Law & Order SVU on Gamers — h3h3 reaction video

Law & Order SVU on Gamers — h3h3 reaction video

[Law and Order theme song] [theme still playing] What’s this show about? Oh, it’s about rape. Ok! [more theme song] [theme still playing] Michelle Obama: Wow Ethan, great moves! Keep it up! Proud of you. [theme song, typing on keyboard] [end of theme song] What’s this? Created by Dick Wolf? Well, you know a show’s gonna be good when you got a guy – when the man behind the curtain’s name is Dick Wolf. And who could forget his accomplice, Co-Producer, Speed Weed. CAN WE GET SOME EMMYS FOR DICK WOLF AND SPEED WEED?!? [discontented coughs] Yeah, which episode? The one about the, uh… The ga- , uh, the rape. That’s every ep-, every show-, every episode’s about rape dude. Ok, well, whatever, they’re all good, just get – look the guy’s name is Speed Weed. Ok? He needs an award. Can we get some Emmys over here? SEAN? CAN YOU BRING THE EMMYS DUDE? [gaming noises] Ice T: DAMN! Ice T: Kill ’em, damn campers! that blonde lady: What’s a camper? Ice T: They usually creep to the side behind stuff, don’t engage. Ice T: Waiting for you to run by and then shoot you in the back. Ice T: They’re all pieces of crap! Ethan: It’s a little, f-, it’s a little kid, dude! His dad’s just chillin’ there, having a good time Ice T! [imitating Ice T] Imma kill you! Imma kill you, kid! handsome black man: Wanna give it a try? handsome black man: [using a funny voice] Virtual reality! that blonde lady: [condescendingly] Virtual reality? handsome black man: It’s like you’re actually inside of the game. generic male actor: [scoffs] [more generic scoffing] [scoffing again] Ethan: [imitates scoffing] I like how all these characters are just so disgusted by all gamer culture. [imitates scoff] [imitating handsome black man] Virtual reality! It’s like you’re inside the game! Isn’t that cool? [imitates scoff] [generic male actor scoffs again] [Ethan scoffs twice] [imitating generic male actor] Virtual reality? [scoffs] Come on! Meanwhile, you know this guy’s got, like, one of these fffffucking crazy Japanese jerk-off… Virtual reality fetish machines at home. He’s got, like, both of his legs suspended… He’s got like a fleshlight hooked up. Just fucking machine, he’s there, fucking all these anime characters. [imitating generic male actor] Virtual reality? [scoffs] Meanwhile, he’s thinking about at home on his, fucking, like AAAAGGGGHH YEAAAH! FUCKIN’ YEAAH [licking sounds] You know that’s what’s going on here guys, let’s be real. generic male actor: [scoffs, but layered just a few times] WHY’D YOU GO TO THIS CONVENTION?!? [unhappy coughing] YOU GUYS OBVIOUSLY AREN’T INTERESTED IN THESE PEOPLES’ HOBBY, YOU JUST GO THERE TO MAKE FUN OF PEOPLE?!? generic male actor: [scoffs] YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE ADULTS, DUDE! WHO’S THE KID? This show’s twisted, man. Fuck this guy. I hope you go balding soon. This guy loves his fucking hair. Fuck you, I hope you lose your hair. And then – and then when you come up to me and say “Hey, I got this new, this new- -hair restoration oil, isn’t that great?” [a really wet scoff] FUCK YOUR BALD HEAD, BITCH! Tobuscuit: He’s down to a side arm as we see quickfire is currently in the lead. What the fuck? Is that… Is that Tobiscus? That guy from Youtube? Tobuscuit: Let’s give him a chant! [chanting] That guy, he does those “trapped in” videos. I guess this is the version of him trapped in a show that berates and belittles the community that, that uh, he was built upon. Oh, that’s a really good idea Tobuscus! Help me! I’m trapped in this show that, that subje- that makes my own community base look like a punch of violent criminals and sex offenders! Aaaah! Help me! Tobuscuit: Volts are catching up pretty fast. You guy’s fans of lightening volts? [everyone cheers] Now he loves it. Make up your fucking mind, asshole. [chanting, girl shouting in terror, thumping sounds] Rape her! Rape her! Rape her! Oh, I mean, I mean do it! Do it! Do it! [silly music] [Benny Hill – Yakety Sax] that blonde lady: What happened? assaulted girl: These guys. They just – they just can’t stand women in gaming [dramatic music] that blonde lady: What did they do to you? assaulted girl: They leveled up. [more ultra-spooky music] Hila: What happened to you? They leveled up. Hila: W-what do you mean? They leveled up. Hila: What are you talking about? They leveled up. Can I get my fucking Emmy now, please? I mean, come on! Is this a beautiful shot or what? Did we do it better? We did it better! Get leveled up, son! [Ethan turn on the sink] Guess what? It’s not even blood [smacks lips]. It’s ketchup. OOOOOOOOOOH!!! WHERE’S MY EMMYYYYYY!?!?! [dramatic music] I like how they pan to her face like she knows what the fuck she’s talking about. Meanwhile she’s asking Ice T what everything means. She goes “they leveled up” and she’s just like [somber voice] Oh fuck, I completely understand what happened to you. assaulted girl: They were, like, young, um… They were white, but pale. Like, kinda skinny. Ice T: That’s 80% of the crowd Phhht! Really? Not you though, Ice T, right? You’re fat and black. And old. [imitating Ice T] That’s 80% of the crowd 80% dawg? You wanna reevaluate that statistic Ice T? Bust out your own gut. Let’s go gut-to-gut and talk 80% of gamers are pasty and white and, and skinny! Pasty white? Yeah, I fill the bill. But skinny? Please! Please! Please dude! You know what I’m talking about Ice T clipboard lady: You can choose how you play. You can wage peace or war. Have a patriarchy or a matriarchy clipboard lady: Be eco-conscious or industrialized. Ice T: I know. I read it on Kotaku that it’s better than Civ 5 with the Brave New World Expansion Pack [giggling] Why would you say that? Ice T, what happened to you dude? How did you come to this, man? [rapping] OG, original gangster You tell me you played Civ 5 WITH THE BRAVE NEW WORLD EXPANSION PACK?!?!?!?!?! WOOOAH DUDE!!!!! YOU REALLY KNOW WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT!!! WOW ICE T’S A GAMER!!! [generic male actor scoffs again] some cop: And she got doxxed an hour ago. Ice T: That’s how they knew this address. blonde lady: And where – where was that posted? some cop: A subthread on Redchat. Ice T: Ok, that subthread – I’m gonna need the link. That subthread? I’mma need the link. He’s like [imitating cop] Well… it’s like… It’s just on the internet dude, I mean it’s not, like, secret [assertive voice] I’mma need that link, ok? ‘Cuz I’m tech-savvy, I play video games, ya damn camper!!! Ok? And I’mma need that link. To that subthread on 8chan-fortune-gag??? [imitating the cop] Yeah, I’ll just, here, it’s right here, dude, it’s right here. [assertive voice] I’mma need that link! I’mma need you to take a photocopy and fax that link to me! Ok? blonde lady: Here’s another one of his threads. masked rapist: That slut Rena deserves all the pain that’s coming to her. The fuck, man? He’s like, what, gamers are Isis now? They’re in a basement with hoodies and a black and white flag resembling Isis. Ok guys, a-all jokes and goofing aside here, it’s a little, maybe we went a little bit too far here. [70s tv show voice] Here we go Fonz, I’m heading for the ramp! Are you sure you wanna do it? You know, hey, you guys are the Emmy award winning writers, so who am I to judge Dick Wolf and Speed Weed but? girl tied down: [crying] Please don’t do this! Check out these knockers, huh guys? [crude licking noise] Yeeeah! WooOoOOoOoO! I’m a terrorist! Check out these titties boi! Yeeeeah! girl tied down: [gasping and sobbing in terror] Ice T: Level completed. This is a game to them. I can’t – I can’t do this Hila I need to… I need to take a break I can’t w- I need to take a break. I can’t watch this right now. I need… Just give me ten minutes Hila. [loud, with video game sounds] DIE FUCKING GAMER GIIIIIIRL!!!! FUCKING CAMPER!!! I WANNA KILL PEOPLE IN REAL LIFE!!! [enraged coughing] KILL OR BE SLAUGHTERED DUUUUUDE!!!! KILL OR BE FUCKING SLAUGHTEEEEEEERED!!! Alright, I feel much better now. I took a little ten minute break and I just, you know, unwound a little bit and I feel much more relaxed and able to deal with this ridiculous, ridiculous, unrealistic show. gun guy: All for that skank Rena. Isn’t being a whore a crime? You should arrest HER!!! blonde lady: Drop your gun. gun guy: Shut up, bitch!
guy on ground: You’re just like Rena. Is it just me or do these guys have problems with females? gun guy: She took away the one thing we had. What the fuck, Ice T, you camping bitch! Ya fucking camper! [lady] So 20 years of gaming or whatever you do with that controller finally paid off. Whatever you do with that controller. Phhht! Phhht, whatever you do with that controller! [slow mo scoff] beaten girl: Women in gaming… What did I expect? Sssssshit. That’s…. That’s brutal. Women out there who think about playing video games; Cautionary tale, ok? ‘Cuz there’s a good chance, I mean, I mean, not a hundred percent, but like probably fifty-fifty. That you’re gonna get r- you’re probably gonna get raped, kidnapped, and maybe murdered. Maybe a little bit murder. It’s not a hundred percent, ok. We’re not fear-mongers. We’re not saying it’s gonna happen. But all we’re saying is that YEAH IT’S PROBABLY GONNA HAPPEN. “Women in gaming? What did I expect?” I brought- I kinda brought this on myself. When I went to gaming I thought you know yeah, you know what I’m probably gonna get raped, ok, so I can’t be too upset about it. But, you know, what did I expect? [Law and Order theme song] An unoriginal [trumpet] hehe! productiooooon

100 thoughts on “Law & Order SVU on Gamers — h3h3 reaction video

  1. they have cameras in bathrooms? isnt that illegal? this is a show about cops and illegal shit is happening, nothing is done about it so long as it fits the narrative. I had to explain to my mother that this shit is all fabricated over a game journalism issue.

  2. Logan Paul: "Isn't it being a whore a crime? You should arrest HER "
    If anyone deserves an Emmy, it's our boy Logan

  3. That Law & Order episode was a joke. Poorly written & presented for poor entertain. It makes no sense to stereotype male gamers as some kind threat to girls. Nonsense!

  4. Ok I’m gonna be 100% honest here: I found this video funny when I was younger, and it still is, but, aside from it being overly exaggerated and nail-on-the-head blunt with its writing, it kinda reflects the growth of the incel movement the past two years.

  5. Did Ethan just miss the fact that Logan Paul just called two separate women a whore and a bitch in an episode of Law and Order? Wtf are you doing Ethan?

  6. With the whole "all gamers are terrorists" in the somewhat recent news, I will say this about us gamers.

    1. Yes. We get angry. Some more than others. I myself am bipolar, so if i get ganked, cheated, or fucked over by a game, i lose my shit. I've thrown shit, and I've broken a few things out of pure rage. You know who the crazy ones are? The ones who dont flip out, who bottle it up and pretend it didnt happen.

    2. Video games are stressful. It's a simulated world where you are in control of what happens, and at the same time, many decisions are met with a big "YOU DIED" and a middle finger. Any single person who plays more than half an hour on Dark Souls or Call of Duty is going to break something, I promise you.

    3. It's an outlet. Being able to yell, scream, cuss and throw shit in that moment means it isnt going to come out later. And what's more, you can release the irritation that other things have caused you. I take out my anger from shit that happened earlier on my games so that I dont stab Tim in the neck for being a dipshit.

    Video games are not a bad thing. In fact, they do a better job defusing these situations. Make every prisoner sentenced for murder play in a COD lobby for an hour, and see how nice they are to actual people.

  7. dude i'm rewatching old h3h3 videos at 3 am and fucking logan paul pops on my screen in a random episode of law and order. i feel like i'm tripping balls on something

  8. I like law and order but this is one of their worst episode's. Like seriously why it got to be ice-t only cop that knows about gaming ?. Rest of the characters did a mediocre job


  10. Why is Ethan me when I always hear the intro ahhh now I know why when I was a younger she like wtffff when watched things like this still do as a 20 yr

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