Election (4/9) Movie CLIP – Who Cares About This Stupid Election? (1999) HD

Election (4/9) Movie CLIP – Who Cares About This Stupid Election? (1999) HD

Ha ha ha ha! People! People! [murmuring] Who cares about
this stupid election? [murmuring stops] We all know
it doesn’t matter Who gets elected
president at carver. Do you really think it’s gonna
change anything around here, Make one single person
smarter or happier Or nicer? The only person
it does matter to Is the one
who gets elected. The same pathetic charade
happens every year, And everyone makes
the same pathetic promises Just so they could put it
on their transcripts To get into college. So vote for me Because I don’t even
wanna go to college, And I don’t care. And as president,
I won’t do anything. The only promise I will make
is that, if elected, I will immediately dismantle
the student government So that none of us will
ever have to sit through One of these
stupid assemblies again! [loud cheering] Whoo! Yeah! Tammy! Tammy! Tammy! Tammy!
Tammy! Tammy! Tammy! Tammy! Tammy! Tammy! Or don’t vote for me!
Who cares?! Don’t vote at all! [cheering]

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  1. Tammy was a scream in this movie. I think deep down the Teachers were rooting for her. Personally Speaking, I don't think any of them liked Tracy Flick at all.

  2. Can I get a Witness G. It's so heartbreaking that even today, all over the world Girls are denied an education because of their gender. I remember watcing a PSA about The Peace Corps and how a Western Woman stayed up late to help an African Girl with her Education or how Olivia helped Tashi learn to Read and Write in The Color Purple.

  3. Best speech about a student government ever. I hated these in junior high school, high school and college. Those elections only serve to enhance winner's resume. I don't even recall any class president actually doing anything. Gosh, people like Tracy Flick never had any real friends, just cold relationships with associates.

  4. I hated how she pretty much got herself kicked out of school and the election because it's pretty clear that she was a shoo-in to win the election! I know I would've voted for her! 😀

  5. Basically what happened to Ron Paul.

    The rigged Demopublican one party system made sure he would not be on the ballot.

  6. I wish this girl would have done more movies. She did a nice little nude scene in a movie called "The Safety of Objects". After that she kind of disappeared. She was so cute in this movie as an aspiring lesbian who gets her heart broke

  7. I bet I watch this almost everyday. The honesty of "Or don't vote for me. Who cares. Don't vote at all." Brilliant

  8. This is the point of the movie. ..sadly. the next year this movie was release g.w bush was president mean while every one else had voted for al. Gore. Maybe too much of a coincidence? ??

  9. One of my favorite movies, it spoke to me in so many ways. I didn't even know who AP was then, and didnt really understand it fully; It was Descendants that made me fall in love with him…

  10. Replace the word "Carver" with "United States", "year" with "four years" and the phrase "transcripts to get into college" with "resumes to get hired by Wall Street" and you pretty much summarise every US election.

  11. You know although Tammy was making unbelievably valid points i still would have never voted for her in a million years she's a fucking joke.

  12. I wish I had seen this movie when I was still in high school because I would have run for student body president just so that I could have given this speech word for word.

  13. Filmed in 1999 in a little part of Omaha Nebraska called Papillion. Spent one day on the set and got my 3 seconds of fame in this scene as a member of the crowd. Worth every minute of the 12 hours I spent there while they filmed this little shirt scene.

  14. if you see the 2 speeches b4 the american flag is to the right of Paul and Tracy. but no american flag on Tammy. COULD THIS BE A MISTAKE..IT COULD, i don't think so. as if to say the 2 american parties are full of shit, and then the 3rd party comes along and says the truth..without having to be patriotic ..idk..but just an observation

  15. My second favorite speech-scene in movies after Ned Beatty's one in 1976's "Network". Just….brilliant

  16. Did you see the looks of mortification that The Teachers had on their faces. Some were saying "What The F!" after her speech.

  17. And so continues the 40 year cultural degradation of democracy and government, which plays right into the hands of the transnational corporations. This speech is how they want you to think.

  18. Tammy is a wildcard McAllister didn’t count on. Her blow the whole thing up philosophy leads to Flick meltdown that sets off chain of events ending McAllister’s career.

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