Election (1/9) Movie CLIP – Apples, Oranges and Democracy (1999) HD

Election (1/9) Movie CLIP – Apples, Oranges and Democracy (1999) HD

You’re honest,
you’re straightforward, And you don’t crack
under pressure, As we all saw in an
amazing fourth quarter Against westside. All the kids
look up to you. Now, what does
that spell? Student… Council… President. Who, me? Oh, no. I… I don’t know anything
about that stuff, mr. M. I mean, besides,
that’s tracy flick’s thing. She’s always
working so hard. Yeah. She’s a real
go-getter, all right. And she’s super nice. Yeah, yeah, But one person
assured of victory Kind of undermines
the whole idea Of democracy,
don’t you think? But, mr. M– I mean, that’d be more
like a dictatorship Like we studied. But, mr. M,
there’s– Paul, what’s
your favorite fruit? Pears. Pears. Good. Ok. Let’s say– Oh, no, wait. Apples. Apples. Fine. Let’s say all you
ever knew were apples. Apples, apples,
more apples. You might think apples
were pretty good, Even if you got a rotten
one once in a while. But then one day… There’s an orange. And now you can
make a decision. Do you want an apple Or do you want
an orange? That’s democracy. I also like bananas. [class bell rings] Exactly. Good. So what do you say? Maybe it’s time to give
a little something back. How’s that?

35 thoughts on “Election (1/9) Movie CLIP – Apples, Oranges and Democracy (1999) HD

  1. I like the part where that porn comes out and the jock starts fucking the cheerleader in the locker room.

  2. This movie is an amazing sleeper.. the best thing Matt Broderick did since Ferris Bueller.. Chris Klein was adorable in this too

  3. Later on he takes a banana from a bowl. I think it would've been funny if he had tried to think about it for a second.

  4. Great acting from Matthew Broderick, but once again, bad acting from Chris Klein. I've never seen this movie, but from what I've heard, the pilot episode of Glee was pretty much ripped off/modeled after this movie. I'm thinking about seeing it, and boy this scene really shows how much Glee took from this movie.

  5. watched this last night while the actual election was going on… thinking about it, it was to close to how things really are… haha.

  6. gee My kids went to that school.. papillon high school just outside of omaha… big butterfly on the water tank… quantum entanglement in a multiverse 3/21/62 is his birthday… no?
    Time travel… Who knew?! hmmmm let's see… I know somebody else whose birthday is that day too… oh wait, it's mine!
    ever see his jimmy kimmel Trumped spoof? or his Lion king? showest 1994 NATO … weird, stuff when time traveling tuba playing drum majors are concerned. hows that for a back to the future story?

  7. It's a fucking crime that Broderick and Witherspoon didn't get Oscar noms for Election, not to mention a Best Picture nomination.

  8. Haven't seen this is years and just got done watching it. I forgot how bad Tracy got on my nerves. The thing about it is if Paul would have voted for himself like she did, he would have won anyway. That boy that helped count the votes pissed me off too. Little suck up. Lol

  9. The ties that Mr. M. remind me so much of Tim's Ties from the UK Version of The Office. He never changes them. It's like he's happy with what he has.

  10. Anyone know the film where the lady walks up to the man takes the book out of it and push him on the bed she rip hear shirt opon And then she rips his T-shirt

  11. "now you can make a decision; do you want an apple or do you want an orange? that's democracy."

    except, they are exactly the same. superb social commentary.

  12. The clever thing about this scene isn't just that the orange looks exactly the same as the apples.

    It's that the tail of the chalk outline ends up on the left-hand side of all the apples, but on the right-hand side of the orange.

    This stands for society's meaningless differentiation between left-wing and right-wing political leaders, when they are all essentially just clones of each other.

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