Episode 495 - Part 1 - Alan Keyes, Rigged Casino Political Parties, and Views on Certain People

Episode 495 – Part 1 – Alan Keyes, Rigged Casino Political Parties, and Views on Certain People

you welcome to the program friend that is I your servant Randall this is part four of a five-part series that i did with dr. alan keyes we sat down for 90 minutes and had a lot of time to talk at a leisurely pace about a great number of issues today's installment we're going to talk about the Republican Party we're going to talk about conspiracy we're going to talk about who leads the country and how and for what reason and a good illustration involving casinos so if you missed any of the other series at the end of the program I'll tell you how you can watch all of it all right so I wanted to come back to the to the unholy alliance between the religious right and the republican party with this fun backdrop many people who are devout Christians have lamented the slave like devotion of african-americans to the Democratic Party you know trying to take the speck out of there I never seeing the beam in our own I I'll stop I'll let you talk please take the floor sir well in honestly I think that the great problem with slavish devotion to the Republican Party for conservatives who say they believe in our constitutional form of government and the Declaration and therefore in God's role in our politics is that the Republican Party no longer believes in those things and I think that's pretty clear and evident they pay this is really going on inside the party no there isn't you know that's all nonsense you know the party is ruthlessly under the control of money powers and a political leadership that is doing ruthlessly everything so you're wasting time and energy trying to pretend that those people are going to give you victory they never will but they are now in control there's been a few good people I like gohmert for example out of Texas he's a good listener the point is that the party is now under control individuals in it may pop up here and there but the party is not going to come together to do the things that are necessary to save the constitute to respect the declaration because of the leadership will not let it happen okay so you can win a victory here and there and that not not only that but they're shrewd people they're like people running a rigged casino if you're running every once in a while you got if you run away to casino the losers are going to win every now and again that we're big somebody will win big but overall the house will never ever ever let the Prophet shift in the direction of the people using the casino and yet the whole purpose of government is supposed to be to represent the interest profit gain whatever you want to call it of the people who come into the casino political parties don't exist to make money they don't exist to win office they supposed to exist to choose people to represent the people at large in the legislature and in the offices without representation our Constitution is worth less I'm gonna say a name and you used tell me what you think whoa Edward Snowden if he hadn't taken his intelligence to the enemy then I would think he was doing a public service and I'd help to defend him as he was in jail and other things going on you know about that he could have sparked some very important cause and people would rally round it take our intelligence to the enemy which is a deep an effective body blow against the security of this country and I call you a traitor people can call him whatever you want you don't seek refuge with people who are our enemies or our potential enemies and hand them something with which to kill us well I don't know that he did that number one number two he wanted to go south to South America and we negotiated that he could never fly over the air space so I think that he did weren't listening he should have taken a leaf out of Randall Terry's book there are certain points which if you want to make them you go to jail and the people who agree with you will make sure that you do not stand alone and that would certainly have happened in this case he would have been more of a hero had you been here I concur with that well I'm sorry you can't to me you can't be a hero I believe that in terms of things happening in the Ukraine and other stuff like this you're not going to make me believe that Putin isn't blustering the way he is right now because he has a greater sense of our vulnerability confirmed by intelligence he shouldn't have and that we aren't acting now at a disadvantage because sources and methods have been exposed to our friends much less our enemies that were vital to our security they're gonna say another day I'll and Amir Putin I I think Putin is a very shrewd and very dangerous left over from the old Soviet regime people always want to forget that Putin is ex KGB and equity you know d emphasis on the acts and sadly I think there is a certain dovetail effect between Putin and Obama 1984 effect really remember 1984 was about the point at which government ceased to be about anything except power and control and they actually foment wars with one another in order to enhance their power and control and I think that the the Putin and Obama fit into that pattern Barack Hussein Obama I think he is like Machiavelli remember what I said about Machiavelli that he is of the Antichrist I think obama is of the Antichrist so you don't like him it's not a question of like or dislike that's not it was a softball I know but it's not I don't like her disease if Obama I think that Obama is and is acting for and is himself committed to things that are deeply wrong and wicked and one of those things one of those things is that he is actively destroying my country you

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