26 thoughts on “John Cleese: Political Correctness Can Lead to an Orwellian Nightmare

  1. Orwell’s system didn’t work because it was physically and psychologically oppressive. Ours is better, it is emotionally abusively oppressive. People willingly step into the cages and swallow the key upon locking it.

  2. Could you go have a chat with Carlos Maza and Vox please? Thank you. Signed – A far left progressive who recognizes the dangers of limiting speech so no one gets offended.


  4. 201 thumbs down people offended and just don't get it. Cleese is absolutely right. I personally think why we have so many depressed people popping pills is because of political correctness and the lack of sense of humor. Laughter is life. Ignore the politically correct people. STOP giving them so much power.

  5. Thanks for sharing. Happy Freedom Appreciation on the Earth Planet . Happy Memorial Remembrance Holiday in USA. <> What has the World learned about standing up and sacrifices for key freedoms? <> FREE SPEECH, FREEDOM, OPINIONS, SELF-DETERMINATION: Are you allowed to speak freely and easily? Are you allowed to criticize a company, or a judge in your area, or to criticize legislators, or police, or prosecutors, or lawyers, or a governor? Are you allowed to buy or sell without asking permission from a government? Are you allowed to defend yourself with practical means in public, or in a court? Who is allowed to be considered as an Authoritarian for a viewpoint? Are we to believe the Citizens do not have Authority to have an opinion, or to assert rights? <><> Is the next Great War (now and beyond) simply the continuous attacks by authoritarian governments along with their allies and spies to act self-righteous with restrictions against regular citizens, who are focused on freedom and the right to be left alone? Some questions are so important they should be repeated. <><> PLEASE COPY AND SHARE. <><>

  6. Even the word political correctness is infantile.
    Whoever brought these words into being should have a bullet through his forehead.

  7. Most of the people who cry about political correctness always demands you to be political correct to them. Everytime i insult them, or generalize them, they get upset. Wah, why you name calling me?

    And what do i say?

    I did that to point out your hypocrisy.

  8. right. people don't think my jokes are funny so we live in 1984. that is the stupidest thing i heard in a long while.

  9. 1984 isn't even about political correctness, its about the altright not the left you idiot

  10. PC is the ultimate steppingstone to totalitarianism. It is the cover up for your right to free speech. PC is in all suppressed countries. PC sucks

  11. Didn't he also say that 'snowflakes' is a mean, derogatory term?
    Will the real John Cleese please stand up?

  12. Thrilled to find this video.  I thought I was alone in thinking about the parallels between George Orwell’s book “1984” and the
    social justice warrior movement, radical liberalism, and the current leftist college campus environment.

    Some examples:

    •           Newspeak (politically correct speech)
    •           Thought-police (antifa and college administrators)
    •           Media & entertainment (The Ministry of Truth)
    •           Doublethink (boys can be girls and girls can be boys)
    •           Ingsoc (Democratic Socialists)
    •           Elimination of sexual distinction (1984 supports the gender-neutral pronoun "comrade" and the Party is against traditional gender roles)

    It’s not Big Brother you need to fear.  We can see what he’s doing.  It’s the subversive agenda of the radical left infiltrating the mainstream
    via cultural Marxism (which the media claims does not exist!). Just look at Frankfort School Marxist and the Fabian Society.
    Wake up and take note that these agendas are being realized today!  Although fascinating, I believe this is more terrifying to watch.

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