Law of Attraction Part 2: Methods for blasting past sticking points with the Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction Part 2: Methods for blasting past sticking points with the Law of Attraction

what is up light fans welcome to part
two of my law of attraction series where I give you my second method on blasting
past those sticking points with the law of attraction so let’s get right into
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alright so let’s get right into the meat of the video alright guys so as I said
in part 1 of my series the law of attraction is a bit on the clunky side
there’s a lot of work that you have to do and it really instills a sense of
duality which spirituality is all about unity so if you want a deeper
understanding on why the law of attraction may not be the fastest most
efficient way for you to experience the life that you really want to live go
back and check out my video here and it will link you to that I do an in-depth
analysis and then at the end of that video I give an excellent method for
blasting past those sticking points with the law of attraction now that’s not to
say that the law of attraction doesn’t work it absolutely does there’s just you
know more than one way to skin a cat so to speak it’s kind of like thinking of
getting from point A to point B you can walk there but you can also drive there
so one way is a little bit faster and more efficient than the other and that’s
the method that I’m going to talk about right now so this method is called
reality transsurfing now this was first made popular I think that
when actually coined the phrase the guy’s name is Vatim Zealand and I’ll
link his video right here he is a Russian quantum physicist that came up
with the concept of reality transurfing now it’s a pretty in-depth topic
I learned the basics of this about two years ago and it has been
transformational you literally can just experience anything that you want to
experience in life so as I say it is pretty in-depth if you really want to
get into it go check out the video I’m just going to teach you guys the basics
because the basics has been working great for me
so the concept has to do with there are an infinite number of possible parallel
realities that all exist now they all exist in the now okay it’s not some
place off into the future or a lot of times when you’re you know doing the law
of attraction you’re thinking that I am here I don’t have something what I want
is way over there and I have to work hard to attract it no with the theory of
parallel realities infinite number of parallel realities all of those
realities exist right now why do they exist because they’re thought forms that
you are holding so those thought forms create that
reality it’s just a matter of you sending enough of your energy and your
focus to that reality so that you experience it and experiencing it is a
lot easier than trying to manifest it and create it from scratch and attract
it from way over there matter of fact you can even think of all
of those parallel realities exist within arm’s length they’re all right here
they’re right they’re all right here all those realities they’re all right here
in the now okay not some future time and not some
far-off distant place okay they’re all right here within arm’s reach so now
what you want to do is you want to lock on to the frequency of that parallel
reality open up that heart chakra feel the overwhelming joy feel how you would
feel if you’re already experiencing that parallel reality and that allows you to
lock on vibrationally to that reality and then you’re able to simply
experience if thanks that you’ve already experienced it now if you want a little
bit of science behind this I’m gonna make a video right here – it’s a pretty
interesting video where the scientists were doing these experiments with
protons some of the tiniest nano sized little particles and they noticed that
the protons behaved differently when they were observed it’s almost like they
knew that they were being watched and so that suggests that the protons may have
consciousness now science has not been able to prove consciousness but science
is a little bit behind if you’re spiritual you know a little bit more
than the scientists but I digress anyway but think about this though if
those little tiny particles have consciousness and they respond to
awareness we live in a soup of consciousness and you are a conscious creating center
so it makes sense that you can consciously become aware and lock on to
a reality that is made up of particles that all have
business so now you’re locked in to that reality and it’s a lot easier to
experience it and they also explained in the video how the infinite number of
possibilities they’re all micro little particles that kind of look like a wave
and then when you focus on in other words you choose the reality that you
want the protons act different the particles act different they congeal
they conform to the energy that you’re giving it so if you’re sending that
energy the gratitude that it has already happened that’s your reality in your
you’re sending all of your intention your joy your love your abundance all of
that positive strong energy from your heart which is the strongest transmitter
of energy then that reality conforms and congeals to your perception of it and
you just simply experience it isn’t that a lot easier just experiencing it then
having to build it from scratch and so now you get this sense of completion
because you are consciousness those particles that make up the parallel
reality that you want to experience they’re also consciousness so you get
this identity of unity and you just be so you’re identifying with absolute
abundance it’s a lot easier to experience absolute abundance when you
identify as absolute abundance you’re on that frequency you’re emitting abundance
you don’t have to attract abundance you are abundance or absolute abundance and
you’re on the frequency of everything that is abundant and that’s the only
thing that you’re going to experience when you are on the frequency of
absolute love you don’t have to attract love you don’t have to attract your twin
flame and your soulmate in all this you are absolute love you’re emitting love
and the only thing that you’re going to experience in your physical reality is
love because that’s a vibrational match for you so this is how you experience
the life that you really want to live so now you see that you are in conscious
union with the thinking particles the the conscious thinking fabric of the
universe and now you assume that identity and you simply experience it
even when you say I am absolute health that’s a high vibrational statement the
cells of your body have consciousness so the cells of your body now the lower
vibrational cells that hold the disease or the virus or whatever it is those
cells have to be deleted of that lower vibration or that vibration has to be
raised to match the dominant migration of higher energy of absolute health that
you are now identifying with so you see how much more powerful this is when you
emit the signal as the absolute thing that you wish to experience that you are
so if you are absolute abundance you don’t have to attract abundance because
you are abundance and then the only thing you experience is abundance now
another principle that is in the reality Tran surfing concept is the
the pendulums so pendulums are a collective consciousness from a
particular group and their thought forms that are a little you know they’re kind
of easy to get sucked into so you know if you’re watching the news it’s really
easy to get sucked into that the momentum of that pendulum swinging where
you get sucked into you know the world is going to hell in a handbasket or it’s
the Democrats versus the Republicans or you know it’s your favorite sports team
they lost and so the collective consciousness is negativity towards your
sports team when you’re keeping your vibration high and you’re identifying
with the absolute purity of what it is that you want to become because you’ve
already become it your vibrational frequency is very sensitive so now you
can actually identify what is a pendulum in other words what is not your thought
the thought maybe the thought of the pendulum that is gaining momentum but
you don’t have to buy into that because your thought is here you’re immediately
going to be kind of alerted when there are frequencies and thought forms that
are not on your level and that allows you to stay out of getting caught up in
the momentum of that pendulum again check out the book reality trance
surfing it it explains it much more in depth that’s all that I need to know
about that concept so that I can keep my vibration pure but if you want to go
more and definitely check out reality Tran
surfing now I’m glad you guys stuck around to the end because I want to give
one last tiny little tweak to how to really bring this into full swing so
what I like to say is I’ve I give thanks that I have experienced the physical
reality of X now notice how I broke that down I give thanks so it’s already
happening that I’ve already experienced the physical reality of this has already
happened so in your mind it’s already done and since it’s already done now
there’s not questions of will it happen will it not happen am i worthy do I
deserve and all this other self sabotaging nonsense that we tell
ourselves from indoctrination as a child but that’s a different video but once
it’s already done there’s no question and so your mind counts it as done and
then you receive the physical evidence visually physically that it’s done so
what I like to say to manifest I give thanks that I’ve experienced the
physical reality of now here’s where I get a little quirky you guys can try
this if you like if you don’t like it but I say and this is a Mike Dooley
thing I give thanks that I’ve experienced the physical reality of
saying whoo I got that promotion or I give thanks and I’ve experienced the
fiscal reality of Santa Lou the love of my life said yes to a date I get thanks
that I’ve experienced the physical reality of saying woo my client signed
the big deal I’m throwing emotion in there again I give credit to Mike Dooley
for that he always says Lou hoot if you don’t know who Mike building is
definitely look him up he’s an awesome spiritual teacher shout out to you Mike
guilty if you’re watching but notice that allows you to put a little
more emotion in it in a high vibrational emotion of joy I give thanks that I’ve
experienced the physical reality of saying
woohoo xxxx happened fill in the blank and so you’re adding the emotion you’re
adding the gratitude and you’re adding the past tense that it’s already done
now here’s the extra part here’s the turbocharged that you put on top of it
you say how can it be even better than that okay and if you check out this
video how to conquer fear anxiety and overthinking I give that technique in
one of the techniques on how to debunk fear ask how you want it to turn out and
then ask how can it be even better than that well this will go back and watch
that video but you can apply that to this concept I get thinks that I’ve
experienced the physical reality of saying woohoo fill in the blank and then
ask yourself how can it be even better than that and then really think how
could it be better than that and then say I have experienced the physical
reality woo I received that you know $10,000 wire transfer that I was
supposed to get a month ago whatever it is you know you guys have your own
things that you’re supposed to experience in your life but there’s no
limit on how high you can ask how can it be better and so now you end up taking
what you originally wanted and then taking it to the next level pass what
you ever expected to get in the first place so it’s almost like that concept
you know aim for the stars land on the moon
alright guys so thanks for sticking around to the end of the video one final
thing that I will just kind of add is when you are vibrationally linked in and
tuned in to the experience that you want to experience you’re going to
receive the synchronicities okay and I know everyone is at different levels
spiritual spiritually some of you may understand that you have spirit guides
some of you may not be there yet whatever it is you’re going to get your
your signs that your vibrationally on track maybe you’re thinking about
changing course and going after your life purpose you might start seeing your
birthday show up on the clock on license plates on receipts and that’s your
spirit guides encouraging you to stay on that track
and then you may get a little off track get your vibration low you might get a
little discouraged and then boom your spirit guides come in and boom they give
you that that that sign you see a 2-1 you know August 21st or something that’s
not my birthday but I’m just giving an example where they will encourage you
when you get off track so you will know a lot of times when your vibrationally
aligned with a particular call life track when you’re when you’re
vibrationally aligned with your life track you’re going to get a lot of
different signs of course the the big one is 11:11 you might start seeing a
five by five everywhere which says that there’s a really big change on the way
so you’re going to get these signs your guides that are assigned to you your
team in the unseen they are letting you know that your vibrationally aligned
with work with where you’re headed and when you get off track they will
encourage you when you need to be picked up by giving you that sign when you work
sure if you’re still on track or not so just understand that you’re not alone
you’ve got a lot of help that you even know about that you don’t even see
so don’t take things so seriously just be what you want to experience emanate
that signal than just simply experience it all right guys that’s the end of the
video thank you guys for sticking around I hope that this really helps with you
guys please leave some comments down below on some of your ways of
manifesting and experiencing the life of your dreams if you know anyone that you
feel that this video can really help please share this video with them
and if you found value in the video please give it a like alright as always
light love and abundance to all that are watching and to all you love thank you

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  3. Yet another great one!! You have a way of explaining complex concepts in a simply, straight forward way. I will definitely research this reality transurfing on my own as well. Thanks again!!

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