26 thoughts on “Gujarat Congress Crisis: Money Or Ideology At Play?

  1. Rnd anchor or rndtv. U know ur intention ms rnd anchor.
    Nobody is asking why congress MLAs are getting sold out for money. What type of politicians they are. Congress has to answer whom they gave ticket that they are getting sold out.

  2. congress has no leaders only corrupt and chor MLAs what nonsense you talk pawan keda you must be high on dope if you don't see congress sinking with your leader pappu

  3. The BJP are the most corrupt political party what they  can’t win they will buy with the financial help from RSS, the BJP and RSS are killing Democracy.


  4. NDTV please change Nidhi she looks so much pro congress and anti bjp in stance… type and questions she is asking

  5. People know where from the tadiparr is getting the funding. The funding is so huge that he can use 100's of crore on one R S Seat. The problem is, some voters are still giving the votes to these corporate agents. In return they are getting leaders like the fenku. In a democracy people get what they deserve. The people of this country deserve demonitisation.

  6. No need to pay any Congress MLAs to quit the party? They saw what Nitish did and how the whole nation is rejecting Congress and how Rahul baba is a fool who is the reason for Congress's loss. Vaghela quit as well so they will be 10-15 MLAs short needed for electing Ahmed Patel. He may at most get 40 MLAs.

  7. This women is a Bloody Bitch. She thinks she is a smart asshole. She clearly imputed that BJP even had offered will not admit.

  8. My friends tv channels should not support one party, in India all channels praising only bjp. They can again rake up baffors again but Panama papers no investigation. This how Indian democracy works.

  9. This party wins that party loses. What do we ordinary folks gain or lose? Our concerns of jobs, health care, education, housing, law and order goes unaddressed.

  10. The present state of our Republic has a strange similarity with the Roman Empire during Cicero and Ceasar's time. Those who know history know what happened when Octavian defeated Brutus and Anthony. The Roman Republic collapsed. When corruption is so deeply entrenched in every walk of life, a Republic cannot survive.

  11. How is BJP any different from Congress.? BJP so far not come with any signature legislation in the last 3 years and copying every bad trick from congress to hold onto power.

  12. Instead the TV debate must be for flood situation in Gujarat and Rajasthan , Congress will be wiped out why nidhi darling has to cry on that, stupidity at it's best

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