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  1. You guys doing awesome,
    I want to tell you something about the modi's rise in india, it is just not because of the religious propaganda but also due to his works- firstly in his home state where he was the chief minister, he totally transformed his home state(gujrat) and then his works for the country like his tough stand on terrorism, great economic reforms(although un-employment is increasing but great things take time) and his international diplomacy. Hope you got my point
    Thank you
    From an Indian

  2. Lion is not the king of the jungle. A rabbit is. Coz the population of rabbits is more than the lions. This is democracy.


    We are absolutely ecstatic to publish this video in collaboration with YaleGlobal. YaleGlobal Online is a publication of the Yale University. For those who don't know, Yale University is the third-oldest institution of higher education in the United States!

    LINK TO ARTICLE BY HUMPHREY HAWKSLEY- https://yaleglobal.yale.edu/content/goals-global-society-go-retreat?fbclid=IwAR2zhzKQixuJ5QAEclbrLNEprV3yvW8fN7A9Wt0JShe38JuZBtjYNLVe21w

    This video is about the retreat of the liberal world order into one dominated by the rise of nationalist rulers.

    This video will be watched by academics/intellectuals and politicians from all over the world.

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  4. Globalism & the role of corporations needs to be reassessed. Poverty & austerity is driving the swing to the right. Wealth disparity is at a historic level. I have read Amazon will pay no tax on nearly $12 BIllion profits this year, while social programmes all through the West are being cut. None of these things happen in isolation, they are all interconnected. Address the root cause of all these, neo liberalism and the threat of Authoritarianism will fade.

  5. I think you are off the mark on India Bro modi I will agree did use religious language and anti Pakistan sentiment to win but he won also because he is trying to bring a good change even the Muslim minority has voted for modi I agree some members of bjp are fked up but we voted him coz he has a strong foreign policy ,and has good welfare schemes

  6. What's the difference between populism and "pure" democracy?
    And what's the difference between a liberal global order and the rule of sovereign nation states?
    Somehow both democracy and federalism are being argued against here.

  7. So… people turn to tribalism/nationalism because of lowing standards of living and yet “overwhelming evidence that these bring less wealth and brings lower living standards” (sic), let me doubt about that evidence. It’s like the wolf disguised with a sheep skin having a hissy fit because the sheep decided to trust a lion to lead the herd. The sheep may not be better but the lion scares the wolves away and that’s their problem, not the sheep´s wellbeing. As long as the only things that the wolves have to offer is name-calling against those who trust the lion (or promises of greener fields that never realized or fear about a past that almost no one alive live to remember directly, etc.), the lion’s reign will be assured (because name calling can go so far).

    Whether we like it or not, "tribalism" (ethnocentrism by its proper scientific name) is a human natural response to a crisis and trying to work with cultural devices against this instinctive response will be harder the more the people perceive that their wellbeing is at risk. Thus the only effective measure against tribalism is not only to cater for the wellbeing of those who vote but not provoking a self-defense mechanism by denying the locals a sense of identity (or by massively transferring foreign population into the land, what historically ALWAYS brought problems and there is plenty of “evidence”, for real, of that too).

    People feel that what is claimed to be good for the market on a grand scale doesn’t necessarily always translate to a better standard of living or sometimes is even worse as their identity and wellbeing is diluted or played down to those of a bigger stronger groups or nations (who just think of people like useful numbers even in the occasions they disguise massive immigration flows as compassionate deeds).

    The local poor who already have problems and struggles have the additional stress of competing, on unfavorable conditions, with the foreigners that may be A)better prepared and willing to work for less money or B) equally unprepared, but willing to work for less money and sometimes not even legally (what makes them cheaper) if conditions allow it.

    Thus, people flock for those who claim to protect their interests regardless of short lived overused labels that are proved to be mostly false (people don’t adhere massively to racism or xenophobia, they just want to stop declining and, who knows, even improving their living standards). Blaming the locals for not being grateful enough, for not being specialized enough, hard working enough, virtuous enough, involved-on-politics enough (but only on the side that they deem "good"), empathic enough, (and the list goes on and on) ends up provoking the contrary effect and these carrots sooner than later show the strings of those who move them.

    Being oblivious of human realities (or thinking that hammering enough speeches through certain massive media is an all problem solving for the masses' manipulation) can only direct the formation of different political powers that will claim to do exactly that (to pay attention to what people feel when they are not shamed into silence for not following a given mantra) while those who only have "the sin of others" as a winning card will have to wait their turn to be felt as necessary.

  8. I like your new speaker, his English sound very natural, with clearly, easy to understand pronunciation, and it has a good peace.

  9. Fantastic video KJ vids

    Nationalism is the same disease that ruined Europe in the past, seems that the lesson was not learned.

  10. I watch this channel because of its hypocrisy and distortion of facts. Like the fear of nationalism, strong stand of eastern European countries against refugee crisis and EU's problem is its stand as a pseudo state because it has a power to control the fiscal policy but not the monetary policies so states end up with more debt to finalise their welfare schemes like Greece and upcoming is Italy. So thanks for reading my comment.

  11. This is all because 2008's crisis. The lack of regulation for the financial market that caused the crises and the after consequences. This is a pattern that repeats again and again.

  12. History dosnt repeat its self, but surely rhymes……..MARK TWAIN….
    Its orchastrated , so the super power full of the earth can cntrol it…
    Although nice video guys i like ur wrk..

  13. Nationalism is as healthy as looking after and preferring your own family first. It is sensible and we ordinary people who do not have agendas and are not power-hungry are saying so.
    Great power leads to great corruption. It is far more healthy to have localised limited governance.
    Sorry guys but it is naive in the extreme to think we are all going to be one big happy global family.

  14. An excellent video.
    Well researched.
    I agree, nationalist ideologies are on the increase, and poverty is key to this. Mark Blythe discusses this in many one of his videos on YouTube.
    Increased poverty, and political manipulation, even using religion, is increasingly polarising people and communities.
    People, in effect, are being played, and it is people that will suffer.
    Thank you for the video.

  15. Indian have been buy Medicals Dental Architecture Engineering Technology and any degrees in order to gain respect in International Communities as Educated Hindus. Which is far from the truth. India corrupted all major Corps.Tech Co's to control first was Data collection and selling informations to controlling informations, Social Media, News Media, Banking Systems, Financial Institutions Stock Exchanges, Education Institutions, Court and Judicial system, Fraud Judges, Fraud billings to Electronic Fraud Elections. Hindu Indians are the Master mind of all electronic frauds elections throughout the World only the corrupted one will win in all Elections throughout the World. India was trying to become a big player in the world. They have corrupted Muslims Rulers and Learders through Prostitutions and had plenty of Witnesses to expose them just in case, both Ottoman and Mughal lost Wealth and Empires and had to pay off Hindus to buy their silence..so did Trump, Bill Clinton, Arabs, Muslims and many World Leaders.They all are doing as they're told. In return of getting them Elected as a puppet Monarchs, Politicians and Leaders…
    1) Not many many Hindus voted for Indian Prime Minister Modi, Hindus poor, Farmers and lower cast suffered the most. But people knew MODI would WIN with very bad pass of Killing of thousands of muslims. ELECTRONIC FRAUD ELECTIONS….
    2) Not many Muslims voted for Christian President Joko Widodo of Indonesia because of his pass corruptions and bringing Millions of illegal Chinese workers from China and not hiring their own muslims citizens. yet he won. ELECTRONIC FRAUD ELECTIONS.
    3) Donald Trump ELECTRONIC FRAUD ELECTIONS…and Trump will win again…
    4) Afghanistan President….
    5) Isreali President Satin Yahoo…
    African and South American, Brazil, The list goes on an on…
    World must wake up to Pagans Hindus and Zionists… both have same aganda DESTROYED good to flourish Evil. And both worship Evil for Power and Wealth for that Human and Children Sacrifices are must. ZIONISM started in India in 1800s when British came to India to trade with Ottoman and Mughal Empires….

  16. It’s funny how everyone acts here as they know it all. Democracy is not the best form of government every time. Nationalism is not bad every time. We are pioneers of a new world and the old world lessons need not be taken literally. The only thing of primal concern now should be climate change and protecting nature. Religion and government won’t matter if we can’t survive the next 10 years.

  17. Trump, Putin, Modi, Netanyahu, Erdogan , Salvini, Bolsonaro etc shows gradual retreat of Liberal world order

  18. When it comes to europe, the rise of nationalism is happening mostly due to mass immigration and the native europeans becoming the minority

  19. Pakistan needs to give up Terrorism and reform right now… Or there will be war.
    And India will be forced to treat muslims extremists like China does. 😡😡😡

  20. Does the owner of this channel realise that Right wing nationalism is only gaining prevalance because Muslims are a major issue in every western country? This mornings BBC news reports 44 men have been arrested on grooming charges in the north of England without mentioning their ethnicity. No prizes for guessing their religious leanings when its finally revealed. Yesterday there was an article on Pakistani drug gangs in Huddersfield destroying the city with 28% of the crimes commited by a vast minority. Their excuse for peddling goes on to mention the Hadith which enables them to feel no guilt selling substances to people of 'lesser faiths'. Get out of your hole and realise that good people are not putting up with draconian religious extremes anymore. This issue will only continue until these extremists are sorted out. Putting up these videos is a clear indication of where your views lie, you dont mention anything about Arab countries and their persecution of minorities but somehow everyone else is under the spotlight

  21. It is a pure propaganda of the western media in order to achieve complete control of the whole world in the name of democracy and freedom . There is no real democracy in the west because the elite possess money and power while the majority of people have almost nothing

  22. But guys don't fear do you remember the French revolution where the church tried to destroy nation's this is just the same pattern (hopefully that is )

  23. What? Are you insane? You used Japan as example of a democracy? The Japanese prime minister is seen as and treated the same way the emporor was before Japan lost WWII only differenceas now is the guy is being called prime minister instead of emperor and they pretend to make elections except what they dont tell you is that only people from the imperial japanese familly can run for prime minister
    And the US, UK, France, Germany and Canada recognizes Japans democracy because Japan respects their laws and does everything to make them happy

    The US loves using the excuse "for democracy" but what they dont tell you is the US has its own version:
    US definition of democracy: A country that always elects someone who cares more for american interest then his own country
    And country where the elected leader cares more for his/her own people the US calls them dictatorships

    Turkey (is on the verge)
    Heck even india was called a dictatorship in 1971 because it won a war against the US

    Now i want your channel to get shut down because you are starting become another of those fake news channels such as cnn and fox

  24. 5:49 Hitler's national socialism???? THATS IT IM FLAGGING YOUR VIDEO! Hitler was a Fascist that is the opposite of Socialism in fact Hitler and the whole Nazi Germany were anti-socialism and the USSR was Socialist and thats why the Nazi killed 26 millions of them
    By calling Hitler a socialist you dug your own grave KD Vids you are going to get shut down for this lie

  25. There is no ideal situation… After peace war comes that change the course of the world… Then after so much loss peace again prevailed under some new GANDHI for 50 or 60 yrs. .. .

  26. UK polititian busy for brexit, no constructive contribution to the country. USA democracy bring them a stupid president.

  27. Lol, who says? People are more entrusting to democracy rather than dictatorship, people want self rule.

  28. In pm modi 1st 5 year tenure, never once in his thousands of speech promote hindu agenda. Show us the proof. There was crime, murder, etc before modi came to power. Is the press gave communal identity after modi came to power. People choose modi because of his corrupt free, security, promoting and securing india's interest in this challenging world order.

  29. Please also show images of the Saudi Prince, Pakistan's army chief and the Turkish dictator in the preview image you Islamist dog

  30. Hay d..k bags politicians don't talk about Napoleon Bonaparte like that he's greater of a person than most of you douche bags will in your whole life time and one napoleon is remember throughout history and you world polititician just come and go like parasites


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  32. I don't think democracy is in retreat, quite the contrary, i think it's being revived, people are finally waking up to the reality of globalism and what it really is.

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