How China is Buying Australian Politics | China Uncensored

How China is Buying Australian Politics | China Uncensored

On this episode of China Uncensored, China’s on a shopping spree Down Under! G’day Mate! Welcome to China Uncensored. I’m your host, Chris Chappell. Now at first glance, China and Australia might seem like they don’t have all that much in common. But really, they have so much. Australia is known for its exotic animal life. And so is China. Australia has dangerous beaches. And so does China. Australia’s iconic bear isn’t actually a bear. And neither is China’s. What’s that, Shelley? The giant panda is actually a bear after all? Thanks for ruining everything. Anyway, with so much other stuff they have in common, it’s unsurprising that both countries have pledged to deepen bilateral relations. In fact, China is already Australia’s biggest trading partner. Australian exports of iron ore, coal, and natural gas make up a huge part of it. So the economy of Australia is deeply tied to its relationship with China. What could go wrong? I mean, Chinese state media says it’s a win-win! But more and more, concerns are being raised that, “The Chinese Communist Party is waging a covert campaign of influence in Australia— an aggressive form of “soft power”— and while loyalists are rewarded, dissidents live in fear. Because as you may have noticed from watching this show, the Chinese regime has a long reach. This is Chen Yonglin. He was the Chinese Consul for Political Affairs in Sydney until he defected in 2005. He said he had knowledge of more than 1,000 Chinese agents operating in Australia. One of their tasks was kidnapping Chinese
nationals and sending them back to China. After he defected, he said his source inside China warned him the CCP sent an assassination squad after
him. They failed. But recently he’s said the number of agents in Australia has only increased. How is it the Chinese Communist Party feels like it can get away with this? Money. The Chinese regime has been gradually buying influence in Australia. And today, I’m just going to focus on politics but there is so, so much more. Unlike the US, Australia has very few campaign finance restrictions. For example, foreign political donations are perfectly legal. I know what you’re thinking. It’s like when you’re watching a movie, and the car full of attractive young people, or, middle-aged Australian politicians, breaks down in front of a creepy abandoned house. And you start yelling, don’t go into the house! And of course, they go into the house. This is Australia’s former Transport Minister, Andrew Robb. He’s a member of the Liberal Party, which despite its name, is the equivalent of the Republican Party
in the US or the Conservative Party in the UK. Things are different Down Under. Anyway, Robb was responsible for a major Free Trade Agreement with China in 2014. The day it was signed, several influential Chinese businessmen donated 50 thousand Australian dollars to his campaign. And a few days later, he took an insanely lucrative part time job as a consultant to a Chinese billionaire, Ye Cheng. A billionaire who just happens to be a member of the Chinese government’s main advisory
body. This is Australian Labor Party politician, Eric Roozendaal. The Labor Party is the major liberal party in Australia. In 2013, he resigned to take an executive job at a property development company o wned by a different Chinese billionaire, Huang Xiangmo— who also has Chinese government connections. But how could Roozendaal just resign and abandon his public duties, you ask? Don’t worry. Three weeks later, Huang Xiangmo’s friend nabbed up Roozendaal’s vacant council seat. And hey, you know how the Chinese regime has been building fake islands in the South China Sea and putting weapons on them? Well it upset a lot of people in Australia’s Labor Party. But not Senator Sam Dastyari. He “told the Chinese media that Australia shouldn’t interfere with China’s activities in the South China
Sea.” And during Senate proceedings in 2014, Dastyari said this: “The strong and enduring relationship and friendship between both the governments of China and Australia is something we can, rightly, be very proud of.” Yes, I bet he’s very proud of the 5,000 Australian dollar contribution he got from Chinese billionaire, Huang Xiangmo. I assume he’s also proud of the sixteen hundred dollars he received from another Chinese businessman with links to the Chinese government. Again, this is perfectly legal under Australian law. Though it is perhaps a bit “outside voter expectations.” So this seems concerning, you say, but the donations don’t seem to be that large. Maybe the house isn’t haunted after all. Well, a six-month joint investigation by Australian media companies, Fairfax Media and Four Corners, found that in four years, Huang Xiaomo gave almost 2.7 million dollars to the three biggest Australian political
parties. And yet another Chinese billionaire, who has possible connections to the Chinese Communist Party, donated 4.1 million dollars over 10 years. So yeah, the house is pretty haunted. But I’m not done. This is Bob Carr, former Minister of Foreign Affairs. He stepped down from office in 2013, and the next year founded a think tank with the help of a $1.8 million donation from our billionaire friend, Huang Xiangmo. What’s wrong with starting a think tank? Well, it’s that has been accused of operating as a China propaganda arm. Which is ridiculous. He’s just trying to help Australians get a better understanding of China. Especially the media. “Recently six journalists were brought to
Beijing by former foreign minister Bob Carr, on a trip sponsored by the Communist Party’s All China Journalist Association.” Yes, the Chinese Communist Party is also buying influence in Australian media. But that’s a whole other topic. The good thing is, they haven’t bought influence in all Australian media. Now you may be wondering, while this was happening, did anyone notice? Was no one telling these politicians to get out of the haunted house? Well back in May, the head of the Australian Security Intelligence
Organisation, or ASIO, which is Australia’s equivalent of the Department of Homeland Security, warned that foreign interference in Australia was increasing on “an unprecedented scale”. And then the media investigation I mentioned earlier uncovered that ASIO had explicitly warned the political parties that taking money from these Chinese billionaires was an issue, back in 2015. And then after the warning, the political parties kept on taking money from Chinese billionaires. So ASIO was screaming at the politicians to leave the house, and they decided to stay instead. Which is not going well for them. But the good news is, in the light of this political donation scandal, the Australian government is considering reforming their foreign interference laws. Maybe they can stop other people from going in the house. So what do you think of the Chinese Communist Party’s influence on Australian politics? Leave your comments below. Once again, I’m your host, Chris Chappell. See you next time.

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  1. Add to that , the fact they are buying australian farms, the best part of the lands in Australia, putting food security at risk. Top of that as we know their standards are not the same as ours, another thing to add to the list of worries. take care

  2. Come on – these guys are politicians. They want the money and they''ll play the game until the game is up – they've made the Chinese walk away with nothing – all they needed to do is let the media ppick the story up and start bagging the Chinese over it. I don''t think they were actually that calculating at first, but they cottoned on to how to take advantage of the situation pretty quick – they have their money, the Chinese are discredited – doubt they have much to celebrate and the game rolls on. But yeah – not a good look for China.

  3. Right! And they said one of the safest places to live is in the Land Down Under is WWIII ever breaks out. Nice goin'!

  4. We've been complaining about this crap for years but our politicians are just like everyone else's bar a few exceptions, also our natural resources go in exchange for their cheap plastic crap, nice!! we need Pauline Hanson as PM BAD!! both the ALP and the Libs suck these days and don't get me stated on the Greens, also no one n Australia ever says down under just FYI,

  5. Now you know why patriotic Australian's would love to kill every traitorous bastard politician in Canberra. The traitorous bastard politician's are selling our country to the Chinese for their own benefit. Lots of brown paper bags for the traitors it would seem!

  6. When the fuck are the idiot citizens in this lousy world gonna wake up and realize that all politicians are for sale. We elected these fuckers to represent us no rule us. But they do what they want. The answer is not to vote them out. It is to revolt and restart this horribly abused system. Start killing these mother fuckers like they like to kill us by sending us to war for fucking banks. Fuck them. From the president down

  7. Bloody disgusting, Australians already know about all this but our short sighted untrustworthy politicians are bunch of idiots.

  8. China arms and supports Antifa and has bought off several inside the DC Beltway at Google, Facebook, and Twitter. We need to cut the snake off at the head.

  9. Thanks to this I'm suspicious that my Chinese teacher is a spy, I mean I did a case study on the government and she said it's a unity not a revolution. XD

  10. It sounds like treason to me. And in China, had these Aussie M.P.s been Chinese government representatives would have been shot.

  11. Not to mention Chinese investors are buying up our infrastructure. Our government is doing a slack job at protecting our domestic interests. They are more concerned about filling their wallets with money.

  12. We care so much when a politician has dual citizenship with a friendly nation like New Zealand but shit like this just ignored. Fuck communism trying to ruin our free country.

  13. Australia's full of naive suckers and corrupt sellout cockroach politicians. That's why they are "selling the farm" to the Chinese both metaphorically and literally.

  14. Those bogan cunts thought it was game acting like they can stand on its own without the USA now they will turn a chinese mining camp good on you bogans…..

  15. The Australian liberals are classical liberals, REAL liberals. The Labour Party in Australia/ NZ/ UK have the labour name for a reason, they are socialists.

  16. Before we all moan about how Australia has been bought by China, understand that their actual overall level of investment is far behind that of several other nations, and there is a shitload more to this country than just the Sydney and Melbourne property markets, so please untwist your knickers and go about your day.

  17. This makes me absolutely sick in the stomach, I hate how our greasy fn pollies are sucking up to the CCP along with may other sections of AU. When can we have pollies with true backbone?
    Any Aussie who appease the CCP should be shot dead.

  18. I am from Australia and I certainly believe there is an insane amount of chinese interference in our government. The problem with the people of my beautiful country is, they are unfortunately stupid. Most of them vote for the major parties because thats what their parents had always told them to do, they have no interest in politics, and the rest of them are fooled by liberal left wing media. QLD just had a state election and labour won, we are going to be absolutely screwed. They are confiscating more firearms off law abiding citizens while we have black market full autos used against police. We have priced ourselves out of jobs, we are hugely in debt, we are going full socialist. The Australian people though, are still asleep. Maybe they never taught us history properly in school.

  19. I’m Australian I can tell you right now and as of this week 15 politiions have been fired also we take there money and don’t let them have access to what they want also our PM and government has cracked down on China and booted out many Chinese companies and banned Chinese people buying houses business property and so on and new laws have made it so they can’t and 5 spy’s were arrested this month and jailed for life and also many deported AND NO political figures can take money or donations from any one out side of Australia and especially China and the list goes on as for selling iron ore and all that we been working with the US and we can cut them off on all exports over night and they rely heavily on our exports we can easily just sell to India and other countries as we have been having talks with and the PM of Israel was here for trade and defence OH AND THAT SAM FUCK HEAD was fired today and may face jail time even to the extent of treason

  20. The senator you mentioned in the video, Sam Dastyari, recently resigned due to public outrage over what was mentioned here, and also because he alerted a Chinese business associate being investigated by ASIO, that ASIO may be tapping his phone. Our Prime-minister Malcolm Turnbull has now basically been dragged kicking and screaming into being forced to publicly speak out against the Chinese governments slithering financial influence in our political class. For their part, China made an official complaint about it, calling it, 'Chinaphobia'' lolololol. God save us from our politicians.

  21. Wow this is fishy af.
    That's why Labour Party is opposing Indian Businessman Adani's coal project in Australia. Even the Chinese banks opposed Adani.

  22. Another big part of the equation not mentioned here is the Chinese student community in Australia…the Chinese student red army…they question professors on the facts that are taught in Australia's universities, and protest against history and view points taught in universities that are against China's version of events. It will be interesting to dig into who is funding these Chinese student organizations and who's mobilizing them for protests, social media activities, etc.

  23. i dont know why australians are racist towards chinese when their lifestyle is earned from chinese money. love your neighbor as you love yourself

  24. As usual we have an American defending us against the enemy. Pity Australian polititicians don't give a stuff. Thanks China Uncensored

  25. why dont chinese leave Australia and go live in china since they love it so much? oh yeah, they love the freedom and financial gain that democracy in other nations gives them while they dont know shit of whats really happening in their "mainland" Lol!.
    they need to respect Australia.

  26. I’m Australian they been found out and many people fired also as for land sales there getting booted out and company’s can only less

  27. Yeah the petrodollar is over and the petroyuan takes over! Australia is over too, China will rule the world, thank God.

  28. Kevin Rudd was there biggest Political Prostitute, he opened the flood gates to the buying out of our politicans and putting us in debt by spending tax payers money until where broke and put us in debt to China.

    Politicans are self serving parasites.

  29. The way it go's in Australia  China 1st , India 2nd , The Economy and selling the country to anyone one that is not Australian  3rd and the poor old tax payer last , as  the immigrants flood in here our standard of living go's down ,why don't we name it now Southern China

  30. Yes it might be legal, but morally corrupt.
    Australians do not think much of their politicians why would they .They are permanent nose trough dwellers…greedy beyond belief and self interested who would take everything on offering in the house before leaving and hope no one notices..

  31. Australia s another DEVELOPED western country caught not updating their Security laws in these days of high speed info exchange and easy fast travel for nearly all types of Trojan horses

  32. Treasonous scum bags. Whores of China. All three major parties must be booted from parliaments across the country. Australians have known about this for years, but we've been ignored. There'll be a bloodbath next election.

  33. So, it would seem the Baby Boomer generation is selling out their countries and committing treason in countries like Australia, just like in the USA. Greed is going to destroy democracy. These people are no longer public servants, are just into making a quick buck in the here and now.

  34. As an Australian, I am outraged at how the government has been rolling out the red carpet for the Chinese, they are taking over in so many ways. I lived in the same area for over 40 years, the neighbourhood, town and entire city where I am from is now almost all Chinese over the course of 15 years, nice strategy CCP! My neighbours are nice people, nothing against the chinese people themselves, my beef is with the politicians who are getting sucked in by the Chinese communist party tricks and payoffs and letting them have their way!

    Not happy Jan!

  35. If China takes over Australia, they’re going to start putting formaldehyde in their beer! And I like Australian beer! I can’t lose my beloved Cascade!

  36. Can I say ALL politicians are into power or monies or both, what about the electret you say?? Fuck the electret they say!! . ..

  37. Haven't you anything better to do? Australia had already been invaded by the USA. Or are you just a bunch of xenophobic losers.

  38. Australia, USA, Canada and New Zealand must send all pro-CCP ethnic Chinese back to mainland China. If they refuse to return to China, please send them to public sea for feeding sharks.

  39. That. Would. Be. Right. Yellow. Backed. Turncoat. They'd. Sell. Their. Own. Mother. Corrupt. Crooked. Bunch. Of. Mongrels. They. Are. For. Australians. They. Could. Not. Care. Less. What. Happens. To. Australians. Whatsoever. Treasonist. Seditious. Dissafection. They. Steal. Our. Assets. Then. Give. It. To. Chows.

  40. China will take the land and houses in Australia and it's okay . Because money blind the politicians and real state .will China has a 200 million soldiers compared to Australia

  41. I don't trust any politicians anymore, they are all in one game, they are all like the robots ,they created one mind one agendas

  42. This is God damn hilarious considering that Australia sold a fraction of Darwin port to the Chinese whilst the US marines are based in Darwin due to the presence of Chinese in the 'south China sea'.

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