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  1. Chest ct scan to detect grey blobs on lung lobes for corona virus, per Aljeezera news on mass China results. Duh. Test every one by scanning. If only we have medicare for ALL.

  2. What's really funny is that trump put pence in charge once it became clear coronavirus was going to be a disaster. Trump can claim pence mucked it up when it was trump gutting CDC, defunding WHO, and firing all the pandemic experts and hiring no one to replace them. He asked for it, and he got it. And the recession that comes with it.

  3. Coronavirus kills those 65 and older at VERY high rates. Same people who vote trump, Biden, and Bloomberg… Hopefully it kills them fast so we can have a good country again.

  4. Keep believing the bs this hayes guy is trying to push…..do your own research….we have been aware of this since last year when dims kept pushing the impeachment….talk about trying to shift eyes elsewhere.

  5. You can count of Trump and his cronies doing the most insane, knuckleheaded and stupid action to any crisis. They're brain dead in the White House.

  6. Some perspective – the USA is doing 16 tests per day for coronavirus. They charge $3500. South Korea processes 13,000 tests per day, and they make them available to anyone for free. They even have drive-through tests for free. China can process a million tests per day. The USA is going to get a lesson in the folly of not having a strong public healthcare program 🙁 Now that it's showing up in nursing homes and schools, it will soon be in prisons and large businesses and anyplace that can't or won't shut down for a month or so. Pro tip: if you get any packages from Amazon (or anywhere else) let them sit for a month or so.

  7. Trump altered a Hurricane map, why wouldn't he screw-around with this one? He reached 3 full years in office Jan 21st 2020, still waiting for the deposit from Mexico for "The Wall", when does the cheaper better health care that will cover everyone go into effect? "I PROMISE I won't play Golf if you elect me for a 2nd term."

  8. OK. OK. WAIT. Chriss, I like you, I like MSNBC but that bit at 3:35 where you mention that it's 10-20 times more dangerous than the flu is correct but stating it like that is, in itself, blowing it a little out of proportion.

  9. It's so sad even in a National Emergency this Liberal turd can not stop being political and in fact uses the old Dem playbook to never let a tragedy go to waist for political gain. Vile and disgusting LIPTARDS

  10. Clearly this guy is a Political activist not a news person. And you people there just eat it up. Ah ha ha ha

  11. Well Trump, the consequences of all your lying are beginning to show. Trump says nothing to see here and Wall Street says we don’t believe you!

  12. Well, Let's get commander in chief in the front line, just to see if its really a hoax. He already looked into an eclipse and doesn't eat his vegies.

  13. Reading all the Hate Trump comments tells all are suffering from Venereal disease. Slowly but surely, you will die. Before you all return to dust, ha ha ha ha ha, keep on braking like Dogs.

  14. This problem shouldn't have been political but Trump made it political along with people like Rush Limbaugh and Pence out there saying it's a plan to hurt Trump. No Trump hurt himself when he decided to embark on some bone-headed moves to pay for his gigantic tax cut for the top 1% and now we're paying for it. In 2018 Trump fired the governments entire pandemic response chain of command because it was instituted by Obama in response to Ebola in 2014. Trump had no plan to ever replace it. Now there's no clear chain of command for pandemic response unless you include Pence, a politician, who has a terrible record when handling health related crisis, i.e. cancelling the clean needles program in IN causing an explosion of AIDS and HIV related infections. Nice job Pence. Now the Trump administration wants ALL Coronavirus related info to be filtered through Pence essentially stifling the CDC because he wants to control information in a transparent effort to prevent the market from tumbling which will threaten his re-election chances. Who cares about lives when the Trump re-election is on the line?! Last year Trump also took away $15 billion in national health spending and cut the global disease-fighting operational budgets of the CDC, NSC, DHS, and HHS. Finally he eliminated the government’s $30 million Complex Crises Fund. We're doomed.

  15. Hes got money grabbing people around who don't want there money train to stop it all about the time to fill your banks up with an amount you can never spend in 2,3 lifetimes sad world 🤢🤮🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑💯

  16. i just hope california dont have that big quake they've been expecting while trump is in office, he hates them more than he hates peurto rico

  17. Let's call it what it is…. " A PERSON THAT CAN'T READ IS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. He won't listen to the scientific community( it's over his head ) He's too busy worrying about " HOW IT MAKES HIM LOOK " but, Not worried about the welfare of the People in the U.S.. Out of touch….. But, You can guarantee " HE AND HIS KIDS are robbing American blind as we speak ".He is a CROOK…… THAT'S what crooks do…. THEY STEAL.Wake up America…… He's got to go.

  18. Trump is more transparent than the speaker. Get to work. And his jokes are funnier.
    They gave my husband 50 mysterious potions to try to cure polio. Go help and shut up

  19. Abraham Lincoln tells a women regarding her fallen husband. O you'll get over it like.older people do. Worse than trump.

  20. I think Trump and his associates should hold a meeting with these workers personally to honor them for their work

  21. Wow. First trump banned all Chinese. Against the advice of the WHO. That was the best move possible. We don't have many details because the COMMUNISTs won't let the CDC inside Wuhan. Trump is keeping us safe and taking care of all Americans abroad.

  22. Trust noone they lie like breathing i trust lord god almighty to whom i belong to to sustain my life and health i advise others to do the same

  23. Now we see why there sporadic cases of COVID-19 in California, Seattle, and now Rhode Island (?). I think at this point we all know how infectious this is. If you care about your sick family or elder family members, this is BAD. If not then you may not care. For the rest of us This is scary. Trump is going with Plan C. Plan C says: Screw it. We all get it, so everyone back to work. Keep the markets going. Don't Panic. 2 or so percent of the "Unhealthy or old" die. GREAT. Save on healthcare. Reduce population in long run. The Healthy and Strong will be ok.

  24. The LAST thing we need to be doing is playing partisan politics with this!!! NOW IS THE TIME TO SUSPEND OUR DIFFERENCES AND PULL TOGETHER!! AS AMERICANS!!!! Stop this ridiculous "divide and conquer" motif. I know it's an election year, but this is a pandemic on par with the 1918 flu people! STOP IT!

  25. If the president causes the death of many innocent people through incompetence ( and or and threatens the well being of states: Entire Nursing homes infected, Schools infected) could that be impeachable? Especially if it's proven these cases originate from the passengers flown based on his administration's decision. That would mean Pence would be the president. 🙁 Then we would all have to trust that Jesus and prayer would save us all.

  26. Don't worry America your not alone in your Authorities stupidity, ours in the UK are equal to yours in their incompetence 🙁

  27. A person that studied wind at great expence, knows how to rake woods in Finland, certainly knows everything about the virus.

  28. The world can only hope Corona find its way into The White House or more specifically to a certain man child in that residence.
    Then, this man child could claim again that this is no problem and totally under control.

  29. Nuts. more bull from fake news. Let's try to scare the public. The Flu has likely killed more people at this point.

  30. Good info, as always, Chris, but your audience looks a bit like they thought they were going to a bingo game.

  31. I live 2 half hours from a person with the Caroniavirus.. 😬
    I ordered my family the N95 masks today.😷 Then ran to Wal-Mart for all the disinfectant things I could get. It was slim pickings. I got lucky with what I got and glad I went today. I litterly got the last 2pack of Lysol
    disinfectant spray. 💨

    –> I watched the show EXPLAINED. It's on Netflix. On season2 is a episode About pandemic. What's freaky is that episode was released in Nov. And just a month later it became a reality.
    😬 😷 I recommend watching it to understand this all better.

  32. trump AND INCOMPETENCE – TYPICAL. And mike pence is in charge ? What a joke America. In both cases!

  33. More millions of U.S. Citizens are blaming Democrats leftist Pelosi and Congress members of strategically hide
    in the past and currently episodes of outbreaks of epidemic diseases during
    former presidents Clinton and Obama to avoid panic in the population, as Citizen
    Cindy LT says: “On July 2014 former president Obama commissioned Michele Barry to
    Liberia-Africa outbreak disease and she brought to America the Ebola hemorrhagic
    virus (fever, intense weakness, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, and
    death),outbreak disease that Obama, the Democratic Party, its members in U.S.
    Congress and the mainstream media  maliciously and criminally concealed exposing U.S. Citizen despite the outbreak follow
    different path, has no cure, and high fatality rates,” high crime perpetrating
    again by Nancy Pelosi and Democratic leftist Congress members because that
    person infected with Coronavirus belongs to San Francisco Sanctuary City, as
    Citizen E Molina says: “There are many people in California Sanctuary cities,
    such San Francisco, infected with the outbreak infectious epidemic diseases and
    Coronavirus, disasters that Nancy Pelosi, Democrats Congress members, Senators,
    and California governor Gavin Newsom are hiding to U.S. government and its citizens
    as a political strategy and Pelosi’s platform “workhorse to create a public
    panic,” and blame to President Trump and his administration.

  34. “We the People” must act and eject those Democrats treacherous terrorists from Congress such Nancy PELOSI,
    Adam SCHIFF, and others, the mainstream media, and those political radical
    left-wing judges appointed by liberal leftist former presidents Clinton and
    Obama, all of them sided with left terrorism to undermining the Trump
    administration. Million of Patriots U.S. Citizens are calling for a lynching
    revolution, as Citizen T Silva says: “We the People must implement the judgment
    of those corrupts, traitors, and terrorists Democrats and Muslims in Congress
    who are perpetrating millionaire frauds and bribes, while implementing chaos,
    riots, sedition, and domestic terrorist to destroy U.S.  Liberal leftist Pelosi, Schiff, Harris,
    Nadler, Waters, Muslims pro-terrorism Omar, Tlaib, Pressley, Ocasio, Escobar,
    Lorena Gonzales, and the fake mainstream media (CNN, MSNBC), MUST BE LYNCHED to
    preserve the U.S. sovereignty, peace, national and Citizens security,” while
    Colonel Robert F. Cunning said: “USA Sovereign ALL TO ARMS! The U.S. is being invaded for criminal foreigner
    migrants protected by treacherous Democratic Party Congress members and its
    Muslims Fifth Column to destroy U.S. and its Citizens! This is a not declared War! We the Sovereigns are ready and
    await the order to eject any and all foreign or domestic enemies.”

  35. U.S. Citizen Mayoral BB also says: “We must respond in the same criminal way Rep. John
    Garamendi (D-CA) threatened Donald Trump Jr. on MSNBC; we must
    respond in the same aggressive and taunting way the so-called ‘assembly member’
    Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego) during delivering a speech shouted ‘F*** Donald
    Trump,’ disrespectfully insulting  President Trump, and, on contemptuous manner,
    provoking and  taunting on protesters who showed up to demonstrate against Warren-backer and California Lorena Gonzalez
    for authoring AB5, a disastrous labor law that has essentially declared war from
    an ignorant woman taken from a cheap brothel the state’s gig worker economy;” millions
    of U.S. are more critical on Lorena Gonzales aggressive taunting on protesters
    to AB5, as Citizen Manuel Salinas G says: “Lorena Gonzales’ foul, vulgar,
    aggressive, discriminative and arrogant language and it contradicts what she
    said to have a ‘master degree’ from Georgetown University and other degrees. Consequently,
    it’s deemed to investigate her documents and those from Democrats leftist’s in
    Congress to detect scams on curriculum, educational degrees, references, and
    other important requirements on people running for city council and state
    assembly; thousands of degree mills allow criminals to buy fake degrees online
    fast and cheap.” Finally, Citizen Gloria Molina says: “Stupid liberals, such
    Lorena Gonzales, are making that Democratic Party lose its supporters, like myself.”

  36. https://www.democracynow.org/2020/2/19/lancet_report_medicare_for_all
    "In a new study, Yale scholars have found that Medicare for All will save Americans more than $450 billion and prevent 68,000 deaths every year."
    "And the Medicare for All Act identifies a number of ways in which it’s going to save the country money.'
    "So, firstly, what people pay right now for hospital services doesn’t correlate with their outcomes, their clinical outcomes, and it varies widely…So, by applying Medicare rates to the entire country, that will save us $100 billion right there…Another important point is that Medicare for All will minimize paperwork and will streamline administration and billing…So, currently, Medicare has an overhead of 2.2%, whereas private insurance, it’s over 12%…
    So, applying Medicare overhead to the entire country will save us $200 billion.”
    ALISON GALVANI: I think it’s absolutely possible. In fact, a Medicare system gives us a real-world test of viability. It succeeded for 54 years, so more than half a century. It has high popularity, bipartisan popularity. And if Medicare can succeed in the age cohort that is the elderly, 65 and above, who access healthcare most often, if it can succeed in that age cohort, it is all the more feasible and cost-effective to be offered to everyone.

  37. Well one can only wait till the virus hits the white house. COVID-19 is only deadly for the young and the old. Guess what orange clown is both, and elderly toddler. Talk about double jeopardy.

  38. Trump is mentally sick. His administration as well. This is not the time to have this kind of person running your country. Very concerning. THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES!

  39. The Preppers have been prepared for a pandemic. I strongly suggest everyone buy enough food, water, etc. for sheltering at home for 1-2 months. Better safe than sorry.

  40. Trump – "Dont trust the Fake News, the flu will disappear in the next month"
    Scientists – "You have to be kidding"

  41. Thank you for bringing to light these truths!! How irresponsible of our government, it's infuriating!

  42. so sad anyone even believes anything they hear from unreliable news that have not sources just their own lame opinions

  43. Trump is not trying to educate himself on the virus. He does not care because it does not effect him or anyone he knows. Ask yourself why? Just maybe those with all the money already have a cure? You saw Limbaugh make sure he got pain meds and then got a medal? If you think I am so far off, do a little research.

  44. then why don’t you guys do something for the country and stop trashing the only candidate that is actually trying to represent the interests of the population. stop misleading and tricking your viewers.

    bernie sanders 2020

  45. Bernie Sanders will destroy all hope of the young people who now support his agenda of Socialism by then its too late to be able to vote out socialism and return to sanity. Morally corrupt Chris Hayes is to stupid to call out that truth. So in the end the democrats will be forced to conform to a far left socialist agenda because the liberals can't be honest when they get together & talk & there is no way they can solve any of the core issues that Bernie Sanders covets. You idiots are to close to the forest to even see the trees.

  46. To be fair, you may have added that after China got it's act together, they have been praised by many health experts in doing a fantastic job of getting control. 3/2/2020.

  47. Is the fed printing money to prop up the stock exchange, that will cause a total collapse of the stock market,
    With people loosing all there money on the stock exchange,propping up the Banks will cause a total collapse of the United States of America,

  48. Nothing will stop the virus. Everthing you do makes it worse. Trump can't control. But he didn't do it. Get tested get the virus n spread the virus. There's NO treatment

  49. Maybe if you remind trump that he needs people to live if they are going to re-elect him ? Oh right, I forgot, Russia can take care of that once again…

  50. Incompetent was Obama handling the swine flu, but I didn't see this outrage. When trump closed the boarder, you guys critized him for tht. Thank God trump did it. So many people would have been infected. Just stop with ur bias news

  51. President Trump has black, Hispanic Asian and female unemployment at all time low. Current unemployment rate the lowest in 50 years. More Americans working now than ever before. Average household income at all time high. 7 million new jobs created since Trump was elected. Wages up three years in a row. Any of these Democrats could destroyed that and your children's future in 6 months. You do remember all these Democrats on stage raising their hand in favor of open borders. That wouldn't be millions of murderers rapists drug dealers gang members people carrying the virus coming to your family. Remember that when you vote.

  52. Another prime example of stupid your POTUS is and the complete stupidity of the House for acquitting Trump the traitor!! This is history at it's worst for America. But as history has shown America loves stupid !! Here's your card !!

  53. Trump the traitor is a modern day Hitler spreading propaganda that has no basis!! Verbal diarrhea at it's best !! I won't be surprised if this is just the beginning of a recession and the pandemic

  54. You need joined-up government to deal with this crisis, which is precisely what Trump's administration has been systematically destroying over the last four years. I think this crisis has happened at this time to show people , particularly Trump supporters, what the consequences of that are. If rational argument can't get through to them maybe something like this will. I certainly hope so.

  55. The best outcome is a cry of this nations people to finally figure out affordable healthcare for the general population. No more politics no more capitalism, just save lives because this plastic virus will wipe out all hope if "we" do not ban together and utilize the genius in team work to figure out a solution.

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