Everything You Need to Know: Trump’s Tremendous Road to Impeachment | The Daily Show

Everything You Need to Know: Trump’s Tremendous Road to Impeachment | The Daily Show

– Impeachment. It’s the constitutional way to swipe left on a president. (audience laughing) ♪ The magical wonderful
road to impeachment ♪ ♪ Who knows where it’ll go ♪ – That’s probably presidential harassment. – [Female Reporter] President
Trump has been accused of threatening to hold back
military aid to the Ukraine if leaders there failed to investigate former vice president Joe Biden. – [Male Reporter] The
president pushed eight times for an investigation into Joe Biden. At the time of the call,
the Trump administration was withholding $250
million in military aid to Ukraine that Congress
had already approved. – Yeah, this is huge. Donald Trump is accused of
holding back military aid, approved by Congress, for Ukraine, unless they helped him
dig up dirt on Joe Biden. Which, if true, would be devastating. It’s an abuse of power, it’s extortion, and maybe worse of all, it’s
asking a foreign country to meddle in America’s election. Which is the one thing that,
if you were Donald Trump, you should stay away from. (audience laughing) Right, ’cause they had just
beaten the Russia case. It would be like if the
day after Michael Jackson got acquitted of touching kids he was like, “Let’s celebrate, slumber
party at my house.” (audience laughing) But the one silver lining
of any Trump scandal is that if you just wait long enough, eventually, he’ll just
spill the beans himself. (audience laughing) – The conversation I had
was largely congratulatory, was largely corruption, all of
the corruption taking place. Was largely the fact that
we don’t want our people, like, Vice President Biden and his son creating to the corruption
already in the Ukraine. There was no pressure
put on them whatsoever, but there was pressure put on,
with respect to, Joe Biden. What Joe Biden did for his son, that’s something they
should be looking at. (reporters clamoring) – We all heard that, right? (audience laughing) Trump just said there was no pressure, except for the pressure
to get dirt on Biden. That’s the only pressure
we’re talking about! (audience laughing) (chimes ringing) On Monday, the Ukraine scandal blew up. On Tuesday. the Democrats
opened an impeachment inquiry. On Wednesday. the transcript
of the call came out, and today the big news is that the secret whistleblower complaint that kicked this whole thing off has finally been released. – The House Intelligence
Committee has just released the whistleblower complaint. This is the second
paragraph of that complaint from the whistleblower who says, “In the course of my official duties, “I have received information “from multiple U.S. government officials “that the President of the
United States is using the power “of his office to solicit interference “from a foreign country in
the 2020 U.S. election.” – That’s right. The whistleblower’s complaint
has accused the president of soliciting foreign interference
in America’s election, which is really bad for Trump. What’s even worse is that
this entire complaint is only nine pages long which means people might actually read it. (audience laughing) Hell, if it had a few pictures, Trump himself might even read it. (audience laughing) Trump and his defenders are saying that the whistleblower’s
account is fake, all right, because they say that the whistleblower is basing all of this on
secondhand information. He didn’t hear the calls, and he hasn’t seen anything himself. They also point out that the
President of Ukraine himself said yesterday that he never
felt any pressure from Trump. Although, if you actually watched the Ukrainian President say it, you might come up with
a different impression. – [Reporter] President Zelensky, have you felt any pressure
from President Trump to investigate Joe Biden and Hunter Biden? – I think you read everything, so, I think you read text. I’m sorry, but I don’t want
to be involved to democratic, open elections of USA. No, you hear that we had,
I think, good phone call. It was normal, we spoke
about many things and so, I think when you read it
that nobody pushed me, yes. – In other words, no pressure. (audience laughing) – Okay, okay, I don’t wanna
contradict the president, but I don’t think the translation
of that was no pressure. (audience laughing) That man seemed like he
was under intense pressure. I mean, he actually said the line, “I don’t wanna get involved.” I mean, that’s not a
comfortable phrase you ever say when you’re just comfortable. “How are you feeling?” “I don’t wanna get involved,
I’m so comfortable.” (audience laughing) You can’t ask him that
question in front of Trump. It’s like asking the hostage, how he is being treated, while the kidnapper is right next to him. (audience laughing) “Oh, how are they treating me? “Oh, it’s um, it’s amazing. “Last night, they even
gave me toilet paper. “I love it here.” (audience laughing) The big news today is that the White House has taken its fight with
Congress to the next level, officially sending word
that it will not participate in any aspect of the impeachment probe, which is crazy. Trump can’t just decline to participate. This is not the Vietnam War. (audience laughing) And this new tactic, this new tactic threw everything for a loop. Because, you see, today
was meant to be the big day when Congress would hear
testimony from Gordon Sondland, ambassador to the EU and
Jeff Ross stunt double. But, just before the C-Span
cameras started rolling, the White House pulled the plug. – [Reporter] We’re following breaking news this morning and it’s moving quickly. The White House blocking EU ambassador Gordon Sondland from
testifying to Congress just minutes before he
was supposed to appear on Capitol Hill. He was set to testify behind closed doors as part of an ongoing impeachment inquiry into President Trump, specifically about his
interactions with Ukraine, Democratic House Intelligence Chairman calling the move to keep Sondland from speaking to lawmakers, quote, “Strong evidence of obstruction.” – At the president’s behest, Sondland pulled out of
this impeachment hearing, which is a big deal. Because although many people haven’t heard of Gordon Sondland, it appears that everything
Trump wanted from Ukraine went through him. – [Reporter] Even before President Trump spoke to the President of Ukraine, Gordon Sondland, the
US ambassador to the EU had been pushing the Ukrainians to commit to investigations Mr. Trump wanted. – And the reason Congress is so intent on having Sondland testify, isn’t just because he was at the center of thia Ukraine scandal, right? It’s also because, he has
text messages that show what was going on behind the scenes. – [Female Reporter] Text
messages given to Congress show Sondland and another diplomat discussing a possible link between investigations and aid to Ukraine. – [Male Reporter] On
September 9th, Bill Taylor, the top US diplomat to Ukraine, texts “I think it’s crazy to withhold “security assistance for help
with a political campaign.” Sondland responds, “I believe you are incorrect “about President Trump’s intentions.” “The President has been crystal clear “no quid pro quo’s of any kind.” Adding, “I suggest we stop
the back and forth by text” – [Reporter] Taylor texts Gordon Sondland, “Are we now saying that
security assistance “and White House Meeting “are conditioned on investigations?” Sondland responds, “Call me.” (audience laughing) – Okay, I don’t know if
these guys are guilty or not but you have to admit those
texts look hella suspicious. (audience laughing) Yeah, because the only
time you say stop texting, let’s talk on the phone, is when something shady
is going down, all right? It’s 2019, no one talks on the phone. The only reason to talk
on the phone at all is to wish your grandmother happy birthday or to commit crimes. (audience laughing) Or to commit crimes with your grandmother on her birthday. (audience laughing) (chimes ringing) Now, for the first day
of the public hearings, the Democrats chose to call two witnesses: Bill Taylor, the acting
ambassador to Ukraine, and George Kent, Senior
State Department official and townsperson in a 1950s musical. – Once I arrived in Kiev, I
discovered a weird combination of encouraging, confusing and ultimately alarming circumstances. According to Mr. Morrison, President Trump did insist
that President Zelensky go to a microphone and say
he is opening investigations of Biden and 2016 election interference. Ambassador Sondland tried
to explain to me that President Trump is a businessman. When a businessman is
about to sign a cheque to someone who owes him something, the businessman asks that person to pay up before signing the cheque. I think it’s crazy to
withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign. – What did you mean when you said you thought it was crazy? – It was illogical, could not
be explained, it was crazy. – Hmmm. (audience laughing) Unexplainable, illogical, crazy. That’s the description Bill Taylor gave of Trump’s actions. It’s also the title of Trump’s new memoir. Same thing, yes. “it’s my full story and
it’s a coloring book folks. “You’re gonna love it.” (audience laughing) When it was Congressman Jim
Jordan’s turn to ask questions, his big arguments was that none of this testimony should count because it was all a game of telephone. – You weren’t on the call, were you? The president, you didn’t
listen to President Trump’s call and President Zelensky’s call? – I did not. – You’ve never talked with
chief of staff, Mulvaney? – I never did. – You’ve never met the president? – That’s correct. – This is what I can’t believe and you’re their star witness. You’re their first witness. You’re the guy.
– Mr Jordan. – You’re the guy based on this, based on, I mean, I’ve seen church prayer chains that are easier to understand than this. – That’s a good point. Good point, Jim Jordan. These guys don’t have first
hand knowledge of what Trump was doing with Ukraine. So why are they the ones testifying? I mean, maybe it’s because the White House has blocked all the people who do have first hand
knowledge from testifying. That’s a good point, Trevor. That’s a good point. Thank you, me. (audience laughing) All of today, Jim Jordan’s
only focus was making it seem like this entire process
was somehow a sham. But it all backfired when he tried to turn the
focus to the whistleblower. – Now there is one witness, one witness that they won’t bring in front of us. They won’t bring in front
of the American people. That’s the guy who started it
all, the whistleblower, nope. – I’d say to my colleague I’d
be glad to have the person who started it all to come in and testify. President Trump is welcome
to take a seat right there. (audience laughing) – This congressional hearing was filmed in front of
a live studio audience. You know by congress standards, that was a pretty good slam, yeah. The only way it could have been better is if the congressman was like, “Seriously, President
Trump is welcome anytime. “In fact, I’ve actually
got his invite right here.” And this testimony was a pretty big deal. Because for the first time
the American public heard from non-partisan officials
about how the president abused his powers for personal gain. And even though millions of people have been talking about these hearings, over on Fox news, their analysis
of this impeachment is meh. (blows raspberries) – There is not a single person outside the Washington DC beltway that gives a damn about
what happened today. It’s boring. – It’s a total snooze fest. – It was kinda boring
to watch on television. – It was really just a huge dud. – There wasn’t anything sexy about it, there was not some big
new piece of information that came out. – With Richard Nixon,
there was a break-in. With Bill Clinton, there
was sex in the oval office. – Yeah. – With Trump, it’s a
phone call to Ukraine. – There’s no burglary. There’s no break-in. There’s no tapes. There’s no dress. There’s no sex. – It’s not a sexy scandal. Russia was sexy. This has no intrigue whatsoever. – Whoa. You’re saying Trump’s
impeachment is boring and unsexy? You know if Trump hears that, it’s gonna piss him off, right? He’s gonna come out like, “My impeachment will be
the most exciting ever. “I’ll break into a hotel “and best believe I’ll
jizz all over this dress. “Don’t make me do it. “Don’t make me do it. (audience applauds) “I’ll do it.” (chimes ringing) – Trevor, this whole thing has me so mad. Look, if these allegations are true, then our president, and forgive me for using the N-word here, is a complete nincompoop. (audience laughing) – Oh, you had me nervous for a second. Yeah, I agree, I agree. I think everyone is angry that the president abused
his power like this. – Okay, take it easy, Maddow. I’m mad because our dipshit president can’t even get impeached right. (audience laughing) He’s wasting his one impeachment
on taking down Joe Biden. Joe Biden will take down Joe Biden. (audience laughs) The guy’s already gaffed
himself out of two elections. Look, when it comes to Biden, all you have to do is just wait it out and he’ll go away. You know, he’s like a
cold or my parole officer. That guy is so obsessed
with me, by the way. – Actually I think that’s legal. So wait, Desi, you don’t think Trump abused his power? – No, if anything he
didn’t abuse it enough. Look, you only get one impeachment, you gotta make it count. Presidents used to understand that. Andrew Johnson defied Congress. Richard Nixon had the
Saturday Night Massacre. Bill Clinton got a BJ in the Oval Office. Head. Mouth candy. The old Pacman. – Pacman? – Yeah, you know. (imitates Pacman eating) (audience laughing) – Okay, I get it. I get it. – Okay, all right. – I get it. – Okay. My point is Trevor, Trump has blown it. He might get impeached
for gossiping on the phone like a little bitch. (audience laughing) (chimes ringing) – During the impeachment
hearings last week, you may remember we learned
about a call at a restaurant between Trump and an EU
ambassador, Gordon Sondland. Well now, a diplomat
who overheard that call is spilling all the beans to Congress. – [Reporter] Quote, “While Ambassador Sondland’s phone was “not on speakerphone, “I could hear the President’s voice “through the earpiece of the phone. “I then heard President Trump ask, ‘So, he’s gonna do the investigation?’ “Ambassador Sondland replied
that ‘he’s gonna do it,’ “adding that President Zelensky will do “anything you ask him to. “The president’s voice was
very loud and recognizable, “and Ambassador Sondland held
the phone away from his ear “for a period of time.” (audience laughing) – Yeah, that’s right. David Holmes testified to
Congress that he overheard a call where Trump explicitly asked for Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joe Biden. And the diplomat overheard
this conversation, not because Trump was on speakerphone, but because Trump is a human speakerphone. (audience laughing) He’s like, “I’m calling about the
criminal conspiracy, “you know what, I can’t hear you. “Let’s switch to speaker. “I’m calling about the
criminal conspiracy.” There are a lot of damning
details in this testimony. But my favorite part, my favorite part was when Sondland talked about just how
much the President of Ukraine was willing to help Trump. – [Reporter] “I heard
President Trump then clarify “Ambassador Sondland was in Ukraine. “Ambassador Sondland replied,
‘yes, he was in Ukraine,’ “and went on to state President
Zelensky ‘loves your ass.'” – Oh, okay, Zelensky loves Trump’s ass. (laughs) A few days ago, Fox news was saying impeachment wasn’t sexy enough. Now we got ass play. (hissing) (audience laughing) (chimes ringing) This morning, impeachment took yet
another major step forward, when Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House and sober Lucille Bluth, gathered up all the flags she could find for a major announcement. – [Reporter] House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announcing to the country and to the world that articles of impeachment against President Trump will proceed. Pelosi telling the
American people that Trump has left the US congress with
no choice but to move forward. – Sadly, but with confidence and humility, with allegiance to our founders, and a heart full of
love for America, today, I’m asking our chairman to proceed with articles of impeachment. – Oh my god, oh my god. (audience laughing) Oh my god, they finally proposed
articles of impeachment. I mean, I knew when they
reserved that hearing room that this would be it. But you never know
until it really happens. Oh my god, I’m so happy for you guys. And I know this sounds weird, but I’m actually proud of Donald Trump. Yeah, because he’s getting impeached, but I didn’t think he
would make it three years. I’m not gonna lie. (audience laughing) Trump getting this far into his presidency without being impeached is a lot like when a dog accidentally
drives a car into a tree. Yeah, the dog crashed, but
he made it like eight blocks. That’s impressive. (audience laughing) I don’t even know how
he put it into drive. He barely knows letters. (audience laughing) Now, there was a big debate
within the Democratic party about how many articles of impeachment to bring against Donald Trump. But in the end, they decided to strike with surgical precision. – President Trump, now facing two charges as the top Democrats of the key committees stood together to announce
it all this morning. Abuse of power and
obstruction of congress. – Democrats have decided
to narrow the scope of impeachment to the two
articles of impeachment that they believe are the easiest to prove and backed up by the most evidence. – Because we are operating in a universe where the
Republicans are challenging some of the most basic facts, Democrats wanna make this
case as airtight as possible. – Yes, only two articles of impeachment. Abuse of power and
obstruction of congress. Which means the Democrats are
showing a lot of restraint. Because I mean, let’s be honest, Trump has done enough crazy shit to merit 2,000 articles of impeachment. Yeah, there was obstruction of justice from the Mueller report, using the presidency to
enrich his businesses, the porn star payoffs, flag molestation, the time he looked
directly into an eclipse, and of course, having Don Junior. I mean, that’s impeachment on its own. (audience laughing) So the good news for Trump is that he’s only facing two charges. Although, in a way, that’s
also kinda sad for him. Because Nixon had three
articles brought against him, Bill Clinton had four,
and Andrew Johnson had 11. Which means Trump will have
the smallest impeachment of all time. (audience laughing) You know that’s gonna make him insecure. He’s gonna be like, “It’s not about the size of impeachment, “it’s about the friction
of the conviction.” (audience laughing) (chimes ringing) – [Reporter] President Trump set to become the third president in American
history to be impeached. – This is a moment that
will go down in history. – This will be written
about in the history books. – This is going to go
down in the history books. – The 45th President of the
United States got impeached. (audience cheering) – Well, you guys might be cheering, but when Democrats in the House tried to cheer last night, Nancy Pelosi shut it down real fast. – [Reporter] House Speaker,
Nancy Pelosi maintaining control of her caucus with a glance and a gesture alone at
one point yesterday. – On this vote, the ayes are 230, the nays are 197. Present is one. Article 1 is adopted. (audience laughing) – Damn. Nancy didn’t wanna hear
any gloating last night. She killed that celebration quick. Did you see that? That kinda look would
send a champagne cork back into the bottle. That’s how intense that was. They were like pop, whop. (audience laughing) So there’s no doubt that
impeachment will hurt Trump’s legacy bigly. But it also seems like
it’s hurting his feelings. President Trump incensed, lashing out in a scathing six page letter to the House Speaker, calling the impeachment process outlined by the constitution, an illegal
partisan attempted coup. – He’s just fired off a tweet “Can you believe that I will be impeached “today by the Radical
Left, Do Nothing Democrats, “and I did nothing wrong! “A terrible thing. “Read the transcripts. “This should never happen
to another president again. “Say a prayer!” (audience laughing) – Yo, is it just me or
does it seem like Trump went through all the stages
of grief in one tweet? (audience laughing) It was like denial. “I can’t believe I’m getting impeached.” Anger. “I did nothing wrong.” Depression. “This is a terrible thing.” Acceptance. “I guess we can only pray.” (audience laughing) (upbeat music)

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