John Hopkins Univ. to MSM: 6 Tips for Reporting on Gun Policy & Gun Violence

John Hopkins Univ. to MSM: 6 Tips for Reporting on Gun Policy & Gun Violence

good morning everybody and welcome back to coffee with Craig where we talk about all things firearms firearms policy politics culture media you name it we're talking about right here on coffee with Craig so please take a moment like and share the program so that your friends can know exactly what you're up to right about now anyway also want to encourage you if you haven't already done so please make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Facebook and if you want to get the alerts as soon as we go live well then you got to make sure to click the notification button in both cases also I want to encourage you please take a moment visit FPC that's a CD comm it is a very very cool place to go and find all sorts of pro to a swag and know that every penny that you spend goes right back into the fight for our right to keep and bear arms so you can support Second Amendment and you can look good doing it that's FPC now one of the things I do in this job is I deal a lot with the media and you know a lot of people say well Craig why would you deal with why would you address the mainstream media because a lot of group student don't you know for example the NRA just doesn't do a whole lot of stuff will respond to a whole lot of inquiries from the mainstream media that's because they're largely concerned well you know they don't want their perspective to be perverted or told wrong and they're just afraid of being misrepresented and my in my case I have on I can honestly say that for the most part I for the most part I've never been willing to clarify with two exceptions only to two exceptions in mainstream media have I ever been misrepresented one of them was I believe intentional the other one was a misrepresentation which by the way the reporter in fact corrected but for the most part I've never been misrepresented I've never I may not have been fairly represented in that you know normally the entire article is all anti-gun anti-gun anti-gun anti-gun and oh by the way hey we talked to this one pro gun guy and I'll get one quote in there but you know I do it largely because I want people to know that there are groups out there other than the NRA that actually do advocate on behalf of the Second Amendment can speak intelligently to it and while I know that that one specific small quote may not be enough to really sway people I do know that for people who are looking for the truth it will cause them to inquire and look into who FPC is and who I am and you know they generally tend to join our audience so that's why that's an important thing well there was a guy who works for John Hopkins University his name is John Vernick he is a professor at John Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health and he's also the co-director of the John Hopkins Center for gun policy and research all right this is the once again the Bloomberg so we all know that this is an anti gun research entity right we all know that their goal and what they want to do is they want to find a way to ban guns and they're going to pervert whatever research they have they're going to research why we need to ban guns right so recently anyway this guy decided he was gonna write an article and in this article he wanted to talk about he went it was actually supposed to be to reporters he's trying to write to reporters and tell reporters hey these are six tips six things that you need to consider that you need to keep in mind when you are reporting on firearms policy now the interesting thing about this particular piece is is that there's a his six tips are good tips but for dip look but but not for the reasons that he thinks that they are good tips this is this is the one nation so what I wonder I'm gonna go through those six tips and share with you kind of what I believe they they were pushing but then why in fact it is still if you're dealing with truly honest and open reporting objective reporting why I believe these are good tips so let's get into these tips real quick all right let's start with tip number let's start with tip number one all right all right so tip one when reporting on the result of public opinion poll about gun policy focus on the specific phrasing of the questions now this is vitally important for this reason because most public polling is there very very broad vague question what they're what they're focusing on is they want to get down into the nitty-gritty of okay well how you how was this question used and what are ways in which we can use because they're what these would is what is pushing here is we use our questions to kind of guide people where we want them to go right but that's the thing that's exactly what they do the in these cases a lot of these questions that are asked in this public polling are really broad and vague do you believe we need more gun laws do you believe we need more gun restrictions should we ban assault weapons semi-automatic military-style assault type weapons and it's important to focus on the phraseology not just the phraseology but also the methodology that they use in other words who are they polling when are they polling them where are they polling them what are the specific questions that they are asking so for example if you ask people in California do you think we should chose close the gun show loophole people will say you mean you know you're speaking to mostly Democrats there you may get a lot of people who say well yeah we should show close the gun show loophole but what they don't know is that in the state of California there is no gun the first of all there is no gun show loophole but in the state of California specifically if you purchase a firearm at a gun show you've got to go through a background check and it's held by a by a local dealer a local FFL it's important to focus on those details because what you will find is that when you start getting into the details of some of these questions and you should people start understanding exactly what the law is and exactly what the law being a proposed will being proposed will do they generally tend to they generally tend to lean more towards Liberty and less towards gun control but the problem is is that you have folks like Bloomberg spending millions of dollars to make sure that people don't have all of the information to make sure that they don't have the truth to make sure that they have an emotional argument that they believe will win the day for that so that's tip number one all right tip number two know how gun licensing and registration works in the US now yes isn't important to understand first of all not just how not just gun licensing in the US but gun law period and this goes to the to the exam one of the examples I just gave in tip number one see if you don't know the law how can you say how can you propose a change in law if you don't know what the current law is right I mean if you don't know that there's not a gun show loophole if you don't know for example that yeah there's already background checks even if you purchase even if you purchase from a private individual for example in the state of California yeah by the way you shouldn't just know the gun laws and registration you shouldn't just know all of that from the youth from the US level you need to know it for them for the place in which you are reporting from right it's not enough to just know what US gun wise it's also vitally important that you report on what it is in the state where you are at because otherwise you give a misconception to people right you give a misconception to people like a lot of people don't understand that when they when they look at some of these some of the mass shootings right like the moat like one of the most recent ones that took away place in Poway yeah they're like well minors you know minors shouldn't be able to on fire who shouldn't be able own firearms well guess what or not – I'm sorry though adults under the age of 21 shouldn't be able to own firearms well guess what state of California they're not supposed to be able to purchase firearms but guess what you got it which once again just goes to show you that once again more laws don't help but it's important to know and understand exactly what the law is before you go reporting on the law because otherwise it looks stupid alright tip number 3 have some knowledge of guns – and the different kinds and how they work this is not a – you need to understand this if you do not understand how firearms work you should not be reporting on firearms you shouldn't be provide in particular because the thing about firearms policy in particular understand that it's not just about the law but it's also about the technology the legal terms and definitions and all of this stuff because the devil is in the details with any piece of public policy I mean we literally had one guy write a bill that would have made a block of aluminum like that one right there it would have made it they defined it as a firearm that's what they that's why details matter right when you start talking about for example they've a lot of these bills that are out there that are banning bump stocks the way in which the bills are written they ban everything from rubber bands to to aftermarket trigger groups whatever but when these folks report on it and they don't understand it because they don't understand firearms and once they end up many of them don't care don't to understand firearms but if you're gonna report on it you should probably understand what it is that you're talking about otherwise you know you don't you wind up putting up pictures of you know someone shooting a shotgun and saying that it's an ar-15 yeah I know you guys I know you guys all remember that one or you wind up putting things out there like the term fully semi-automatic yeah that's what winds up happening and you lose all credibility I mean that's the thing is you wanted losing in a serious credibility with your readers all rights move on to tip number four when covering gun violence not gun violence when you're covering incidents of violence where firearms are used include details on how firearms were acquired now this is because he wants them to push storage laws he wants them to push background check laws instead I think if you take a look at it one of the things that's gonna do is gonna tell you yeah background check laws do absolutely no good because guess what yeah most ninety six percent of the time these firearms that are used in these crimes are not used by the person who in fact owned them the downside for them anyway is that if you focus on that then you're going to find that the laws in that particular municipal in a particular place places like California or New York where there's rampant gun violence you're gonna find that the laws that are supposed to prevent people from acquiring these firearms are not preventing criminals from acquiring these firearms the laws that they're talking about don't work in universal background checks don't quite protect anybody from anything because guess what these folks are still getting firearms people who are seeking to commit harm to another individual commit a crime are not going to firearms retailers are not going to gun shows to purchase their firearms they're just now alright let's move on to tip five this by the way is the only one I believe that they actually got correct in all and all matter thing avoid repeating the common misconception that the Dickey amendment bans federally funded gun violence research folks I cannot stress enough how frustrating this particular piece is and it's frustrating because I have literally sat before committees before a Senate committee here in the state of California and read the Dickey amendment right it says provided further that none of the funds used none of the funds made available for injury prevention and control at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention may be used to advocate or promote gun control that's it that is the Dickey amendment in total and all it says is you can't advocate for gun control that's it now he's telling them because he realizes that they look stupid when they when they say that ya know they're you're not allowed to do federal gun violence you're not about you're not allowed to do CDC can't do gun gun can't study gun violence or firearms he knows it's a bunch of hooey right those reporters know it's a bunch of we oh he knows that it's a bunch of wait but they go and they report it anyway they go and report it like it is fact so this is the one where they got right and he realizes that it for anybody who can read it makes them look stupid alright and tip number six avoid false equivalence now what he was pointing to is this he's like you know when you're dealing with people who do research he's like you know we shouldn't you know no there's no Rita code he said his whole point is don't go to gun rights groups and get a quote from them and talk to them about these research studies that come out right he's saying why would you go to someone who doesn't do research and study doesn't do research a non research individual to talk about a research study well here's the reason why because most these people who are studying this they're there they're medical doctors right medical doctors do not study necessarily human behavior they study the human body they do not study the human behavior they're not behavioral ist's they're not they're not social scientists they're not economists they are no more prepared to do research and polling on individual individual behavior than you or I are in fact they're coming at it from a bias standpoint because most of these medical professionals are coming in from a perspective of they're trying to treat it like a disease right and they're trying to say well they're trying to treat you and I are gun ownership as a as a disease and so they want to prevent it they want to prevent us from owning fires because they believe that in the end that will stop gun violence but guess what criminals don't follow the law so you pass laws criminals disobey the law anyway so my point is is that research done by people who are number one not not behaviorist not really designed to study human behavior like this number one and number two who are biased in their research and won't admit that there that there in fact bias they will not admit that their goal is to ban guns they just they won't they flat-out won't admit it although all of their presumptions in all of their research points to that very fact but so my whole thing is yet don't provide false equivalencies don't don't support false equivalencies right another false equivalency and that that's what kind of goes with the quote here is you know I'm sorry but we we have to be very very careful about there is a balancing act between liberty and justice I mean liberty and freedom I'm just messing this up aid there's a balance between liberty and security and we have to be vitally careful because if we ever allow that balance to be upset it ought to always be in favor of Liberty it has to be in favor of Liberty because once we give up Liberty once we give up Liberty in the name of getting some sort of a perceived security what's Benjamin Franklin says we will wind up losing both anyway folks I hope you guys enjoy that that's gonna be it for today's coffee with Craig I very much appreciate you guys tuning in I appreciate you liking and sharing this program and telling your friends about the firearms policy coalition we are the home and the fight for civil rights got to use them you're gonna lose them guys take care if you like our videos follow subscribe like and share

34 thoughts on “John Hopkins Univ. to MSM: 6 Tips for Reporting on Gun Policy & Gun Violence

  1. None of it is about gun violence or common sense gun control !!! It is solely about people control !!! They are in for a rude awakening when they try it on any of the rest of US !!!

  2. You need a real gun expert to talk about gun laws on TV. That is just TV programming. I seen in socal a mental retarded man get a full auto gun in socal. All the laws in the world. This man had a gun shot up his neighbor's house. Guns were just in the street. When law abiding citizens dont have guns. Criminals do, and know people are unarmed.

  3. Before 1958 felons could own guns. Now if a felon gets a gun you know it's for a crime. That is why we are in America. King George could try you twice in court no evadence. You didnt have your right to face your accuser. No trial. That's why there is America. Once you pay your debt you could own a gun after. We are free. The founding fathers took years to make the bill of rights.

  4. Cali there is no gun show loophole. But there is a black market. More laws more you see the black market grow. Gangs and illegal arms dealers make guns no different than drugs. Meth is illegal.

  5. I agree with the antis on one thing, getting rid of all guns will help reduce, possibly eliminate gun violence. However, that's all it will do, it will not get rid of all other forms of violence and overall violence rates won't change, we'll just see other forms of violence rise to the numbers that gun violence was at.

  6. Most media reporters are ignorant of the fact that any law requiring licensing, investigation, permit, registration or fee to own a fire arm is an infringement of Second Amendment Rights, and Un-Constitutional. Gun control is not about guns, it is about control. All these studies are funded by wealthy want to be Tyrants that are supporting the socialist global agenda. Craig is right about Liberty, Benjamin Franklin also said " Those who sacrifice Liberty for the sake of a small amount of safety, are entitled to neither" when one state is allowed to violate the Constitution, all lovers of liberty loose.

  7. I decided a good while back that I will not comply with these unconstitutional laws passed by these tyrannical gun grabbers. My actions are guided by the Constitution, and that's where it ends. I'm not a freak, I'm not "out there", I just want to exercise my rights under the Second Amendment, as our forefathers intended it to be, and live in peace. Luckily, Kentucky is still a "free state" and I only have to worry about these infringements when I go into or through other less free states. The Shane Cox story really had an impact on me. That was just wrong. Thanks for another good video. "Thumbs up" from this Kentucky boy.

  8. No reason other the taxing the civilians not LEo out of Full auto, why is a mp7al 1300 but a clone is 2400? Rebuild parts for sear plus in to hold in under 50 but civilian. 10000 from pre 86
    Here is an example of crony capitalism with this head line "MINNESOTA GROUP TRAVELS TO CANADA BY BUS TO BUY $34 INSULIN THAT WOULD COST $380 IN AMERICA"
    Is I what happens when government and industry are one in the same, it was a name fascism. Please foe the love of G*D and Republic, stand and act it is far past time

  9. The NRA does nothing but take money and reward those in the higher echelons. Join the GOA or Second Amendment Foundation. These groups actually fight for us.

  10. these poll not set up for fairness i have one good clear message no on gun control no gun show loop hole no should band guns no on all poll out ther send the gun graber no no no no no

  11. Storage laws invade your privacy. It also makes it hard for you to get to your firearms. It also gives an excuse to come inspect your home and weapons at their confidence.

  12. The Infringements with the so called laws, legal but is it lawful or moral. Statutes, codes, policies, & restrictions are all null & void if it goes against the Supreme law of the land, its waste of time spin your wheels legislation so these idiot representatives can get a broke as hell bank computer digit paycheck that the bank can close the account without you getting recourse.

  13. Here's a tip for the Dr from Johns Hopkins get in your car and once you away from the inner Harbor get out leave the car and start walking and see if you still feel the same way about guns while your naked robbed and likely beaten . Baltimore has become and incredibly violent place and the reason ,well the fact that MD gun laws mirror CA probably helps ,they aren't quite as restrictive yet but then your cops haven't killed anyone while confiscating their guns yet either and they have in MD ,first thing just to set the tone for how they were going to enforce the Red Flag law . Some of these people live in this weird economic bubble that they just can't seem to see out of .

  14. In regards to tip #4, I earned my Ph.D. in Virology. I spent 7 years studying viruses to earn my degree. After graduation, the biggest obstacle I faced in procuring research funding and publishing my work was "lack of expertise" IN MY OWN FIELD. If I went through excessive schooling on a specific topic, yet have no credibility, why would we give credibility to M.D.'s and economists on gun safety???

  15. Lets propose a background check to vote, I would argue if i have to get a B/C to buy a gun the same should be applied to who gets to vote who into city, state, and government positions. Either the Democrats will flat refuse because they lose their voting base or we get a little closer to shall not be infringed ? What’s your thoughts?

  16. I'm sorry , but I can't seem to make it through even one {1} of your "podcasts" … STOP repeating yourself as though you're speaking to a bunch of 5 year olds … condescending tone to your audience means you don't respect / appreciate YOUR audience .

  17. What it boils down to is the government wants the guns because the long range plan is ultimate tyranny and control. Sounds fairly paranoid when you say it or write it but I firmly believe that is true.

  18. This would be useful if the MSM was interested in reporting the truth regarding firearms and crime. Unfortunately, they most certainly do not want to do that at all. The fact that we hear the same misused terms and outright lies over and over shows that these propagandists are doing this 100% on purpose.

  19. All of the gun control BS is a misdirection. This keeps the population from looking at the real problem, criminals. Politicians are so busy finding new ways to let bad guys out of prison instead of ways to eliminate crime. People see cops as criminals, they don’t see gangbanging dope dealers shooting at each other as criminals, these are the victims.

  20. To see how gun control has little effect on violent criminals, just look at the situation in my country, Brazil: by law, any form of carry is prohibited to non-LEO people, the only thing that's allowed is having the following guns at your property, with limited ammo and muzzle energies below the calibers quoted next to them: two 12 gauge shotguns, two handguns up to 380 ACP/ 38 Special and two western-looking repeaters up to 44-40.
    However, high profile gangs carry handguns in any caliber, rifles up to .50 BMG, actual machineguns, dynamite packets and grenades.
    And the homicide rate is six times higher here than in the U.S., which helps making sure that out of every 8 people murdered around the world every year, 1 is murdered here.

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