Election (2/9) Movie CLIP – Tracy Flick Isn’t Upset (1999) HD

Election (2/9) Movie CLIP – Tracy Flick Isn’t Upset (1999) HD

Who put you up to this? What do you mean? You just woke up
this morning And suddenly decided
to run for president? No. Um, no,
I just thought that, uh– Thought what? Well, I was talking to
mr. Mcallister about my leg And how I still want to do
something for the school and– So mr. Mcallister
asked you to run. Well, um, I talked to him
and everything, But he just said
that he thought It would be a good idea And how there’s all different
kinds of fruits and, uh… It’s nothing
against you, tracy. I mean, you’re the best. Uh, I just thought,
uh… Ok. You’re on,
mr. Popular. Tracy: You might think it
upset me that paul metzler Had decided
to run against me, But nothing could be
further from the truth. He was no competition
for me. It was like
apples and oranges. [loud stamping] I had to work
a little harder, that’s all. You see,
I believe in the voters. They understand
that elections Aren’t just
popularity contests [clunk] They know this country
was built By people just like me
who work very hard And don’t have everything
handed to them On a silver spoon. Not like some rich kids
who everybody likes Because their fathers
own metzler cement And give them trucks
on their 16th birthday Ahd throw them big parties
all the time. No. They don’t ever
have to work for anything. They think they can just,
all of a sudden, One day out of the blue
waltz right in With no qualifications
whatsoever And try to take away What other people
have worked for Very, very hard
their entire lives! No! Didn’t bother me at all! [stereo playing
rock music]

69 thoughts on “Election (2/9) Movie CLIP – Tracy Flick Isn’t Upset (1999) HD

  1. Reese Witherspoon hilariously portrays Tracy the way every A+ student running for President is: hard working,ambitious, and above all else,feared. You can tell from her mannerisms and facial expressions. Matthew Broderick had reasons to be scared.

  2. I came hear for that "tribal scream reaction" Tracy Flick thinks of when she's pissed off. Anyone know what I'm on about and can point me in the right direction?

  3. Ironically, Tracy here… SHE seems as menacing as Jeffrey Jones’ Ed Rooney was… She's the terrifying one. She's the one you don't want to be on the receiving wrath of.

  4. Hillary Clinton modeled for the Character of "Princess Lea Organa of Aulderan", not this.  And Hillary wouldn't do manual work herself.

  5. This reminds me of so much of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. A rich guy with no political qualifications whatsoever suddenly out of the blue deciding to run for President against someone who actually has more political experience. Scary how true to life this movie is.

  6. Tracy Flick was actually a much better presidential candidate than Hillary Clinton. Tracy is overly ambitious and annoying, but she speaks with real emotion, is mostly telling the truth about how she feels, is fairly smart, has to work hard to try to win, is healthy, and is pretty. Whereas Hillary exuded dishonesty, married into power, was obviously sick and unattractive, and spoke with a flat tone of a sociopath. Thank goodness she's gone.

  7. I might not like Tracy Flick, but boy do I understand her. She wants, more than anything, to be SEEN, and she believes that in order to do so, she has to be front and centre, the Sun around which other people orbit.

    So all her hard work and accolades is in aid of that core ambition. Which is why she gets pissed off when some clueless rich athlete is able to coast in and effortlessly get what she works so hard to achieve.

  8. Second comment: What people like Tracy don't understand is that the accolades they get and their obvious psychopathy cancel each other out. Nobody can deny her brilliance and hard work but nobody likes her either, which means she is always right back where she started – being invisible, only doing a little better each time.

  9. Even if you don't like Tracey she does make a valid point. Why is it that those who barely do any work at all get all the attention, while those who do work hard and put in the effort end up with jack shit?

  10. But is she wrong? And why is a teacher so triggered about High School politics to the point he picks the most unqualified person for the job? It's just like how America picked Trump. People would rather hate an independent hard working woman than a man whose solution to world problems is building a friggin wall of all things.

  11. elections ARE popularity contests in a nutshell due to voters on political standards with certain democracies due to the campaign. These candidates only create hypocrisy which later become controversies that stir up into media conflictions

  12. Reese was so unique and funny and just completely had her own style in this movie, I like her still but she is just sort of another great looking actress now, it's hard to believe she was this special at one time.

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