5 thoughts on “Digital Dive: Should President Trump host government functions at his properties?

  1. No, Trump should not host government functions at his properties. If the owner of Firestone Tires were president he shouldn't force the government to buy nothing but Firestone tires. If the owner of Office Max were president he should not require all government offices to buy all office supplies and forms from Office Max.
    Don't ask stupid questions. That's reserved for Trump supporters.

  2. OMG pitiful and repulsive REPORTING. Seriously this is a STORY you waste people's time with. what is wrong with you people? Well here is a flipping story TRUMP IS NOT KILLING HIS OWN PEOPLE, no American women disappearing like in IRAN for not wearing the stupid vitamin d deficient and Rickett causing HIJAB. Trump is not hANGING 16-YEAR-OLD BOYS FROM A CRANE FOR BEING GAY LIKE THEY JUST DID IN SAUDI ARABIA……………..silence as usual.

  3. A place cited for Bedbugs? Great idea!
    But really, it Doesn't matter what we think. It's a violation of the Constitution. Even Trump now realizes the jeopardy he puts himself in by such a move.
    The nerve.

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