How to Attract More Money Into Your Life | Law of Attraction & Manifesting

How to Attract More Money Into Your Life | Law of Attraction & Manifesting

Hi everyone! Welcome back to Lavendaire. Today we’re going to talk about
how to attract more money into your life in 2018, because I think it’s about time
we all get financially savvy and smart. I just really want everyone to be equipped
to create their dream life, and a big part of that is to be financially well-off
and financially stable, and abundant if possible. So we’re going to talk about how to change
your money mindset, to how to get clear about your money, all
the way to how to make a plan on how to exactly save more and make more
money in 2018. This video is sponsored by Credit Sesame. I’ll talk more about them later,
but if you’re interested, you could check them out. The link is right down there in the description
box. But let’s get to it. The first part of attracting money into your
life is to take a look at your money mindset because I think everything starts with your
mindset. Ask yourself:
“Do I have any limiting beliefs that may be cutting off money from my life?” I know a lot of us are raised with some sort
of notion that maybe money is evil, money equals greed, money is dirty, all of
these negative connotations around money, when in reality, money is just a number. It’s just a resource for us
to exchange for things that we want. It’s just the way that our society functions. So money doesn’t have a positive or negative
connotation behind it. My personal limiting belief that I had in
the beginning of my career was that money and art could not exist together. I thought that,
if you wanted to be a good artist, then you would have to sacrifice money. And I believed that, if you were gonna make
money, then you’re gonna sacrifice art and goodness and all of that. I couldn’t see themselves as in the same box. And that kept me from pursuing money because
I wanted to pursue art. I told myself I want to help people, so I
don’t want to focus on money. I just want to help people and make art. And that’s exactly what happened. I pursued art, I pursued helping people, and
I kind of didn’t see the money in the beginning, because I believe that I
was limiting myself from letting it come to me. So take time to dig deep and see what those
deeply rooted beliefs about money are, and see if there’s any beliefs that are possibly
holding you back. And instead, replace those beliefs with new
affirmations. For example: Money is empowering. Money is good. Money helps me become
more of who I am. Money is a tool and a resource. Or you can even
repeat affirmations like, “I love money and money loves me.” “I attract money easily.” “Earning money is easy.” Whatever works for you, try to shift those
negative beliefs into positive ones. And it might feel weird at first, but it really
does make a change in your mindset. And from there, everything follows. A big one that I have to note is: If you always
wanting to say, “Oh, I’m so poor,” or “I’m so broke,” stop saying that, because
the more that you say “I’m poor. I’m broke,”
the more that you honestly believe it, and the more that you live that life. So if you truly want to attract financial
abundance in your life, then definitely shift that mindset. Instead of saying, “I’m so poor, I’m so broke,”
say “I am rich,” or “I will be rich.” Usually, with law of attraction,
you want to say the statement as present tense, as if it’s happening right now,
as if you have it already. So say things like, “I am rich,” “I am wealthy,”
“I have everything that I need.” If you guys want more inspiration on
changing your money mindset, a book that really, really helped me was
“You Are a Badass at Making Money” by Jen Sincero. So I highly recommend
reading that book. I listened to the audiobook version,
so whichever one works for you, listen to it. It will change your life. The next step to attracting more money into
your life is to take full responsibility of your power and believe that you can change. I feel like a lot of people,
they stop themselves at the beginning. They don’t believe that they could be rich. They don’t believe that they can change, and
so it ends there. But you really have to believe, in order for
you to make it happen. Taking responsibility for your life means
that you believe in your power to make a change in your life for yourself. It means that you believe
that you have the power to gain abundance. It means that you have the power
to attract whatever you want to attract into your life. You really do
have to believe it for yourself, because all change starts with you. Instead of playing the victim and blaming
other people for your problems, instead of always saying “I can’t do this. I can’t do that,” start telling yourself
“I can. I do have the power to change my situation. I do have the power
to make money. I can make money. I can grow. I can change.” You really do have to believe that you can,
and that’s where it starts. If you want to get inspired at this stage,
I highly recommend reading into real life success stories of people who have
done it before you, people who have started out exactly where you are, or even
worse than where you are, and who have made financial success and created
a life of their dreams. After reading story after story and following
all these amazing people, you’ll really feel that your life can change,
just like their life changed in a big way. The next step is to get clear with your money. So if you are feeling disempowered
about your money, you might feel scared to look at your bank account
or you might feel intimidated by keeping track of your money just because
you don’t want to face it. The thing is, you do have to face it. The more you face it,
the more you get clear about how much money you have, how much you’re spending,
how much you’re saving. That’s empowering. It empowers you to make a change,
because you can’t change something that you don’t see. So you have to see it first. You have to know what’s going on and have
a really clear picture of your money first. I recommend tracking your money with a tool
like Mint or even YNAB, which is Regardless of what tool you use,
it’s important to keep tabs on your money and know exactly what’s coming in,
what’s going out, and how much you have at this moment. So make a habit
to keep track on a weekly or biweekly basis. On top of tracking your money,
you should also keep track of your credit score because credit is one of those things
that’s really important in your life. It’s something that you have to use
for getting student loans, a car, a house. Practically all the big things in life,
you’ll need to run your credit. And so, if you have to run your credit for
these big things, it’s important to have good credit and it’s
important to know how credit works, how to improve your credit, all of that adult
stuff. You can use a tool like Credit Sesame to get
your free credit score, but also get personalized finance tips and
tools updated every month for free. It’s so simple to use and it’s full of financial
information to help you become more financially savvy. And once you sign up for Credit Sesame, you
also get $50,000 worth of identity theft protection. So why not? It’s free to sign up, you get this insurance. So I think it’s a really cool platform. So if you’re interested, you can click down
below to go to Credit Sesame to get your free credit
score and all that information. After getting clear about your money, you
might feel a little discouraged, but I’m here to say: Don’t let it get you
down. It’s time to see what you do have
and be grateful for what you have. You want to look at your money
and think about it in terms of gratitude and abundance. So stop saying,
“I don’t have that much money. I don’t have this much.” Tell yourself,
“I have this much money. I have abundance.” So you want to start cultivating
the positive mindset, the abundance mindset. And even though it might not be a lot,
it still is something, so be grateful for that something that you have. Be grateful for everything that you already
have in your life: your clothes, your home, your computer that
you’re watching right now, everything you do have is important. So appreciate it and be grateful for it. Alright, the next step to attracting more
money into your life in 2018 is to be specific about what you want. It’s time to paint your dream life
and actually break it down in terms of the money part. So how much money
do you want to make in your dream life? How much money supports your dream lifestyle? Maybe write down how much you would need for
your dream house, how much money you would need for your dream
car and your dream hobbies, your dream vacations. Write down everything that you could possibly
think of in your dream life. So you have to paint the picture of what you
want and then get specific about how much money
you need to support that lifestyle. I believe I first read about this in “The
4-Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferriss. I think he calls it “dreamlining”. It’s actually financially writing out how
much your dream life will cost you. And surprisingly, most of the time you’ll
realize that your dream life doesn’t cost that much. You don’t have to make that much money,
as much as you thought in your head. The number is gonna be different for everyone,
so this is your time to get specific about your life. How much money
do you want to attract into your life? Why do you want to attract that money? What is it gonna bring you? What is it gonna support in your life? Now it’s time to make a plan on how you’re
gonna attract this money into your life. So there’s only two ways you can get more
money. That’s 1) Save more, or 2) Make more. It’s really as simple as that. So the first way – Save more – is possible
for everyone. Basically, all you have to do is get better
at budgeting. It’s about getting clear
about your money, how you’re spending, basically just cutting out the excess,
seeing where you could spend a little less, seeing where you could make sacrifices. Again, I would recommend the tool YNAB to
help you budget and save more. So the second way – Make more – is also possible
for everyone, but it depends on where your life situation
is. If you have a job that you like
and you want to keep, then ways that you can make more are gonna be outside of that job. It’s gonna be selling stuff on the side, maybe
offering your services to other people as a side business, or maybe just babysitting
on the side, Uber-driving on the side. There’s a lot of things you can do to make
a little extra cash on the side. You just have to be creative and take initiative,
and carve out the time to do it. Something random that you could do, that my
friends have done to make money in the past, is organizing digital photo albums for moms
who are too busy to organize their family photo album. Literally, anything that you can think of,
you can do and offer to people and get paid money for
it. You just have to put yourself out there. If you are in a job that you don’t like, then
you have an opportunity here. You can explore, see what else is out there,
see if there are other jobs that you like that possibly pay more. See if you could do the same job at a better
company, getting paid more. There’s other options that you can do to make
more money, just by transitioning to a new job or some
other situation with your career. Lastly, if you’re an entrepreneur or freelancer,
then you are lucky because there are a ton of resources out there
that will teach you how to make more money. And a lot of stuff out there is free, some
are paid courses. But all you have to do is really seek out
that information and be willing to learn, be willing to grow, be willing to acquire
new skills, or improve your skills and all of that stuff that’s related to growing
and fine-tuning your business. Whatever your situation, sit down and make
a plan on how to actually make it happen. My last tip on attracting more money into
your life is to simply trust the universe. Trust that the universe has your back. Trust that the universe is guiding you
to exactly where you’re meant to go. Trust that you’re being protected,
because you have to have that faith in the universe, in God, whatever you want to call
it, faith in that invisible force that is guiding
you along, because a lot of the times, when things go wrong it’s because we’re leaning
on our fear. Maybe you’re staying in this current life
because you’re scared to leave it. You’re scared to lose it all. And if you make your decisions based on fear,
then you’re gonna stay in a very scarce place. You know, the scarcity mindset
where the resources are not so abundant. In that state of fear,
you operate with this scarcity mindset, the mindset that says
“There’s not enough to go around, so I have to hold on to what I got and hold it tight.” That’s the mindset that also believes that,
if someone else succeeds, then that’s your loss, that there’s only a
certain pool of resources, and if other people take it, then there’s
not enough for you and vice versa. But you really have to open up your mind and
not live with fear, not live with a scarcity mindset and believe
that the universe will protect you and there is more than enough to go around. There’s so much abundance in the world. Literally, I truly believe that there are
more than enough resources to go around and everybody has the capability to be financially
abundant, especially in this day and age where everything’s
so democratized and everybody has their chance at success. So if you trust in the universe,
the universe will bring everything that you need to you and you’ll really live
in a state of abundance. You’ll really start seeing more abundance
in your life, if you just shift your mindset, cultivate
that more positive, abundance mindset, a mindset of gratitude. So many of those little changes will make
a very big difference. And you might not see it immediately, but
just stick with it because it’s going to happen in the end. Just really believe
that you can change your life, really believe that it can happen for you. And pretty soon enough, you’ll see change. Bottom line is: Trust in the universe. Live in alignment to your values and your
purpose. Follow your light,
and stop living in that state of fear. Stop living with the mindset of scarcity. And stop letting your limiting beliefs about
money hold you back because we can all be rich, guys. I really believe it. Honestly guys, if you talked to me two years
ago and before that, I would not have believed that I could make
money with my career and what I’m doing. I really felt like things were happening so
slowly, no money was coming in. I just didn’t see a lot of money. After graduation, I just never got a real
adult job. I was working a lot part-time, freelance gigs
that were just barely trickling little bits of income here and there. But now I can honestly, proudly say that
I am making a lot of money, more money than I would ever have made
if I took a normal job after college. And that’s amazing. And it’s crazy
because now it’s a reality for me, and I want to be able to help make it a reality for you. But I know a lot of people are gonna come
at me with a lot of “buts” and “You did it because maybe you got help from
your parents” or maybe “You’re more privileged than me” or “You started
off better than me” or “You got an education”, all of these excuses. But if you’re one of those people
saying these excuses, just know that making excuses is disempowering yourself
because, like I said earlier – I think it was Step 2 – is you have to take full responsibility
for your life. You have to empower yourself and know that
you have the power to change your life, no matter where you start
in your life. So I think it’s important
to see all the success stories out there, see that people who started off
much worse than you made success. They reached success
and so if they could do it, you could too. There’s really no excuses for everyone. Obviously, everyone starts out at a different
point in the spectrum. Some of us are more blessed than others. But where you start off is not an excuse
to where you end up. And I think I’m blessed because I got to see
this firsthand with my immigrant parents because my dad came
from Communist China. He grew up really dirt poor, literally dirt
poor, to the point where one of his aunts died from starvation because
she didn’t have food to eat. And my mom was a refugee, so she had a life
in Vietnam, but when she came here they took everything. They took the business,
they took the money. Basically, both of my parents came to America
with literally nothing, maybe $20 in their pockets. And they made a life for themselves. I saw so much growth in their life. Just listening to their stories,
I cannot believe that they started there, you know what I mean? So seeing all these success stories in your
life can really inspire you, really show you that it’s real and it’s possible
for you to create it for yourself. Another example is: Literally, I grew up in
this community of a lot of immigrant children. So I see a lot of parents, and seeing the
differences in how certain families end up. So they came and started at the same place,
with nothing. But seeing in 20 or 30 years, seeing how far
some families have gone, the success that some people have reached
vs. other families have stayed the same and they’re still living, just barely scraping
by. That just shows you that
it’s not where you start, it’s really about the mindset, believing that you can change. It’s about the journey. It really is about the journey and the journey
makes all the difference. So it really is up to you whether you want
to stay the same, stay where you are right now,
or take that step forward, take your first step forward and make a better life for yourself. So I just want to encourage you to go out
there and chase that dream because it’s possible. You can attract more money into your life
in 2018. Hope you guys liked this video. Thank you so much for watching. Love you all, and have a beautiful day. Bye.

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