How Dying Political Parties Affect a Campaign Strategy

How Dying Political Parties Affect a Campaign Strategy

When political parties cease to stand for
much, or believe in much, they wither on the vine. Then they die. When political parties abandon long held principles,
or ties its fortune to a leader who has none, it loses its moral standing, and its reason
to exist. The Republican Party now faces a defining
moment. It once stood for fiscal prudence and balanced
budgets. It just passed one with a
trillion dollars in red ink. It’s a party that once believed in trade. It has now started a trade war that will
bankrupt farmers and decimate farm communities. It’s a party that once believed in immigration. Now it tolerates hate. It’s a party that impeached President Bill
Clinton because he lied about a dalliance with a woman who was not his wife. Go figure. It’s a party that promised new roads, bridges,
and airports. Then spent all the
money on tax cuts for billionaires. For years it promised a market driven health
care plan superior to Obamacare. Turns out it doesn’t exist and never did. It is a party that has run out of ideas. Likewise, if you look at the playbook of the
Democratic party, most of it is an anti-Trump screed. All of this creates an opportunity for smart
passionate people who want to run for office, for we are a country hungry for new
faces, fresh ideas, candidates willing to fight for new causes in the marketplace
of ideas. If you are thinking of running for office,
and would like to learn how to craft a campaign message that is right for the time,
I invite you to sign my for my free 4 part video series on how to do that. You’ll find the link on the screen, or right
below the screen, depending on the device you are using to watch this video. I’m Jay Townsend

3 thoughts on “How Dying Political Parties Affect a Campaign Strategy

  1. That's right. More of my fellow young people need to run for office to bring new, fresh ideas to help bring the Parties to life again.

  2. I’m amazed, impressed and inspired whenever I hear you speak of the sad state of current political affairs and yet see a possible better future. Thanks Jay.

  3. Jay I have loved your videos for a long time, this one seems like you are hating the GOP.

    1. Clinton lied under oath…that is was and is the issue.
    2. China has been stealing our intellectual property and FINAL something is being done
    3. Illegals (is ILLEGAL)…doing something to save this county is ABOUT TIME. We still support immigration.
    4. I'll give you the health care issue and the budget

    But is it time to stop buying into the "fake. news" commentary and do what you do best…train good candidates to be good legislators.

    The Dems and the "drive-by" media having nothing good to say about President Trump and if you think back, they didn't about President George W Bush either. Bullies at best.

    Until the "hate" you mentioned stops — mostly from the Dem/Media — and the rest of us don't have to keep "protecting ourselves or defending ourselves" …. I'm not sure this "new wave" of potential young politicals will be any better off.

    Remember, new and young….doesn't make better and great….it makes New and Learn.

    And I hope you will continue your "teaching."

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