Law & Order: SVU – Barba Is Our Hero (Episode Highlight)

Law & Order: SVU – Barba Is Our Hero (Episode Highlight)

– Are you ready
to proceed, Mr. Barba? – I am. [sighs] Mr. Platt… did you assault Martha Cobb
with a cardboard tube? – Absolutely not. – Why should we believe you? – What? – It’s a very simple question. Why should we believe you? – Because I’m giving you
my word under oath. – That’s all you got? Because, in my humble opinion, most of the people
in this courtroom think your word is garbage… that you don’t possess an ounce of principle or virtue.
– [chuckles] Yeah, well, most people
are blind and stupid. [soft dramatic music] ♪ – The People are unable
to prove beyond a reasonable doubt
that Justin Vichinsky sexually assaulted Martha Cobb. Accordingly, I move to dismiss
the indictment. – The defense joins
in this motion. – Uh, this is highly unusual,
Mr. Barba. Are you sure that’s
what you want to do? – I am sure that
the perpetrator of this crime will never be known
to a legal certainty. – I appreciate your candor. Very few prosecutors would have
the courage to make this call. The case is dismissed. [cheers and applause] – [quietly] What?
Wow. – We all knew
that Martha Cobb

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  1. Haven’t watched yet but from comments on FB people think he’s going to prison? Why would that be? Did he do something bad? Is he leaving the show?

  2. English isn't my first language but I understand that he said the guilt could not be proven. Can someone explain me what is the point that will send hin to prison eventually?

  3. Anyone that thinks this episode was good is stupid, point blank. They basically let an Antifa guy rape a conservative woman because they didn't like her politics. At first the episode seemed to be balanced and you could see both sides of the argument but the way it ended was disgraceful. Next time the guy rapes another woman she might be a Feminist/liberal or a little girl/boy. As an Independent-Registered Democrat this episode was sickening.

  4. So worried ever since I saw the preview for next week!! Barba has to stay on the show, it really wouldn't be the same without him.

  5. I wonder if this has something to do with the episode where Barba got suspended? For giving the heroin addict money knowing she was going to buy drugs? Then she got on the stand and nailed the "really bad man". That is when Rafael told Olivia what he did was wrong but he would do it again? Therefore, Jack McCoy shows up saying I believe "I will not just let what you did go"? Something to that effect. Only reason for Jack McCoy to be there. I love this show and Barba brought it back to life. I will stop watching it if they do. He makes the show. I really like Benson, but lately it is like the show should just be called SVUBenson. It is like she is in every single scene. My take. I hope I am wrong as Jack McCoy never backs down. Ever. So I was freaked too! LOL.. Still am.

  6. I know people are going to see this clip and this show differently, but this is the reality. This is the world we live in. From my perspective of this clip, he didn't want to pick sides with politics, because the woman was conservative. The decision he made may affect his job, but to him, he's following his morals. And yes, this show has gotten political, but as previously stated, this is the reality of the world we live in. When haven't we gone a day without a political conversation? I don't particularly care for politics, but I still watch the show as any body else would.

  7. Very revealing, the fantasies of the Leftist Scum who produced this garbage.
    If a "Progressive" woman says that she was sexually assaulted,
    no evidence required.
    All she has to do is rattle off a quick "#MeToo tweet, and, her alleged attackers career and/or life is destroyed.
    But the message here was, "WOMEN, disagree with Leftists? Do you promote Wrongthink? Then you are evil and we get OFF on the idea of you getting raped AND not getting justice afterwards."

    I really didn't know how pure evil Leftists are, when I was young.
    Well, you did a great job of waking us all up to that fact after Trump won,
    Leftist Scum.

  8. Targeting Millie Weaver{of INFOWARS}, Ann Coulter{and Lauren Southern} with hypocritical progressivist globalist rape fantasy's.
    Disgusting, dehumanizing; so much for Hollywood "feminism" and concern for rape victims. ugh! I hope they sue the producers of this show.

    PURE Propoganda

  9. This episode was brilliant. Not only did Barba know they really had no evidence, he also knew the case was too politically charged. Platt's, Varchinsky's, and Cobb's testimonies were too strong politically and this episode highlighted both extremes are a dangerous thing.

  10. Your disgusting you sick liberals and your rape fantasies calling everyone racist who supports America 1st hope you get sued vile pigs

  11. Ok everyone watch the video called slay barba ,it's is great,BARBA IS MINEEEEE He wears all of his suits amazingly,he's handsome,and he's bqdass,what else could u possibly want in a A.D.A and in a man


  13. I don’t know how I feel about this episode. I identify as an Independent, since I’m socially liberal and fiscally conservative, but I’m just going to say this and I know I’m probably going to get hate for it: if the female victim was a liberal instead of a conservative, the perpetrators would have been sent to jail. Just saying

  14. If you watch the scene before this one, Benson promotes idea that a victim being "pretty sure" of her attacker. But after she was hit in the head, everything was a blur. "The law does not require absolute certainty" – Benson. Right… just beyond all reasonable doubt. And you wonder why people don't take women for their word. Why they are questioned, examined, etc. This is the world that feminists want to run.

    Translation: Benson hates men..

  15. Noone is playing with you, or your craft. Illegal surveillance is exactly what it is. From the delivery drivers, to everything else. It is well documented and live feeds support such.

  16. It doesn't matter because putrid scumfuck lying thieves said I did something that I didn't do they still got to steal everything from me and leave me to die alone and poverty

  17. Casey Novak was my #1 favorite ADA with Alex Cabot as my #2. But then Rafael Barba came into my SVU life. Knocked 'em both down.

  18. You all are a bunch of idiots. Barba's character was great, but hardly the end-dall be-all best thing ever on SVU. The show is still good without him.

  19. does anyone know what season and episode this is from I can't remember the season or episode? if so please let me know it would be greatly appreciated

  20. I looove Barba. I wish he and the writer had stayed on long enough for him and Carisi to get close. I would've lost my damned mind seeing him get close to Carisi!!💕

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