How to Raise Money in a Political Campaign: Surrogate Solicitation

How to Raise Money in a Political Campaign: Surrogate Solicitation

Today a little more on various method candidates
can use to raise money. They include the following: 1. Candidate Solicitation
2. Surrogate Solicitation
3. Direct Mail
4. Website/Social Media/E-Mail
5. Cocktail Parties
6. Dinner Parties
7. Large and Celebrity Events Today a few words about the second one. Surrogate Solicitation. Those are the people who ask for money on
your behalf; those who quietly raise money from their friends, business associates, and
professional colleagues. They are usually people who have money. People who have money know other people who
have money. Where do they come from? Quite often they come from the calls that
a candidate makes, and those the candidate personally solicits, people who are generous
contributors and deeply committed to the success of the campaign. This is the way it works. After you have thanked the friend, business
colleague, family member, real estate agent or insurance agent that maxed out, ask them
to raise money on your behalf, by soliciting their friends and colleagues directly, by
hosting a dinner or cocktail party, or by sending letters to their friends. You may also want to make them members of
your Finance Committee, which should ideally include at least 10-12 people who have made
a substantial contribution to your cause. Some tips for making good use of surrogate
fundraisers. 1. Give them a goal, a specific amount you want
them to raise, and a deadline. 2. Make sure they are briefed on the rules so
that no laws are broken. 3. Never ask someone to be a surrogate fundraiser
unless they have already given. If they are not fully invested in your cause
they will have trouble convincing their friends to invest in you. I’ll be back soon with some words on how
people raise money using something we call direct mail. Yes, it still works. Click that subscribe button on or just below
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  1. This is more of a suggestion than a criticism but I'd look into uploading longer videos. A single 15-ish minute video either once or twice a week is statistically better than six, 2-ish minute videos a week. That's what the "successful" channels tend to do because it tends to work, views wise. Besides that, everything you do is great! Keep it up. I look forward to hearing your suggestions on how to be better in politics, it's inspiring.

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