100 thoughts on “Democrats in high-tax states trying to prevent the exodus of the rich

  1. This is old school hustle. When you trying to show off with someone else money. Tax the rich so you can maintain your illusion. Forgetting that the rich have options. This is a fact that has been documented countlessly all over this planet.

  2. I thought that the California Democrats hated the rich and would welcome their Exodus. I know they like the poor. All you have to do is look at their policies that encourage the influx of the poor and homeless and their overt policy that invites illegals or "economic migrants" to their state. I thought that's what they wanted. It surely seems to be working that way.

  3. demoRats and liberals are all corrupt and crooks. The rich are moving out. Ha !ha! Shoot off your big mouth some more and they will leave your city / state even faster. You demoRats really know how to run your local government into the ground.

  4. It is not just an Exodus of the Rich, it is an Exodus from the Right… this combined Loss of Tax Dollars will plummet California into Bankruptcy — and that is what Liberal-Leaches do best; attach themselves to the money and suck until we cut them and leave.

  5. It was anybody and I was a millionaire I certainly wouldn't trust the Democrats to look after the interests of my businesses and I certainly would be concerned in the style they would stay for the business and then they would call unemployment and then blame it on the

  6. Where they gonna go? The conservative states lack an inteligent workforce or economy… You would need immigrants to do the work…

  7. Rome fell from the inside and high taxes. Looks like these high tax states should know to take care of your own first. Illegals and welfare to non citizens is failure waiting to happen. When these high tax state take on to much debit, just like normal people the hole becomes to big, the only step left is bankrupcy.

  8. State income taxes should have never been able to be deducted on your federal income taxes in the first place. This practice basically meant that the federal government was subsidizing the state's budget.

  9. When people see something isnt working they change. They stop the action that is harmful right. Nope, not a Democrat. They bare down full speed ahead. Like cnn on a fake story, it kills ratings but they just cant help it. See they just blame the sane Americans that actually adjusted to make life work. The dems are truly breaking ground in new ways to be an idiot. Full speed ahead of course.

  10. The problem with the rich or even not rich liberals is that they work to change the next place they move to, to eventually end up like the place they moved from.

  11. The Trump Tax plan capped the tax deduction to $10,000 for federal and state taxes (SALT). With California at 13.3% peak income tax followed by Oregon at 9.9%, this directly affects the top earners who decide whether to stay. 4,000 of the top earning tax payers in California pay 50% of the taxes and the amount of capital gains taxes have dropped by 10% from 2018 to 2019. Trump gutted California's tax base, Silicon Valley is fleeing California and no one even noticed.


  13. You are big liar. Trump and Republicans are in favor of getting tax break for the rich people. That why you give fake news who has 6 grade education

  14. Back in 1990 the plant manager where I worked was getting all out of wack because the company was transferring him from LA to Chattanooga. Oh and they were going to cut $20,000 per year. I told actually they going to give you a raise. Your daughter boards her horse right? I told him you won't have a hard time finding property with a barn and 40 acres for it to chew on. Oh and your old lady will love the country club. Is she a member of the CC in PV? No. Get used to it. 6 months later he came back to supervise a project. He told me you were right. 40 acres, barn + horses and Country Club all paid for when his PV house sold. I pity the ones that stuck around in PV. Maybe there should be a sign when leaving the city limits. Last person leaving remember to turn out the lights. I left 10 years later. Company bankrupt, left the wife there and have not looked back. The ID-10-T spousal unit did not want to leave. 1st thing, I filed for the big D. I was not going to turn down another job for a maybe in CA again.

  15. i can't believe i saw a debate where the folks we're arguing over how to divide up hard working people's money to pay for their outlandish ideas… incredible

  16. The Left, Big spending of other people's money, then Big Taxing. That is Not sustainable! What blue state is self sufficient, I just want to see One. And No, the answer is not just give them all the money in the US👎

  17. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I hear that the rich are leaving California. On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I hear there are too many rich in the state. My head is spinning.

  18. The Democratic party has destroyed the once great Garden State. Fyi, I was once one of those heavily taxed high income earners. I quit my job and got a job paying less. I was making nothing after the state taxes bent me over. Now I actually see a paycheck. Too bad I can barely afford the property taxes on my home with that check. Smfh

  19. When the democrats liberals hate and bash somebody, of course, that somebody will fight back or he will go away. What do they expect. To expect them to stay you are stupid, or just fooling sonebody else. If the democrats plead for them not to leave, the democrats have no shame.

  20. I got an idea get rid of all the Democrats raising all your taxes stop voting for them it's your own fault for voting for them in the first place you knew how they are you knew what they were now you're paying the price for it

  21. Cali going to suffer if tax payers leave? Yeah right! Like what could go wrong? Homelessness? Tent cities? Rats in uncollected garbage? You're going to have to do better than THAT, Varney!

  22. The Rich should give their land estates in all Democratic Districts to the people of the First Nations. The result is that the American Indians can claim it and not have to pay and real estate or school taxes. I would like to see how these Liberal would feel about less tax money.

  23. Hey when you move out of California leave your politics behind see what they've done for your state please don't move to another state and then vote for any Democrat

  24. Democrats getting a sound lesson in economics. Tax the rich too much and the rich will take their money elsewhere.
    Just like king Midas, who killed the goose who laid the golden eggs.

  25. People have been fleeing California for years. Many moved to Washington state over the years. Now Washington has become like California and people are starting to move to another state like Nevada. But the people of Nevada are complaining about the dems moving there and bringing their BS with them. I moved to North carolina from NY in 1993. The change from 1993 until I retired and moved to Florida in 2013 have been tremendous. One example is that NC was an almost a 100% Red state. Because so many liberals moved south to NC, Obama won in NC both elections. They moved like migrating predators. When they have changed an area to the way they want, they move to another place to change it. I'm 68 now and my last move to Florida will probably be my last time. But if I'm still around when they start to change Florida, I'm gone….

  26. There is a proven link between high personal taxes and the total collected. It is not the one that socialists expect, increase taxes and the total collected goes down. If ever taxes get too high the rich simply go somewhere else or pay accountants even more to find the always present loopholes.

  27. Republicans are naive, they have good faith, Republicans need to start to become more pragmatic, start to pay attention in statistics, economy, really educate themselves in important subjects.


  29. just as they take their things out of California and leave others, they must take the crap out of their heads and leave them there

  30. Ha, even the rich knows how crooked, corrupt, greedy, and power-hungry the Democrat are because the Democrats like to put up unfair high-taxes up just to fill their pockets with more money that would take a good chuck of the rich's money while at the same time hurt the middle class and poor as well force many more people to become homeless.

  31. they dont only need the rich for their riches, they need the rich to bash on them, for propaganda, they dont wanna be left with their own, to bash on

  32. So many rich people are moving to Las Vegas outside of Las Vegas actually in Henderson they have a beautiful gated community called MacDonald Highlands you can buy a beautiful mansion there for a fraction of the price that you can live in a mansion in southern California and they're brand new

  33. The press are the enemy , they will not give people real news and tell them the truth and this is how the Democrats get away with everything ..

  34. I have often written that some people actually must believe that the rich just sit around and count their $$$$ every day! (They must have watched the OLD DONALD DUCK CARTOONS!)They don't realize those people mostly made their $$$$$$ by using the ones they had to make more! They purchase, spend, create new products, businesses, etc,! They used their brains to create, instead of sitting around complaining! Without them, we would still be walking, using horses for transport, farming, using fearherquills to wtite with, instead ofcomputers etc., but some used their heads to make things better! AMERICA HAS PUSHED SO FAR AND FAST, and changed our lives SO MUCH,because SO many used Their brains to make things better instead of their mouths to complain! My mother-in-law was alive when the Wright brothers made their first flight, and when John Glenn first stepped on the moon, and you aren't reading this on your computer , etc., because a LOT OF PEOPLE JUST SAT AROUND AND COMPLAINED,! NO! THEY USED THEIR BRAINS to CREATE all kinds of things to make our lives better! Most of us just use our mouths to complain, they made lives for us, that most kings couldn't even dream about!


  35. Simple to transfer your wealth into another state and just move there. Problem solved the money thieves are sh!t out of luck.

  36. But wait, I thought this is how our high overlords… the Democratic Socialists are going to make free things for everyone in the country? Who knew people and businesses could leave the States…

  37. I have been living in San Diego California since 1968. By the end November 2019 my wife and I will be leaving California for good. Today, 10/29/2019 I finalized a date for the moving company to pick up our household goods. We can't wait to put California behind us!

  38. What many people seem to miss completely is that in those high income tax blue states, the rich people with the high taxes were being subsidized by all of the people who do not live in high income tax states because of the State And Local Tax deductions. So people in the flyover red states with fiscally responsible state governments were paying more into the federal government and the blue states were paying more into their local governments. No wonder the rich liberals do t like Trump’s new tax plan. Suck it up.

  39. If Democrats in high tax states REALLY want to stop an exodus of rich people, they should lower taxes. Or vote Republican.

  40. I highly doubt the top 1% are going to make a mass exodus from CA. The middle class though, has been exiting CA in the thousands…we will be doing the same once my DH retires.

  41. A year later. It hasn't stopped. Now your Average Joe Blow is moving out, that is the average Joe Blow with a job. The idea behind sin taxes is a belief that, the more you tax something, the less you have of that horrible thing! Obviously the people with money and the middle class have become unpardonable sins. Tax them and they go away! Don't you just love Liberal logic?

  42. Love to see this backfiring on the Democrats but hate seeing many suffer for it. But maybe the suffering might be just enough to open their eyes to seeing the truth? As time goes on the avalanche of truth will keep crushing the Democratic party all together with any luck, and everyone's votes local, state, and Nationwide needs to reflect this!

  43. I love my Maryland but the worthless liberals sold us out long ago and the state park where we played as children is overrun with MS-13's victim's graves and our suburbs are overrun with illegal immigrant rapists. That's not a bigoted statement, we literally had nine rapes last month alone just in Montgomery county by illegals. I don't let my wife walk our dog without protection which may seem a no brainier but I was born in a town in MD where no one locked their doors and that town may as well no longer exist in this country. My brother was run down by a drunk driving illegal immigrant who had been in MD for ten years, worked a job that paid for his Lexus and his wife and new baby and drank at soccer games after work until removing my brother from the earth in a state that provided him with a valid drivers licence even though he had no other ID whatsoever and still cant speak English. Immigrants are good people, i know and love many. Illegal immigrants are criminals, I know and hate them all.

  44. The reason why states like Arizona, Texas, and others that were red states are becoming battle grounds is because these idiots that voted for the Democrats and now being screwed by by them move to these red states and continue to vote democratic. Unless the people in those states stand up against them they will lose their states as well and soon the entire nation.

  45. The left in the US loves to hate on the rich but they don't understand that the rich is the reason they have money to pay for their lives.

    They are the ones who bring technology, services, products and jobs. Its like the left doesn't understand the basics of how the world functions and why it is where it is today. Not astonishing though since most of those donkeys are liberal arts majors.

  46. The average folks aren't important! What difference does it make ! They are interested in impeachment they want Trump out for telling Ukraine to investigate the corrupt Biden's! And just like there corrupt Hillary the Democrats are again siding with a criminal !!!

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