guilty of soliciting foreign aid in order to smear a political opponent and interfere in our elections. That's treason. He would literally hang for this 150 years ago.

  16. #impeachthemotherfucker

  17. No not limit the probe.
    Trump has 4,095 lawsuits total.
    500+ are financial crimes and over half are crimes Trump was found guilty.
    These should be reminded, FINANCIAL crimes. Simply use 4 hours in the senate just naming the us state & federal statutes Donald has in court filings. To remind us all the gravity of Trump's corruption

  18. This what happens when you’ve been privileged all your life when you do wrong got caught up and you still believe you did the right thing it’s so sad only in America

  19. "I'd like for them to testify in the Senate… *pause* where they'll get a fair trial." You mean where your lackeys are stationed to thwart any investigative efforts.

  20. https://www.latimes.com/world-nation/story/2019-09-27/ukraine-prosecutor-says-no-probe-into-biden Ukraine officials did not investigate Biden and the aid was reinstated

  21. They assassinated JFK, and yet Trumplestiltskin is walking around spouting at the mouth everyday……That is messed up. GOD BLESS AMERICA! And by bless I mean… BERNIE 2020 for PRESIDENT!!! A return to American mother-humping values! Let's Be Better!! BERNIE BERNIE BERNIE BERNIE BERNIE BERNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Devon Nunez should understand that when shaking his head while saying yes signals he is not being truthful same as nodding while saying you did not do whatever your accused of. You may be able to control the words that come out of your mouth but it is much more difficult to control your subconscious body movements.

  23. What’s the matter with you America with all political men and women in congress you have you elected this This is Man he’s a joke are you suppose the same people is going to follow you

  24. Ha. He was asking him to stop corruption in ukraine. You're network isnt very accurate. Youre horrible people. Schiff should be eating cockmeat sandwiches

  25. Er.. anyone want to explain to Chump that Giuliani, Pompeo, Mulvaney and Pence are only being asked for their testimony, and that (at this point) HE is the only one on trial 🙄🙄🙄

  26. As a US citizen, the longer he is US President the more damaging the world would face. He didn't care peace and democracy. He thinks God is no exited but him.

  27. Had anybody noticed that Trump went from I had experts look over the transcript and they said it was absolutely perfect. To they had experts look over the transcript and the found I did nothing wrong. These Republicans who choose to backup this Con Man Trump is going to lose their seats as Representatives of the people, for the people, instead have made a home in Trumpville….

  28. Apparently some folks have yet to figure out that when you get to close to Donald you either get: not paid, thrown under a bus, investigated, sent to prison, or simply die.

  29. It seems very unlikely that you would forget any one of the three guy you spoke with on your phone. His response does not sound truthful. "Throw him in the slammer"

  30. OMG. NO one said it was perfect. This president is so out there. I want them to impeach and remove this compulsive liar. Who had done everything he's been accused of.

  31. That name-calling, lying, orange son of an orangutan is looking more & more apoplectic, Maybe that hospital visit should have provided him with a 'sick certificate' for the next 12 months.

  32. I dont know if people noticed that the first lady did not first, or second, shake hands with the queen….. im American and I respect the queen….. im shook

  33. Beware of Day 1260 of Presidency, yes, it Shall happen, for it shall mirror the warnings of those who are Antichrist, and what they shall do to bring Tribulation 1 step closer, for it is Written. God is Good!

  34. Trump says he wants his aides to testify in the Senate, and they will. But only if the Supreme Court forces them to do so.

  35. I am not an American but I think what Trump was trying to say that if there is a democrat President they will go after that person and attempt to impeach him or her as a sort of revenge . Almost sounds like something the mafia might do . Sad to see America tearing itself apart !!

  36. Listen everyone, I research our national news as well as international. I'll admit that MOST of our national news is actually fake news (and know for the sake of all of us) like a dem/pub proproganda machine with fox/msnbc.we must look to places like HLN, aljezera, and RT news (both – America) who are outside entities and tell the truth.

    You may not be live me but these 2 (FOX/MSNBC) ARE FALSE (OPINION) Channels. It the truth. Because neither builds on fact, just opinion. They both have the same model…Like neither muslims or Jews eat pork and one has ramadan and the other Ramadan. In jest I often say "Abraham come get your kids". It's only because I know better than many that they have the same characters in their book along with the stories from each perspective. I say this to say, in my reasearch I've found…among Islam, Judaism and Christianity the same characters, stories, and events…But no new ideas of love and peace. Even the Christians have no clue as all of Abraham's children ( Muslim, Jews, Christians have the same book of war and hate of the others.

    We ARE human. OUR beef is not theirs. I challenge you to read these "holy/wholly" text for yourselves. Never pick a side amongst them because when they are done killing each other…and There are only a few left…all of Abraham's children (Muslim, Jews, and Christians) will rise against you. Because that's there law. Even the pure who followed Jesus Christ (Christians = those who carried the 'message which was love betrayed the message and have been at war like the war of the Roses…(which are the same peoples) against their own families.

    Stop picking sides! The only way for us and the home we live on to achieve that is for us to reject/Never pick sides in this family war.

    Jesus never picked a side. The entire book of revelations proves this. Jesus made everyone (in his father's name) account for this and so should We!

    Humanity wants to live…in peace and harmony…WITH each other. We will not fight for any war that separates us. If you be live you may live past the atrocities of the children of Abraham and that is God's word. Never forget.

    Raise a tree in the way it should grow… ok n peace and love…not bonsaied (miniture) or in servitude (you can't speak to God directly) without the help of a minister or priest.

  37. It is with a heavy heart that I mention this. I feel that it is time for, rather than going thru an impeachment proceeding, the House entertain a declaration to enact the 25th Amendment to the Constitution. He seems to be getting worse in his mental/cognitive state.
    How much longer will the Congress acquiesce to the public actions our President has been doing? It appears that he is beginning to embarrass the Office of the President. ~Tim~

  38. I hope this terrible president move out from our country. He is definitely not American. Why? Because he careless about us. Facts!!!!

  39. What is $100 million for Trump? nothing for him,is only money saving he and his family on income tax cut the last 4 years, one or two million each he can buy out all republican senate, white House and Fox news, he don't need money he need power, money can buy anything he knows since he was little kid. New American style dishonest corrupt politic, Trump means the start of downturn of U.S.A. LOCK HIM OUT SOON IS BETTER NOT ONLY FOR THE COUNTRY BUT ALSO FOR THE WORLD.

  40. So many people commenting on this article are still sleeping…. investigate further and waken up before it is TOO late.

  41. It's funny all these hateful comments, like him or not hes your president he was voted in by our great American people let it go lol Trump 2020 here we come breaking leftist hearts since 2016 😝

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