Gov't signs memorandum to regulate foreign workers in PH

Gov't signs memorandum to regulate foreign workers in PH

in a short span of time Chinese nationals man-thing and her son have been doing well within six months she has set up her own Milty business in a building along Shore Boulevard in Mandaluyong City she's also hired three Filipino and two Chinese workers man-thing could hardly communicate in English but this seems to be no hindrance to the brisk business her clients building tenants who are mainly Chinese nationals the recent spike in the number of Chinese nationals is currently driving office building demand latest data from the Bureau of Immigration shows there are over 100 38,000 foreigners working in the country as of 2018 but there's an undetermined number of illegal workers or those without proper documents and permits Immigration Bureau spokesperson Donna Sandoval says they are mainly doing manual labor particularly in the construction and service sector for 2018 we have our effort I think around 600 foreign nationals most of them have been working without permits here in the Philippines most of those arrested were Chinese Sandoval says the bubi online gaming industry is one of the reasons for the surge in foreign workers foreign nationals who work here legally there are other writers so to say who tried to join the bandwagon and work here illegally without the proper documentation this has prompted the Labor Department and other agencies to sign a joint memorandum circular clarifying the rules and procedures for foreign workers foreigners are now required to obtain tax payer identification numbers and pay taxes locally just a secretary Minar de Guevara says foreigners can no longer use them big-booty or the overlapping functions of government agencies as an excuse for not complying with the rules of their stay the part of the Department of Justice in the Bureau of Immigration any violation serious violation willful of this employment rules and regulations and immigration rules as well will marry immediate deportation meanwhile finance secretary Sonny Dominguez says the government expects collect at least 2 billion pesos in taxes from foreign workers based on current data but he says this may rise as illegal foreign workers will now be forced to legitimize their stain I suspect that there are more there's no stopping the influx of foreign workers so long as there are opportunities for them to do business and earn but the government wants to make sure the country will benefit from them as well by making their stay legitimate Sanjaya CNN Philippines

16 thoughts on “Gov't signs memorandum to regulate foreign workers in PH

  1. Yan ang bagong pagbabago bigay ni Digong Sayad. Ayan nasa kangkungan na naman ang mga Pinoy at Intsik na naman ang nanalo! Hay buhay! Mga Pinoy second citizens sa sarili nilang bansa!

  2. Ano na nangyare. Bilib pa naman ko sa iyo Duterte. Pati ikaw ba binenta mo na ang Pilipinas. Pina alis ang American base pero ngayon naman Chinese invasion. Influx ng sakit like SARS, kababuyan, fake products and drugs ang pwedeng dalhin niyan.

  3. You have to regulated and imposed the immigration law like deportation if overstaying like what they done to OFW or Filipino tourist in other country and they must pay overstaying and if they make bussiness if they are not Filipino 30 % own by the foreigner and 70 percent owned by a Filipino . Don’t given an opportunity for other foreigner to have a bussiness and then the Filipino has never get any if they make very serious to every Filipino here abroad the immigration strictly so as Filipino we need to imposed to them our rules even you are western or european

  4. Di nagbabayad ng tamang buwis yang mga yan. Tingin sa mga Noypi basura. Walang respeto sa batas natin. Ginagawang kuta pa ng mga ilegal na negosyo tong Pinas. Tandaan nyo din na lahat ng shabu pati ingredients galing jan sa Tsina. Loko din kasi tong si Digong. Pinaboran yang mga Intsik. Kala nya tuso mga Kano. Mas tuso yang nga Tsing Tsung Tsai na yan.

  5. Dapat lang ideport at iblocked at ibanned cla sa Pinas. Babalik din kc mga yan dahil sa lagay na 100k per person. Dapat impliment rule of law. Ang dali dali naman un ipatupad kaso my lagay eh.

  6. PH is still developing! Government should only be opened for foreign investors/retirees and not workers! The problem is they compete with the country's meager resources which the government hasn't managed yet well and raise real property which the locals already having difficulty acquiring! Wala na bang maisip na ibang paraan ang government to make jobs available to Filipinos? Bakit ang Japan nag-progress without the need for foreign migrants/workers? We should not be using Singapore as model for growth as the migrants displaced almost all of the native locals!

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