16 thoughts on “Dean Lindsey Cowen Business Law Lecture – Hon. Frank H. Easterbrook

  1. Very Good Analysis, but I am wondering why no one is paying attention. What about a Stanton management strategy?

  2. Dean Lindsey Cowen Business Law Lecture
    Hon. Frank H. Easterbrook – Chief Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit

  3. Is it just me, or is it interesting that being a judge, he still cannot mask his visible contempt for Sarbanes-Oxley?

  4. Wow, he really hates the SOX Act. Nice to see an opposing view, all my textbooks think it's the best thing ever.

  5. I really enjoyed this video and am happy to see that it sticks to the facts and avoids a lot political views. I wish the average person had the opportunity to not only watch, but understand this video. I think it would greatly affect how people voted in elections.

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  7. Has Judge Easterbrook published an examination of the power of large corporations as lobbyists in the post Citizens United world? Alternatively, has he given any presentation on that topic? If anyone knows of either, please respond with a link or citation. I am very curious to see if it has changed his analysis.

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