How to Get Unstuck & Manifest What You Want | Law of Attraction & NLP

How to Get Unstuck & Manifest What You Want | Law of Attraction & NLP

Hey guys, welcome back to P.S. I’m Ella your
channel for everything spirituality, manifestation, mindset
and aligned business. And today’s video I’m sharing with you
a powerful NLP and law of attraction tip to help you get in stuck in your
mind and manifest what you want. So if you want to find out how,
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below and join the wait list. So with the tip that I’m
sharing with you guys today, we are basically going to shift your point
of focus and your point of attraction with one simple question. A lot of the times when we are feeling
stuck in our minds when it comes to wanting to manifest something,
wanting to achieve something, we focus a lot on the worst case scenarios
and on what we don’t want and how something can’t happen for us
now the words, I can’t, it can’t, anything can’t. I’ve basically obliterated
from my dictionary and I
want you to do the same as well. When you aren’t feeling stuck in your
mind as you’re trying to figure out how to do something, how to achieve
something, how to manifest something. You have probably said some things along
the lines of it can’t be that easy to achieve that. It can’t be that easy
to manifest that or I can’t do that, that’s too scary or I can’t manifest
that relationship, that dream business, that amount of money, etc. Now, what I want you guys to realize is
that when you focus on the eye cat, you are creating all the pictures in
your mind and for your subconscious where you are saying this thing
is not possible for me. And the more that you repeat that, the more your subconscious mind is
going to accept that to be true. So in order for you to shift out of
that stuckness to get out of the ICAT, which are literally didn’t need goosebumps
to think about because it just makes me cringe whenever I hear the
word, I can’t or it can’t. What want you to do is to change the
statement and change the question that you are asking yourself by grim
from I can’t or it can’t, to how can, how can I and how can it? How can it be easy for me to manifests? How can it be easy for
me to achieve my goal? How can I do this thing
even if it’s scary? How can I manifest that relationship, that amount of money
and that dream business? When you switch the question to how
can you are immediately inviting in new perspectives, ideas and solutions instead of just
focusing on the problem of I can’t do this or it can’t happen and I am going to bet
you anything that would ever it is that you want to manifest and
achieve. You can do it, but it’s a matter of shifting your focus
away from the ICAT and it can’t to how can I and the moment that
you focus on the how can I, you are also sending out a signal to your
subconscious mind and to the universe saying that, Hey, I am open
for guidance and support, which is exactly what
you are going to receive. This is such a quick and simple way to
raise your vibration and realign your energy and focus towards what it is that
you desire and you’re basically telling the universe, Hey, I’m determined
to manifest this thing, so give me a thumbs up if you’re ready
to invite in these new possibilities for your desired manifestations. Also drop me in the comments below
to let me know what are the new, how can I or how can it questions
that you are going to be asking. If you want to tap into learning how to
manifest more abundance in all areas of your life, then be sure to head out right over here
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that’s all I have for you guys today. Thank you so much as usual for tuning
in, coming to hang out with me, giving a thumbs up if you enjoyed this
video and I will catch you in my next video until then, stay light
and shine bright. My friends.

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  1. Thanks so much for tuning in lightworker 💕Let me know below what "How can I…" or "How can it…" questions you're asking next! ☺️

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