100 thoughts on “Incels Don’t Scare Benson – Law & Order: SVU (Episode Highlight)

  1. Don't like incels but it is sad to see people generalizing lonely, mentally ill men. I know how it feels like and am in the roughest patch of my life and this kinda pisses me off. You are only going to promote tribalism and move more people into hatred by doing this.

  2. I am not a gamer because I like fun.
    I am a gamer because I am part of an online rape and mass murder club.

    I don't expect SVU to understand anything internet related, but did they really need the incel to have some kind of learning disability? I can't imagine it going over too well with people.

  3. incels are single because they are always indoors complaining about how crappy their lives are on stupid forum pages. Incels wonder why they are single. Well it is because they don't even socialize.

  4. Is the current generation of SJW spinsters at the point in their lives where they start watching Law and Order?
    I feel old. Let me know if any of you dyed-haired hipster chicks need my mother's email. She needs friends with common interests.

  5. Can we have a spin-off series called "Law and Order: Additional Incel Destruction Support"? NBC is doing good work showing off the evils of internet trolls and incels, I think the A.I.D.S. unit will have plenty of work on their hands.

  6. These incels should of just been themselves and they wouldn't of needed to tangle with the law. They also needed to get a haircut and a shower too.

  7. I can barely get a girlfriend myself, though I’d like to, but you don’t see me committing rapes & murders or conspiring to do so

  8. Who would be afraid of an incel? Maybe some girl that doesn't want to have sex with him, but other than that?

  9. This is sad that they would bully this poor guy. All Forfeiture laws should be unconstitutional, except for specific properties, but not your land or home. This is fascist CHAD!!!!!!!!

  10. There is a lot of truth to what incels say. Getting girls is all about HEIGHT, FACE, and FRAME. They are demonized not be because they are violent, 99% of them don’t commit crime, but because they expose society for the fraud it is. There’s no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but this sick consumerist culture wants u to believe the illusion that everyone can have a house in the suburbs with a white picket fence, a loyal wife, and 2 kids if u just play your cards right and “work hard” enough. Now that the truth is being exposed the PR mouth piece for capitalism called corporate media is trying to divert your attention to made up boogeymen.


  12. Lol this is just funny as hell, this propaganda is what they also do to caricature blacks as criminals, and Asians and muslims, pretty much anyone ethnic, gays, and white middle class men who aren’t leftist. Really makes you think if you can trust the media.

  13. How was the guy an incel?

    -Vaguely athletic
    -Above average face

    -Alpha enough to beat up Chads

    Could the writers of SVU be warning of us the emergence of a new, more dangerous type of incel?

    Hide your Stacys! Run for your lives Chads!

  14. usually you can stop an Incel, even one brandishing a weapon with an intent to cause a mass murder by locking your door and not answering it when he knocks

  15. RICO doesn't apply here.
    A "criminal enterprise" is not sufficient to constitute a RICO offense.
    The criminal enterprise has to have some effect upon interstate commerce.
    The nexus to interstate commerce in this offense is speculative at best.
    They can all be charged with conspiracy and rape, which is what would happen in real life.
    Hollywood trash-novel attorneys like to put RICO in the script because it sounds cool, but this is not a RICO case.

  16. In the Hollywood television system, straight white males are considered especially heinous. At NBC, the dedicated writers & producers who investigate these vicious caucasians are members of a woke squad known as the Social Justice Unit. These are their stories.

  17. LMAO at these comments as if any of this is supposed to be important. Getting worked up over trivial, asinine topics is just another way to waste time. Have fun with all that.

  18. Worst posthumous connection to Harry EVER! (Louis Mustillo was the Potty Man in that season 8 Night Court ep.)

  19. Mrs. Winchester, permission to french your husband? Not that I find him attractive, but I do like when stage ADAs play it cocky to win a case.

  20. I hated it when someone said "why don't they just hire a hooker1!!?1??"
    hookers are illegal, as the government you should know that.
    I don't like incels, but I also don't like misinformation

  21. Can't wait for the Pepe episode where they arrest a literal CGI Pepe. Or Slenderman. Or a guy with the Lennie face super imposed on his real face. Fuckin' boomers. Go sit quietly in the corner already!

  22. This is so hilarious when Law and Order projects real life topics onto their serial rapists. I would love for an episode to air where they interrogate a black lesbian and say something like "were you upset because your dad left you? You carpet munching lowlife!"

  23. Did a search on this incels white supremacists, and found a guy called Baraka Mkray. This white supremacist killed himself.
    Then Jamil the King, Oreoman and Kent. Bunch of scary White Men.

  24. wish I had Benson's confidence and determination! i honestly believe the way she was staring that butthole down made him pee his pants. Go Benson!! 😎😎😎

  25. And that, ladies and gentlemen is what is wrong with this country. The state can take stuff from your family members while they investigate. That is 99 kinds of wrong. They lower themselves to the level of what they are fighting by doing this. Seize the property of the defendant? Yea. Not a problem. But if the defendant's name isn't on the deed, they shouldn't be able to touch it.

  26. People are complaining about l&o bringing in Internet subcultures but svu is know for being on top of current issues, I think an ep about incels is not surprising at all. The stuff I read on incel forums sometimes is sicking, this is a realistic scenario.

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