Epic Nigel Farage Rip conservative party MEP to SHREDS (see Why)

Epic Nigel Farage Rip conservative party MEP to SHREDS (see Why)

– who is through into this contest to take over not just as leader with a conservative party but as the next prime minister of our great nation have to say I'm a little bit surprised at the sheer number of people who've managed to muster a total of eight MPs including proposals and second us to take them through to this joining me is lBCC's political editor Theo I sure would Theo by my calculations first it was 13 then it was 11 and it's now 10 amazing we were we were predicting and I was predicting amongst others that there would be a couple of extra dropouts because people like potentially mark Harper Rory's true estimate they they may not have been able to muster the eight names needed the proposal of the second and then the six support emps in order to make it on to into the actual voting stage of the first round remember the rule change from last week when 1922 committee said as well as a proposal secondary you needed six MPs because at one point it was just a proposer and seconder yes that was that was never thought the class of twenty candidates so I said and previously you know nisha races have five or six candidates so you only need for voting rounds and the fear was that because we're ain't going to end up we could've ended up with 15 20 candidates because people kept from joining the race that it would it would end up in a situation where we'd have 10 voting rounds but of course the next voting round along with this will change to have eight supporting MPs it's going to become much trickier as a higher bar 5% of conservative MPs must vote for you in the first round that's the 16 MPs in total rather than having just one drop out and the lowest candidate the candidate with the fewest votes drop out we're gonna see more we're gonna probably see two or three drop out and then of course there next week the second round where you need 10% of the parliamentary vote partially to vote for you that's 33 MPs and we're going to see probably another 2 3 drop out so you end up will end up probably with five or six voting rounds and the result is announced Thursday we June the 20th which will allow a month long process for the conservative membership 165,000 members select their favorite candidate strawberry process and but maybe after a couple of rounds of this some will drop out and coalesce around others a minute may not take five or six rounds together it may it may well not take five or six fans and of course what you also have to remember is this the most what's known as the most of this just select written in the world and you may have in order to make sure that the vote is wide as possible particular MPs in a strong position lending candidates to those in a weaker position to keep the field as wide as possible to keep the debate growing to ensure that candidates in leading the pack don't become isolated and find them subject cells subject to increasing scrutiny so there is a strategy which has been known before where candidates say to supporters knowing that they have been well within the numbers needed to often vote for somebody else girl from vote weaker candidate because most field as white as possible for as long as possible so just to confirm for those just tuning in the 1922 committee have announced the candidates to be the next conservatives leader and the next prime minister and they are as follows Michael Gove Boris Johnson Matt Hancock mark Harper Jeremy Hunt Sajid Javid Andrea LED semester McVeigh Dominic Robb and Rory Stewart and just one of the eleven that was pushing onto this stage has not reached eight MPs to support him and that of course is Sam Kimura the East Surry Conservative member of parliament and the one of all of them who of course was backing the so-called people's vote and second referendum I think there's probably a message in there mister gamer you may just not be in the right party I don't know so where do all of the candidates stand on brexit well today we had a series of launches let's listen to some of them I've returned to Brussels I'd make a best final offer to replace that backstop with the Malthouse compromise based on and relying on technology operational cooperation and global practice and with goodwill on all sides it can be made to work in everyone's interests my brexit delivery plan is imposed and the only credible plan that can deliver brexit by the 31st of October with the support both of the European Union and the House of Commons my clear agenda is to deliver brexit on the 31st of October and then we must unite the country and then unite our party to the leadership I offer is based on one simple truth fear we hunt without brexit there will be no conservative governments and maybe no conservative party whoever delivers brexit will win the next election for the Conservative Party I will ensure the Common Agricultural Policy out of the Common Fisheries Policy out of the court out of the Commission out of the Parliament out of the EU and once more taking back control of our money our borders and our laws that was interesting I mean Michel go really punchy at the end there but interesting theory would exactly the same words that Teresa may used to use absolutely we have very similar words from Jeremy Hunt foreign secretary mirror imaging Teresa made his views that no deal is better than a bad deal that though he wasn't quite didn't go quite as far as saying that he'd be willing to take us out of the European you know over the 31st without still hinting in fact that he'd be willing to extend the british michael gove has done already it's michael gove has done already Dominic Robb had the hardest line today at his launch when he was asked repeatedly about the options of perogy Parliament in order to force through a No Deal braces they're just Nigel listeners how that would work we would get to a week out from October the 31st there would be a move you might put it facilitated by the speaker John Bercow to prevent a note for Parliament to prevent a No Deal bricks it from happening and at that point Dominick Robb not ruling out that he wouldn't be prepared to simply force Parliament into recess to get the UK over the date of October the 31st and out of the European Union without a deal and that's what members of the ERG have been calling for still no sign of course from Boris John well I was gonna say no launch embarrassed today what's going oh we haven't had a launch with Boris today I'm told there is a launched in the offing up in we're expecting the invite to be sent out to journalists and for us to be able to attend that launch but was still to receive it for Boris Johnson scrutiny means damage the idea that he is going to have to face with Peter questions like Jeremy Hunt like Michael Gove I'm Matt Hancock that for Boris Johnson it is going to be tricky especially in front of the cameras okay thank you very much indeed let's just listen surely to some of the words that we heard today because I I'm searching for inspiration from these leadership candidates let's just hear some of what was said today I want to see this great country get back on its feet and stand tall in the world we suffered a loss of nerve we need new leadership and that leadership needs to be bold infused with some of that stubborn optimism I refuse to be the leader offering simplistic solutions and populist answers to such profound change instead I offer an emotionally-charged platform to improve lives that is rooted rooted in objective interpretive ways and we are the party of social mobility of empowerment of one nation that means everybody can achieve given the support and the right conditions then that's what I stand for so choose me for unity over division for experience over rhetoric for tough negotiation over empty threats I wants to give every individual the opportunity to succeed I don't want to leave their fate or destiny to chance I believe that every individual has something unique to offer and I want to give me the chance to be author of their own life story well there you are you could argue that it's inspirational as I said I didn't interpret it for most of it I'm not quite sure what they're even talking about but maybe you think I'm being just too cynical maybe you think I've got this wrong so let me ask you which of these contenders to be the next prime minister has inspired you me who is it call me ah no three four five six oh six oh nine seven three and of course you can text two eight four eight five are you can tweet using the hashtag farad and LBC at OBC and Facebookers you can comment there too who is inspiring you I have to say none of them are inspiring me maybe and given the level of Euroskeptic that I am Dominic Rob in terms of the content today I thought was the toughest but I have to say I watched the speech it went on and on and on the best speaker today was Michael Gove he was in many ways the most animated the strongest but most of them in terms of the way the set looked it was really analog and twenty years out of date I wasn't inspired by any of it

18 thoughts on “Epic Nigel Farage Rip conservative party MEP to SHREDS (see Why)

  1. 'It's only Words .. and Words are all I have .. to take your Heart Away ….'
    Just Words .. don't trust any of them.

  2. What! Not another female prime minister in stockings and high heels with a dead deal. I don't trust DORIS Johnson who voted the third time for May's deal after rejecting it twice.

  3. They are to to used to Brussels telling them what to do ,that's why they have lost there nerve. And Back Bone.

  4. I am a fierce Brexiteer but have just watched an absolute tour-de-force of a launch by Rory Stewart. Hugely impressive individual whose message is all around the need for compromise across the board, the pursuit of regaining unity as a nation, the visceral sanctity of the union of the UK and the need to leave WITH a deal. Backed by Ken Clark and probably the most remainer-friendly of the candidates. So, I should hate him but i find myself being hugely impressed by him as a man and feeling that (Brexit issues aside for a moment) here is the most natural leader out of all of them. So, as a Tory Party member, I find myself torn between an out and out hard Brexiteer like “stick it to them” Boris and the more cerebral, considered but very powerful orator I just watched who left me in zero doubt as to his genuine passion, integrity and great drive to lead this country into resolving all the issues confronting us.

  5. After the next general election the Tory's will not be in goverment I'm afraid they lost trust of the voters.

  6. Well a lot of them admitted taking drugs in their youth I reckon their still on em what part of the EU saying that's the deal don't they understand, walk away I'll hurt them the same as us if they play dirty let's grow a pair and get on with it

  7. I'm inspired by the great speech Boris just made. The other twats sound like every other politician anytime, anywhere. Before expecting any voter to believe their words Conservatives will need to convincingly separate their past actions and future direction from May's betrayal. For me, that isn't going to happen soon. UK government is broken until the UK is free from the EU trap.

  8. Did Esther McVey mention the very words . . . . “ One Nation “ ? Oh dear, is she a “ One Nation Tory “ ? She’s just gone and fucked herself ! She’ll be calling herself a “ Eurosceptic “ fucking next ? She’s done !

  9. this was a good chance for them to have a fresh start and have a clean slate but theyre even mking this look like a circus….im really starting to think they are truly finished now…….everyones going on abour boris…the uk needs a SERIOUS PM now….not a clown..boris only seves himself..he is an opportunist..

  10. We need a leader not a bunch of soy boy's they'll get bullied on the world stage how has our society become so weak

  11. Get rid of everyone who was in the cabinet,they are all complicit with may ,only interested in self ambition !!

  12. Well, well, well…we are all going to be courageous, being the best we can be…(yaaay)…not sure what anyone was actually trying to tell me…..they all sounded like new age gurus – all they need are long white robes, beads and flowers…


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