100 thoughts on “DeVos struggles to answer questions about schools in home state

  1. CNN is a joke — GET THIS — YOU WILL NEVER EVER DISARM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE — with all this crap about school shootings it is obvious. MOre likely to die of CANCER than school shooting. So Shut the F up already. U WILL NOT TAKE OUR GUNS AWAY and nobody believes you.

  2. Governments should be afraid of their people, people should not be afraid of their governments. People are entitled to privacy, government gets no privacy and should be completely transparent. I dont give a crap about fake national security. You spy on American people, Snowden showed this, you are all a bunch of liars.

  3. Where the fuck did Trump dig up this idiot from? Literally everybody associated with this administration is a straight up dumb shit.

  4. No armed security at CNN headquarters bet there is, hypocrites. Devos is great.  CNN isn't even effective propaganda. Under performing schools in Detroit,..sounds like broken family democrat caused chickens coming home for 50 years problem. The want her to go there? Like walk though a ghetto school is their  suggested answer? Stupid as can be these CNN clowns are. Wow. Democlowns are soooo stupid it is scary.

  5. Her response to everything: "That deicision should be made by the state and local governments."

    What is her job?!?!?!? She doesn't answer anything.

  6. Is it just me or is anyone else embarrassed by this? Imagine what other countries are thinking of this when they watch this stuff.

  7. Okay wow I don't want her in charge of my child's safety she sounds like she knows nothing sorry but I don't think anyone who has a child would not have the same feeling.

  8. I'm sorry but this reporter bitch is asking loaded questions. I think she's looking for that 'Katie Couric/Sarah Palin moment. I think Betsy DeVos is an ignoramus just like EVERY other appointee by trump but, come on man!

  9. Hell Na Bitch Then the kids can just get the weapon and kill the kids O_O Or even worse if some kids gets the teacher mad they can just pull out the gun a Kill the Kids O_O ( Sooooo Many things can go wrong!!! )

  10. what is a hand gun to an Assault rifle. A shooter with body armor can go to any and every teacher's classroom, so a lot of ARs for a lot of teachers in a lot of classrooms, right???? All's well…

  11. If a teacher is a designated gun wearer and is called to run toward a shooter, who takes care of the students he/she abandons to go shoot someone's angry dad, husband or psychotic brother. What if the abandoned students are only 2nd graders? Would you want your 2nd grader abandoned in such a situation? Who indemnifies the teacher if an innocent is accidentally shot? Even trained police officers miss most of the time in crisis situations. Who protects the armed teachers from being mistaken by incoming police as being the suspect? If an armed teacher is hit and drops the weapon, who protects the nearby innocent student who picks it up to try to defend from being mistaken for the perpetrator? Where should the weapon be kept? In the school vault? And if the vault is 300 yds. down two hallways being sprayed by the unsubs bullets? Should the teachers wear their all the time? Story time with a pistol-packing grade school teacher? Gymnastics with a gun toting coach?
    A police officer was visiting a classroom in Minnesota in January 2018 (just two months ago!!) and a little one got his finger on the trigger on the distracted officer's weapon while it was still in its holster and fired the weapon.
    Of course, the NRA wants to arm teachers. That's a whole new market for them! Big bucks for arms manufacturers!
    DeVos is unqualified and without expertise in the areas of education and schools. She's been is office for months and she hasn't intentionally visited an underperforming school? That's like a doctor who's been in practice for months, but hasn't intentionally seen any patients. She's the wrong person for the job. She's not doing her job. Just a friend/contributor/sychophant to Trump.

  12. Oh dear god save us from the DeVos failure family oh dear Jesus take her out with one of her own school assault weapons.

  13. I heard loaded questions. DeVos is right it's best decided by local legislators. CNN is bias and notorious for false reporting.

  14. Betsy Devos lacks the knowledge and intelligence to be a high school student let alone the Secretary of the Dept. of Education. This ignorant buffoon previously undertook the scuttling of public education in Michigan, then Florida followed Michigan onto the rocks. And now Dumb Devos is on course to wreck education in America. Truly a pathetic human being.

  15. What an Incompetent Jerk she is. She didn't even visit certain schools because of prejudice. Wacko group of GOPers!

  16. Not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. I wonder how she prepared for that 60 minutes interview the other night. 🤔🍿🍿

  17. My daughter is teaching at an "under-performing" high school. These kids are sharing textbooks. How does one perform without the most basic tools?

  18. 0:25 she just said that she doesn’t think teachers should carry guns… why does the interviewer continue to ask her details about how teachers should carry guns???

  19. Put Devos in charge of gun safety? Many more guns on the way. She is completely incompetent and is a preview of the new people Trump will be bringing in based strictly on their loyalty and greed.

  20. the bitch dosen't even know about her own state, wow how uninformed and lacking any knowledge of education. another trump appointment that has no working knowledge, of their department

  21. Trump fires people for far less things yet when they can't do their job…..*sigh*
    I think the reason for it they make other bad hires look great like, "Well at least their not another DeVos."

  22. When the Cops who have all the guns in the world from hand guns to military guns; didn't want to go into the school until a S.W.A.T team show up, yeah giving teachers guns is the answer, lol.

  23. Betsy Duvall is the dumbest stupidest b** I have listened to on TV ever. She and trump fit together like pea in at pod. That know nothing see nothing ear nothing. Money and there wrinkles that is all there interest. It is very hard for a intelligent person. To let a illiterate person try to teach them nonsense.. Betsy didn't have a gun to her head to take the job lady. Please don't say its not her fault. In trump America. All you need to be qualify for important job is to be rich. Put Betsy in a debate with some inner city student from the school she doesn't care about. Let's bring comedy back to the platform. She don't know anything.

  24. Armed teachers in schools isn't part of her agenda of defunding public schools in order to create a system of fundamentalist Christian madrasa camps turning out an endless supply of racist, homophobic, islamophobic, abortion clinic bombing piss ants for Jesus

  25. Betsy Devos is actually doing the right thing, It's bizarre we have so many lost people they think she is bad. More freedom is good guys, the government doesn't create our prosperity

  26. so, basically when things fall onto DeVos to actually do something, she always says "Let the states decide" ok, if that is the case, why don't we just eliminate the position of "Secretary of Education". She clearly is using her position to make sure student loans never get forgiven for people in debt and that is all she wanted her position for.

  27. I don't like the lady, but that chick in the yellow blouse that they first showed a clip of was asking some seriously "gotcha" questions. Sure, it pointed out that even republicans want limitations on what guns are in the classroom, they feel uncomfortable with every teacher having one, and they find it innappropriate for little kids classrooms… Duh! You don't have to trap her to get that out of her. It's a stupid idea. Instead ask her if she's concerned about what thpe of guns, what ages, how many teachers, etc. That way she can put her own dumb foot in her mouth.

  28. One day the US people will figure out that their money is being stolen by these people that do not want certain people to have a good education so they defund and pocket the money.

  29. She doesn't know shit out of her stinking ass yet she's rich old sack in charge of education Make America Again really

  30. I don't think she is qualified to be education secretary BUT the news people were asking a series of questions which can't be answered at this time. Even a person who had a PhD in education with 40 years classroom experience couldn't have definitively answered those questions off the cuff.

  31. Her brother is Eric Prince who is founder of Blackwater. Her brother met with Russians a week before Trump was inagurated. Makes one wonder why the heck……. tsk tsk smh.

  32. Whenever I hear guns being deliberately brought into the classroom, I replace the word "guns" with "books" – just to make the conversation from increasingly sounding as absurd as it already is…


  34. Incompetency and insanity, the foundation of the Trump Administration.

    Betsy DeVos is an example of the blatant passive-aggressive arrogance! She couldn't answer a darn question and why would she?

  35. Are we seriously thinking we should put guns in schools when teachers don’t even get enough funding to buy actual school supplies? Arming teachers are you shitting me? How about more counselors in schools. More opportunities to talk to someone instead of shoot someone. Wtf is our country.

  36. DeVos does not even know school progress around the country. Pretty sad. Just shows her alternate agenda having nothing to do with the welfare of our education system in this country.

  37. she is alleged to have done some work on charter schools as a private citizen. many public schools are great. how good or bad a school is tends to have more to do with the local community the school serves. believe it or not, bad schools in low income areas tend to be a reflection of the local communities where these poor performing schools are located. like it or not, the gene pool matters. nobody knows this better then the teachers in the classrooms. with that said, to get the best education for these kids living in substandard communities, i think charter schools are the only hope. no teacher tenure or other protections in terms of negotiated contracts. i have no idea which type of charter schools will work best. let the market discover the answer to that question. bad news might travel fast. but so does good news. any charter school who discovers the method to teach kids effectively will basically have a liscense to print money. education along with hard work, has long been the way to climb the economic ladder in our country. the problem with public education is that the providers of education also get to determine if they are successful or not in providing that service. wouldn't you like to have a business where at the end of every day, you didn't have to look at what was in the cash register to determine if you had provided a quality product or service, that people were willing to spend their hard earned cash on? who wouldn't like that kind of setup. yes, we had a great day today because i say it was a great day. come on bevis, that's absurd. and yet, that is exactly what we do when it comes to public education. as local communities, we need to establish the learning outcomes we want and we need to establish what we are willing to pay for those outcomes. let the market decide how those outcomes are best achieved. charter schools are the only way to achieve higher learning outcomes. i say that because, unless they are under the control of some local school district, charter schools themselves will be motivated by the desire to survive and prosper in a competitive market. the market will force them to discover and implement the best and most effective teaching strategies in order to meet the established outcomes. we set the goals and we let the market providers figure out the best way to achieve those goals. it's called free enterprise baby. it's been tried and tested over a couple thousand years and it works and nothing else does. so if devoss wants to actually do something to improve education in this country, all she has to do is transfer every federal dollar she can get her hands on, over to the charter school movement and let the marked find the winners and weed out the losers.

  38. This woman is an idiot! Is her plan to just take down public education and ruin the children of the united states??

  39. Every fucking time "leave it to states or local government". why do we even need a federal government if they are not doing their jobs.

  40. I truly feel that one of the few unifying things in this country politically should be the mutual distrust and hatred of Betsy Devos. You can argue the merits of whatever party you're in, but this woman couldn't care less about anyone but herself and she really doesn't even hide it.

  41. Hey, she's dumb. The obvious truth to anyone is: she's dumb. She should never have been given responsibilities which need critical thinking. Trump has given over the entire government to incompetent con artists like this sorry excuse for an Education Secretary whose only success in life has been stealing money from poor college kids. Give us all a break Betsy and recognize the fact that you're dumb. Every time you open your mouth the whole world can see: she's dumb. My God, she's dumb!

  42. She is just going for the money and avoids every question from the Committee she is not experience for a position of Secretary Of Education

  43. Dont cover for her …..she is useless and dumb and dont deserve to sit in her chair ….get her out before she does more damage 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

  44. Studdering I have nhat I have nhat I have nhat 😂😂 why wouldn't she go to the worst schools in her own State!? Her job is literally to make bad schools better. why is she so stupid and clueless and in this position?! 🤦🏽‍♀️

  45. Remember when we thought Bush was dumb? Then we meet Trump, then we thought he was dumb, ladies and gentlemen, meet the secretary of education!

    "I haven't intentionally visited any schools which are underperforming." 😂 That was gold! Like she's afraid someone's gonna come forward with pictures. I propose she holds after school programs on one of her yachts.

  46. Im 100% sure this woman went to the Trump university, thats why bitch is so fucking clueless 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  47. I cannot believe they are talking about teachers carrying guns. Guns are the killers. Get rid of your stupid idea that every person needs a gun. Your a backward country. The Wild West was over 150 years ago. The war ended in 1945. Get rid of your guns.

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