Election (3/9) Movie CLIP – Tammy Runs for President (1999) HD

Election (3/9) Movie CLIP – Tammy Runs for President (1999) HD

Paul: I sure was surprised
the day lisa flanagan Asked me for a ride home
and ended up blowing me. I’ve wanted this
for so long. I mean, life is so weird. First, lisa has a big fight
with my sister, And the next thing you know,
she’s my girlfriend. Since lisa knew all about
public relations and stuff, She offered to help me
with my campaign. We made a great team. It seemed so natural,
the two of us together. It was like a miracle. My leg wasn’t bugging me
too much And the weather was so nice. And every day after school Lisa and I would go to her house
to fuck and have a hot tub. Tammy: If that’s the way
they wanted it, Then that’s the way
it was gonna be. But I wasn’t going down
without a fight. [jingling] Paul: Tammy? Tammy,
what are you doing? You’re the advisor.
You should stop her. She’s not qualified.
She’s just a sophomore. Did you know that? Calm down, tracy.
Just calm down. We can’t both run,
can we? I mean, we’re
brother and sister. Can we? It’s a conflict of interest,
and paul was first. Anybody who gets signatures
in on time can run, And she got in
just under the wire. These are
a bunch of burnouts. And what’s this one?
It’s illegible. I can’t even read that. That’s tim…Cobsa. She’s doing this
to get back at me. For what? I mean, at you. For what? Tim cobsa? Tim cobsa? Who’s he?
I’ve never even heard of him. Look, why don’t we
just forget about tammy? We’ll have the assembly
tomorrow. Everybody can make
their speeches, And I’m sure everything’s
gonna be just fine. Jim: Hey! Whee!

18 thoughts on “Election (3/9) Movie CLIP – Tammy Runs for President (1999) HD

  1. LOL
    She's doing this to get back at me.
    For what?
    I mean at you.
    For what?
    LOL I seriously hated Lisa for the person she was portrayed as, using people and acting like you care only to turn around and dump them and treat them like trash! What a bitch, and to do it to Tammy with her own BROTHER??? Wow, just wow. That's like a whole new level of Bitch right there!

  2. Someone should've said, "Yeah, I'll have a ham and cheese sandwich." when Tammy walked down the hall with the board.

  3. Lmao I love how casual Paul says "I was so surprised when Lisa invited me over and blowed me" and "Every day after school we would go to Lisa's and Fuck and have a hot tub"

  4. The goofy expression on Chris Klein's face at the beginning, plus the slightly comedic music, made the scene hilarious.

  5. Am I only one who hated Lisa more than Tammy? One thing I loved about this movie was that it featured deliberately unlikeable characters (with the exception of Paul).

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