I Am Now on Parler

I Am Now on Parler

all right everyone here's a fairly important message which is that I'm now on parler and I'm assuming that that's how it's pronounced although it could be parlay or something like that I wouldn't even know this is the network that Candace Owens actually in part has been pushing for some time I think she's their top user I figured I was seeing reports that the site had rapidly begun to grow because dissidents and other countries are using it to like you know basically organize protests and speak freely outside of their nations strong armed authoritarianism and I'm thinking that if a bunch of like you know Saudis and stuff were using the site probably at some point the totalitarian regimes in Europe are losing control people there need networks to talk on and now I can't correct connect directly with them on a lot of programs like I think Gavin bitch should are both still blocked in Australia and New Zealand which is surreal I know that might like my YouTube channel is blocked in France Germany Poland Italy the Czech Republic and a few others I believe as well now that'll probably get worse over the next year so it makes sense to diversify so parler the way I'm gonna use it is similar to how you use like minds and gab which is that occasionally I'll make unique posts but it'll also be for notifications because a lot of people depending on the country you're in you can't get notifications either structurally or simply because there are so many people that not everyone gets those notifications no matter what happens usually if at a maximum people are getting one notification like on YouTube from me a day most of them never see my tweets judging based on the amount of engagement on the unique posts themselves most people never see them Twitter throttles that actively at this point and that's you know they don't even make a secret about it it's nothing that they're trying to hide it's just the way that Twitter works now it's sanitized as a platform parlours not so yeah I'm on par leur now and you can join me there if you use the platform I know it's similar to gab or mine's in its structure as well but there are some people they either do not like or simply do not use those but they might be on par leur so for those of you who are well now I'm on another platform this has become a necessity it's become a necessity to join a whole bunch of diff platforms and to diversify as much as possible that's why I still upload the daily motion there's literally no reason not to simply as a backup of videos that I mean could get struck down anywhere else on a day-to-day basis and there's not much to be done about it we've got a lot of heavy-handed fascistic movements going on right now we've got Soros and the Koch brothers teaming up with Mozilla of all groups along with Pinterest Zuckerberg sites and others which you know should terrify people it should terrify the self-proclaimed liberals they used to have all the Koch brothers this the Koch brothers that now they don't have a problem with it all they're teaming up with the after Charlottesville thing with George Soros that's not mysterious at all for a bunch of fucking old billionaires to be a censorious and try to destroy the competitors of their own communications firms that are using Silicon Valley platforms to compete with them that's not mysterious it's not dubious at all it's just such a good Pro children sort of thing you know no it's the way that these morons actually think but they don't have sway over all tech so I'm on bicha time on gab I'm on par leur I'm technically still on steam it /d 2-ball though it's inactive right now I'm gonna have to revive that at some point unfortunately I gotta change my setup here a little bit more I need it to be a little bit more efficient to do what I'm doing literally this computer never gets turned off at this point just so that it's mounted sort of for my video recording this is the Alienware I'm on right now so yeah you should join me there link in the description to my parlor page that's about all peace out

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  1. I watched an interview with the founder of Parler. He said he first pronounced it par-lay, but everyone including the media got it wrong. So, now he pronounces it parlor. Here is the interview youtu.be/LjQZ7PSsQj4

  2. You're channel is not blocked here in Italy. I can access it, I'm subscribed to it and I get notifications of new videos. Italy ain't Cuckland Germany thankfully.

  3. Only some ISPs have blocked bitchute here in Australia.
    Can access on my TPG network without VPN but not on my mobile which is Optus.

  4. Just watched a video on We Are Change with Candice Owen calling for a law to criminalize burning a U.S. flag and the punishment to be loss of citizenship. One year to get your affairs in order then out of the country. I'm so confused by the Left and the Right wanting tech and big government all up in our business. Why Why Why……I like her and the work she does, this just seems a bit of an overstretch and giving government more control over us.

  5. I think I decided Im gonna register Libertarian and not even bother with primary voting at this point.

    Both sides suck as I have seen from social media and with our representatives. FL has some decent reps, but DeSantis ended sanctuary cities while also supporting red flag laws.

    Cruz…FFS…passed an anti semtism bill which went against true free speech ( god forbid you question Israel) and the conservative jackasses lap it up. Shapiro is a neocon and people still buy his bullshit. The entire left is a joke.

    Im done. As long as another Trump type candidate runs, I will vote republican in the general, but I think this week, since Trump is an incumbent and wont lose against a republican challenger, I am gonna switch my party affiliation and stick to Libertarian style candidates at this point. At least they tend to be about actual freedom. Passing red flag laws and anti semitism bills is NOT freedom at all. Just a bunch of talk on both sides

    both major parties are too concerned about winning to ecen care about the people. No compromise anymore. It makes me sick to see what is happening

  6. here is the problem with ALL thses sites including Parler

    We are so polarized that there is no discussion or understanding of the opposing team. Both the left and right are constantly outraged, blames the other side for EVERYTHING, and becomes an echo chamber unto themselves. And the infighting on both sides as well. God forbid you call out a neovon like Shapiro or question Candace Owens being an opportunist. And dont EVER talk about how much of a drama quren Loomer is.

    Outrage, blame, echo chambers….if thats your thing, then have at it

    I am done with all social media and will only be on Bitchute and You tube where I can see video content and am pretty much about at the point of not even commenting ever on anything because no matter what, youre gonna be attacked by the opposite side or people on your own side. In. fact, me leaning right, the conservatives are the nastiest to me if I disagree with a point of theirs. They attack the people that agree with them the most if you disagree with one point.

    I cant say ive never snapped back at someone on social media, but realizing it is NOT healthy.

    I may still make comments at times, but i refuse to get dragged into the outrage bullshit. Let them attack me. I will not respond in kind other than to reasonable dialogue without name calling and slander

  7. Yeah, I like hearing you say this stuff. There will be new platforms eventually… people liked YouTube because it had more freedom than cable TV, and it cost nothing. It wasn't that long ago that every community had their own platform. There are forums I've been on that basically have been around since the late 1990s and just been upgrading vBulletin since then. Sometimes people would ask them why they don't move to Facebook and they'd say, "We were here before Facebook, and we'll be here afterwards." A lot of people saw something like this coming, though most people thought it would be over privacy concerns and lack of customization, not insane levels of censorship and political conflict. The bigger they are, the harder they fall… we're not stuck with YouTube and Facebook being on top forever just because people use them right now. That can absolutely change.

  8. i was on Parler for 2 days.

    Its as lame as Twitter as far as being boring as fuck and just a lot of outrage.

    Social media sucks. I had them delete my profile.

    YouTube and Bitchute for me.

  9. You may be blocked in Poland because of the 666 in your name. As a Polish guy I know the culture. They are like that, it's not the politics.

  10. Styx, say your favorite YouTuber is kicked off the platform. What’s to stop the fanbase from re-uploading their videos ad nauseam back to YouTube via another platform?

    At some point YouTube wouldn’t be able to handle the overload.

  11. not to shill for the company I work for but lifecloud.site is pro free speech and we want to work with you styx.

  12. It’s interesting that many posts and sites from American news media are now blocked in the EU, things are getting worse for freedom and democracy very fast, it keeps the appearance but you’re no longer free to access the information which is a bit shocking, not even with a VPN.

  13. Ah I didn't know bitchute was banned in Australia, it makes perfect sense as I had been trying to go to it on a lot of occasion but never succeeded.

  14. Can't believe Styx' youtube channel is blocked in Germany, France, Poland, Italy and the Czech Republic.
    Will it be blocked in the U.S. next?

  15. Tried to follow you on parler but keeps saying failed to follow you, I was able to follow Candance Owens

  16. It's like england worked so hard for dominance of the western world to NOT be in Germany's hands they just gave it away to the United states which is marching blindly toward israel and riches selling its soul with the whole commonwealth following in stride. Fuckin assholes.

  17. I notice that if Chrome is active I get notifications. I prefer to use the Brave browser, but notifications do not pop up.
    Calendar notifications come up with both Chrome and Brave.

  18. I thought the title said you where on parole 🤣
    "Styx here, so the cops finally found my secret garden… The one I don't give y'all updates on." 🤣

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