Jeffrey Epstein’s Death & America’s Prison Problem | The Daily Show

Jeffrey Epstein’s Death & America’s Prison Problem | The Daily Show

That’s right.
Pedophile and fake billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was found dead
in his jail cell after he apparently committed
suicide on Saturday morning, which, if you ask me,
is some bullshit, right. No, because I wanted
Jeffrey Epstein to stay alive for two reasons. One, so that his victims
could get their day in court, and, two, I wanted him to snitch on all his high-profile
pedophile friends. Now he’s dead! (cheers and applause) He’s gone. You know who we need?
We need that-that red lady from Game of Thrones
to wake his ass up. That’s what we need. Come on, Jeffrey! And what makes this whole
Epstein thing even worse is that we already had questions about his whole
pedophile operation. Now we have additional questions
about how he died. TV REPORTER: This morning,
the question on many minds, how did Jeffrey Epstein die
while in federal custody? TV REPORTER: Epstein had been
taken off suicide watch and was supposed
to have been checked by guards every 30 minutes, but that procedure
was not being followed the night before he was found. TV REPORTER: Sources close
to the investigation say Epstein underwent
a psychiatric evaluation and they cleared him
from suicide watch on or about July 29th, allowing him to return
to his cell. Yeah, they weren’t checking in
on Epstein and they took him off
suicide watch. Why? Like, I’m-I’m not an expert
on psychology, but if someone tries
to commit suicide, I don’t think
two more weeks of jail would suddenly improve
their outlook on life. Now, you may remember the reason this Jeffrey Epstein case
blew up wasn’t just because of the magnitude
of his crimes, but also because his circle included
some high-profile individuals. Everyone from Bill Clinton
and Donald Trump, all the way to famous scientists
and even royalty. And because the story involved
so many people who are so powerful,
many out there are wondering if Epstein really
suicided himself. This is a suspected suicide and it just smells fishy
to so many people. The timing is so suspicious. This comes just one day after
those documents were unsealed. I’m not a believer in
a conspiracy theory but I do believe there’s lots of suspicious activity
to investigate here. TV REPORTER: Twitter erupted
with a number of other conspiracy theories
following the news, the shocking news of Epstein’s
apparent suicide. Hashtags like #TrumpBodyCount
and #ClintonBodyCount and #EpsteinMurder were among
the top U.S. trends. Trump retweeted
a baseless conspiracy theory tying the Clintons to the death
of Jeffrey Epstein. That’s right. I mean, I get everyone else
on Twitter, but the president
of the United States is also retweeting
conspiracy theories that Jeffrey Epstein
was murdered by the Clintons. Yeah. The president did this,
which is pretty wild. I mean, ’cause this is the type
of moment where you would think the president would be
the voice of reason. Instead, Trump is jumping into
the fray. Yeah. You know what he’s like? He’s-He’s basically that dad that when a fight breaks out
in the little league game, he runs into the field,
but instead of breaking it up, starts body slamming
the third graders. (mimics Trump): “Yeah, take
that. Take that. Take that.” (regular voice):
‘Cause he’s doing this in pub– You know what Trump needs,
Trump needs a finster. That’s what he needs. Yeah, one of those secret
Instagram accounts that only your close friends
can see, that’s what he needs. Then he can use that
to just go crazy with his racist stuff,
conspiracy theories, butt pics,
he can just let it all out. Just get it all out. And America doesn’t have
to stress. (audience exclaiming) But this time, though,
this time, it’s not just Trump. It seems like everybody thinks that something shady
happened here. People on the right are saying it was the Clintons
who killed Jeffrey. People on the left are saying
Trump killed him. Jesse Smollett says it
was two white Nigerian guys. (laughter and applause) And I don’t know, guys. I don’t know,
I’m not a conspiracy theorist but something weird
happened here. Like, I was thinking, maybe it wasn’t Trump
or the Clintons. Maybe it was… America. This incident
should make us all troubled about the jail system. We know that there are
many deaths by suicide in jails throughout the country. NEWSWOMAN: The Metropolitan
Correctional Center has been understaffed, leading to low morale
among guards, and the two guards
in the Special Housing Unit where Epstein was kept
were both on overtime, one of the guards on his fifth
overtime shift of the week. NEWSMAN: Sources at the jail
tell CBS News they often rely
on certain inmates to assist guards
in monitoring other inmates due to a lack of manpower. Yeah, you heard that right. Thanks to overworked staff
and underfunded prisons, suicide among inmates
is all too common in the United States, with some prisons
so understaffed that guards ask other inmates
to be on suicide watch for them, which is not ideal. I mean, what if the person
they put on suicide watch is a murderer? Huh? What happens then? He’s just like,
“So, the good news is he didn’t kill himself.” (laughter) So, look, man, I’ll be honest. I get why everybody’s suspicious
of how this all went down because you would think
a high-profile person like Jeffrey Epstein would have
eyes on him all the time. But, to be honest,
I’m also not sure that there’s a conspiracy here. Like, if anything, for me, the conspiracy
has been taking place over the last ten years. First of all, Epstein magically only served
13 months for his crimes, and in that 13 months,
he got to leave prison and go to the office
six days a week. And the prosecutor
sealed the case, which protected Epstein
and his coconspirators and robbed his victims
of due process. That, for me,
was the conspiracy. How did that happen?
What was going on there? -That’s the conspiracy.
-(cheering and applause) And maybe… maybe, just maybe
what happened here is the result of there not being
a conspiracy anymore and Epstein being treated
for the first time just like everyone else.

100 thoughts on “Jeffrey Epstein’s Death & America’s Prison Problem | The Daily Show

  1. Why « conspiracy » is turned in ridiculous by the media !? Like when we start to talk about conspiracy see how they turned the word and the conspiracist into ridicule like : « I’m not a conspiracist 👀😅huh duh but…»

  2. Leave it up to Trevor Noah [mainstream media hack] to end on a dismissive note claiming that maybe the "suicide" wasn't a conspiracy after all. God Forbid that he mention the big pink elephant in the middle of the room, the MOSSAD, or that he mention even in jest that all of Epstein's associates had ties to Israel includng that woman Ghislaine Maxwell, who's late father was a famous spy for the MOSSAD and who somehow, inexplicably, has not been detained.

  3. Right after the Mueller Report was released & no one on Earth had time to read the whole thing, AG TRAITOR Bill Barr RUSHED to the microphone to LIE that there was nothing in it pointing to the guilt of PUTIN-OWNED Traitor Trump or other PUTIN-OWNED Republicans – although there is tons of evidence pointing right at them.
    NOW AG TRAITOR Bill Barr RUSHES to the microphone to LIE that it was suicide before the autopsy was even conducted & oh, yeah, then the doctor comes out & LIES that is was.

  4. Epstein can still snitch. His entire investment business was a cover for blackmail. He had a lot of evidence and there is no one with the standing to challenge any evidence found in the searches of his property.

    Epstein can still snitch, if the feds want to take these crimes seriously.

  5. Something that NO ONE is saying is that if he really wanted to commit suicide surely someone of his wealth and means would have been tipped off to his impending arrest. If he wanted to go so bad he would have done so before his arrest. The suicide is FAKE NEWS!

  6. His high profile peers knew his appetites. Allowing him to rat on them for some sort of plea deal, well, no way that was going to become a thing. I was surprised he lasted as long as he did.

  7. Why did the Clintons feel the necessity to declare Bill only traveled on the Lolita Express 4 times in his decades long friendship w Epstein, when various flight reports by multiple pilots, have it logged he flied 27 times.

  8. A voice of actual reason, holy shit America… oh yeah, he's not from America originally, makes perfect sense now. lol.. American = usually a dumb bitch, but sometimes you'll be pleasantly surprised.

  9. I was in one of those cells in the SHU there at MCC in 2008, and there is no way to hang yourself in one of those cells… I would say impossible!

  10. Dude you answered your own question. Wtf makes you think a man who has ties to men of power will survive in prison? These niggas killed his ass and made it look like a suicide.

    They didn't want to take any chances.

  11. Captain Combover's M.O. is to retweet unsubstantiated tweets that feed his base. If Jim Jones has stirred as much Koolaid as Trump wpiuld any Americans be alive?

  12. Trevor child raping talmudic "Noah" and his mossad goon squad of Zio Central have no right to comment on this psyop hoax fact Epstein isn't dead

  13. Pride Integrity Guts Grave Yard or PIGGY as it's listed in Jeffrey Epsteins black book! Passive Icome Generator!

    I was courious who PIGGY was but it "appears" to be a subterranean subterfuged co-op not an actual individual — who knows, perhaps it's a lottery?

    Matthew 8:31
    "And the demons begged him, saying, “If you cast us out, send us away into the herd of pigs.”

  14. It's also conceivable that Epstein was a victim himself. Think about it, what if woman were using him because he had a lot of money. So he went along with it because he liked the attention etc. Then he got set up to take the fall and the people who set him up stood to win everything.

  15. Epstein is not the only one who knows who the high profile people are. But now that he’s been assassinated, it will discourage the others from spilling the beans. I’m sure that Epstein has videos & photos hidden somewhere

  16. okay man, i've seen few episodes of your show where you referenced Ngerians……like alot, i like it…..up 9ja

  17. He can be in Thailand, Some Others Islands, ECT,. This guy is more alive than you and I. Living La Vida Loca!!!!!!!!!!Abusing, rapping and who knows what others perverse shit his still doing. People where is the body? When was the funeral and burial…….

  18. Donald Trump was a casual friend nothing more and even had Epstein BANNED from Mar-A-Lago for sexually assaulting one of the staff. This is common knowledge. The documents for this are easily available anywhere on line. Don't believe this brown nosing Zionist cocksucker that is Trevor Noah. And no one on the left said "Trump did it" ass clown.

  19. Thank you lol I was waiting g for his trail I think they should go through NBA and file some charges on because son Of sam is rapes

  20. Brilliant, Trevor! Of course, we Americans DO NOT invest in our infrastructure, schools, clinics, law enforcement, and prisons. All across the board, our social programs are suffering from budget cuts, and MCC is experiencing an inexcusable shortfall. Gut check for America: do you want your country to work right? Well, consider that paying 33% of your income in taxes may not be enough.

  21. If I were a guard in a jail where Epstein was being held, I’d be far too scared to even think about falling asleep. I’d be far too worried about some super assassin getting into the jail to off him. The idea that the guards fell asleep is fishy in itself.

  22. He didnt have to he murdered to be killed. He could have actually killed himself by his own choice, but the question could be what fueled that choice. Was it a threat? Was he coerced?

  23. In fact it's quite easy. Suicide: hyoïde bone broken and traces of the sheet around the neck. Homicide: hyoïde broken, same traces if the murder is not too much a trump, ooops a dumb, sorry, but also defensives marks on hands and maybe arms, even if he was held on, he should had fought or if the murderer is really stupid and used his hands: largers traces, outlines the fingers. Defensives traces can be avoided if the vic .. the victi… if Eptsein (sorry too hard for me to call that bastard a victim) was sedated but of course the autopsia should had revealed this, no doubt. Well in Europe that kind of prisonner are nor allowed to have anything that they can use to take their own life but … as you like (PS: even in France Horacio and his sun glasses joke are a must !!!)

  24. America, you are something else. Obviously, the evil american leaders at the top had him killed. The details we will never know.

  25. Trumps the only one of these clowns that barred Epstein from his resort. Nice try on conflating the two, and jails, that's just more fishing. Look towards your full time colleagues in the entertainment industry who honor pedophiles regularly. You're the only conspiracy theorist here. Four more years!!

  26. I cant believe americans let the only snitch die. He would of brought down everything what a bunch of fuckheads we leave in charge for jail

  27. They said they will launch an investigation…. bullshit they said that so the communities won't be in a up roar . The government and the wealthy play the game well and the game is fucking over the hard worked that do the work for the wealthy.

  28. Anyone that has incriminating evidence on the Clinton's takes a dirt nap. I'm so thankful Hitlery Clinton isn't president👏👏 the left also endorses creepy uncle Joe Biden for president😂👎👎

  29. Lol all these FBI agents , Lawyers, and theories.
    One thing we know for sure …the truth is still out there.

  30. Fear not. Epstein seems weird and paranoid enough to have a plan in place should something questionable happen to him. Give it time.

  31. Netflix couldn't give us the House of Cards series finale we wanted so real people in power wanna make their own I guess.

  32. .
    0f all the things Epstein could have done with his life. Great way to end your
    life with a reputation of being a low level rich pervert.

  33. It’s only sex…..these ladies were treated like gold…..a profitable hedonistic sexually life……..quit complaining

  34. Trump is the person in charge of the Federal Bureau of Prisons in America….

    Trump is the person thats pretending he never even knew the guy….

    Trump is the person ON TAPE, dancing weird and whispering into Epstein’s ears about some shit, while hooking up with women…

    Trump is the person who could make credentials for ‘Someone’ to get into the prison and kill him

    Trump did it, and now he blames Clinton, we are living with a dictator

  35. more like corruption problem…we all know he was taken out , we are not as stupid as they wish we were…it would have exposed the fact most of congress and the fed gov are blackmailed..(.probably look at those with dual citzenship?) by his mossad bosses…who is mossad?
    suprise!!! the very people they now say its a hate crime to question their motives. how convienent

  36. I heard that Trump had him killed because of the tape that shows Trump having incest sex with IVANKA in Russia along with two other tapes when she was younger in NYC ….
    I'm not saying it is true but people are calling and telling me that it is the reason, and Epstein was trying to white male Trump. Even Congressman King stayed that rape and incest was the building block of white America, and even in his family they had kin folk who were rapist and incest players just saying..Trump did say on tape and camera that he would fuc$ or date his daughter…if you trust his words then you might think he had Eptein. Killed for this know he is trying to pull the crime on Clinton…think about it Trump was in Russia for pagent with daughter was friends with Epstein who like you girls and who did visit Russian at that time and Ivanka was young, his type as well as Trump's just saying everyone is telling me so it sounds true…Ask congressman King he knows how incest works and great white people loved it look at the European role families who Trump admirers.. support the blood line would note surprise me if some of Ivanka children are her children uncle's..just saying that's what everyone is saying including Fox news..who are the ones that keep telling me this..
    @trumplovesincest and magaincestkeepamericawhite.. inpregnating daughter helps the white race

  37. They did not take him off suicide watch , he was never even remotely suicidal and he never tried to kill himself , it was always a deep state narrative started to get ready for his murder.
    Epstein was very happy as he was told by his lawyers he was going to get away with it and he knew it.

  38. Suicide is so common in US Prisons? The Manhatten Correctional Center in which Epstein died, has only had one suicide and 33 attempted in the past 40 years. So really not so common? It will be wiped from the news cycle in a week or two . Then Epstein who

  39. Prisoners cost between as low as $31,000 to as high as $300,000 per year in the U.S….WTF YOU MEAN UNDERSTAFFED, WHERE DID ALL THAT MONEY GO?

  40. Dont worry, the Trunp administration had been going after paedophiles and sex/human traffickers HAAAAAARD!

    These high profile satanists are shaking in their boots.

  41. How can a high-profile inmate like him not have special attention, he was going to snitch on some very high-profile people

  42. He secretly taped all the nasty child rapists, and millions of copies are all over the world to be released one at a time. They will say it is not them in the tapes. so many, that it is best to release one at a time, as the others sweat and take the final exit.

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