Election (8/9) Movie CLIP – All Over for McAllister (1999) HD

Election (8/9) Movie CLIP – All Over for McAllister (1999) HD

You rang? Mr. Mcallister, I hope you can help
us clear something up. [woman] yo?
Pierdes.El, ella, usted?Pierde.Nosotros?Pierdemos.Yes. Teacher:Se単or presidente.Quieren verte en la oficina.Huh? [knock on door] Dr. Hendricks? Uh, come on in, son.
We have something… Hard we
have to tell you. Is it about tammy? It’s about the election. Jim: After paul
got the bad news, Walt asked for a few
minutes alone with me. It was very simple, really. I offered my resignation, And he accepted. Very quietly, it was
all over for jim mcallister At carver high. Suddenly everyone knew
who I was– That corrupt teacher Who had tried to crush the
dreams of an innocent girl. Overnight, all the good things
I had ever done in my life Evaporated. Soon the wire services
picked up on the story. It was the kind of absurd news
item people e-mail each other Or post on the bulletin
board at work.

52 thoughts on “Election (8/9) Movie CLIP – All Over for McAllister (1999) HD

  1. Jim should've talked to Tracy's mother about the 'hormonious' comment instead of throwing her papers away.

  2. it's funny how a decision so simple could've made something completely different transpire. If he put the votes in his pocket and Paul won, maybe he'd still be stuck in Omaha, except he'd be divorced and miserable. But since he was caught, he resigned and got the hell out of Omaha and even got a fun and interesting job in NY. To me, he also seemed a lot more happy than he ever was back in Omaha

  3. Right. However, I'm staying within the confines of the film and making a point that if he was trying not to get caught then he should have pocketed them.

  4. The verb they're conjugating in spanish class – perder – means "to lose." Thus, when Paul says "yo pierdo" he's literally saying "I lose." A subtle joke, but a clever one. 

  5. Article at 1:54 with header: "Execution is the 500th since 1977". It's referring to this one here:


  6. 1:45 – 2:08 The fact that this is fictional is obviously how we know the whole story. In other words, We'd react differently if it wasn't.

  7. Mr McAllister should have known the consequences to throwing those ballots in the trash. Glad he didn't because he was flawed just like Tracy was.

  8. Wow, dig the way he describes small stories spreading out overthe world before everything "went viral".

  9. It's a little thing, but my favorite part is when he turns around expecting a handshake or some parting words and has the door closed on his face without a second look.

  10. "It was the kind of absurd news story people email each other or post on the bulletin board at work." Oh, how sharing news has changed since 1999.

  11. All the good things he did evaporated, and the real person was revealed. He came up with a facade of a good dedicated teacher. He even believed that he was a good person lol He lied to himself. And when the truth was revealed he victimized himself. Just couldn’t believe he could do all those things. What a guy🚬🙃

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