Learn How to Create More Money With The Law of Attraction

Learn How to Create More Money With The Law of Attraction

We all need it and we all want it, money. I guarantee if you use these four simple law
of attraction techniques, you will create more money. You know, money is a neutral energy. You either create struggle with it, or you
create affluence with it. Meaning, you feel like it has more power than
you, and you’re at odds with it constantly, and there’s never enough, and you’re always
worrying about it, and you have a lot of frightful energy and experiences with it, and it has
patterns that play out continually, you’re not able to accumulate it, that’s struggle
with money. If you’re on the positive side with money
and you’re creating affluence, you know that money is always there to support you. It shows up with grace and ease. It’s in abundant supply. You have a lovely, friendly relationship with
it. You recognize that it’s a tool in your life. It’s a resource, it’s an art, it’s an energy
of exchange. We live at a time when money is mostly experienced
through digital form. We’re not paying for most things with dollar
bills and cash, we’re using electronic devices actually, more and more. There’s even apps to transfer money. All your bank accounts…you can look at them
online, you’re not writing checks anymore, you know, and having to balance your checking
account. And your credit, you have a lot of automatic
payments. So, the good news is, money is in a state
of energy more than a tangible state. When something’s operating more free form
as energy you can create what you want with it more freely. So, you’re either going to ramp up creating
more debt or creating more affluence with money. Which side of the spectrum are you on? You have an abundance with money. That’s a given. You can either create an abundance of debt
or you can create abundance of flow and accumulation. My story, I learned quick, man. It was 1994, we had $45,000 in credit card
debt, no income, neither my husband and I had any employment that brought in predictable,
steady income. I was starting out my energy healing, coaching,
and therapy career. It was very unpredictable at the time, I was
one of the first ones to get into that space and build a business around it. And his pattern was playing out very profusely
that money was a struggle. He came from that, his family system. When you look at your story with money, how
closely does it reflect the same story your parents created? What are the same things you’re still saying
about money that you learned in your childhood? I found that money as struggle experience
is typically a generational pattern that you have an opportunity to change, that you can
actually release yourself from that generational story that’s keeping you captive with money
being a struggle, and you can create your own story with money. I had an aha many years ago that money wanted
to be my friend. It wanted to support me, it wanted to be my
ally, it no longer wanted to be the bad guy. So, around 1994, at the end of the year, I
started working on that. I shared with my husband that we were creating
what we are experiencing of money. We had a great epiphany one day when he looked
at me, we were driving in the car and he said to me, “Do you have any money?” And I said, “No, I never have any money.” And it was like, oh my gosh, I just totally
put that…I keep putting that vibration out into the universe. That’s the signal I send over, and over. It’s like this powerful radio wave and what
do I keep getting? Not enough money. We drove immediately to the ATM and to cash
out and we made a vow with each other that we from that day forward always have cash
in our wallet. I have been consistent with that practice
for 23 years now. I have a nice wallet. I invested in something that was nicer. So, here’s my first tip. My first tip, get some cash on your body. Get it in your space. I carry several hundred dollars in cash at
any given time. I never go below $100. That’s been the case for 23 years. Now, if you get freaked out to put $100 in
your wallet, first, look at your history with this. Do you have cash in your wallet? If you’re afraid to carry cash in your wallet
because you think you’re gonna spend it, someone’s gonna steal it, something’s gonna happen,
you wanna bring that into your space to clear all that stuff. Get rid of it, it’s not serving you. So, get the energy in your physical space
have real, tangible money. Have cash even if you get $25, but make them
all single dollar bills, so it’s really thick. Give yourself that experience with money and
see what it brings up for you. What fears does it provoke? What issues start coming to the surface? You wanna clean that all up. So, first step, get cash in your wallet, create
a physical connection with money. Because it may be very elusive…that money
is so elusive to you because it’s so intangible. You just start able to get a connection. This will help you ground the energy of money
in your physical space. My second step that will support you is to
no longer say, and I made a commitment with myself in 1994 that I was gonna stop saying
this and I did it. I have not expressed this since that. When I’m in, I’m full on in and I stopped
saying, “I can’t afford it.” I just stopped saying it. And it took me a little longer to stop thinking
it, but I stopped verbalizing it because I recognized how potent this phrase was. And that I was setting myself up over and
over again to not being able to afford anything I wanted. And you’ll find that when you say it to your
children, it’s a real scapegoat that parents use with kids especially at stores, “We can’t
afford it. We can’t afford it.” You’re teaching them to be poor. You’re teaching them to not believe in options. You’re teaching them that we don’t have enough
money and that’s the reason we cannot purchase it. And in most cases, you could. It’s really not the reason. It’s just a quick out. So, what you do when you say that? Notice how the energy…where does it go? It closes. It’s like, “I can’t afford it.” You’ve shut off your flow to money. When you say… Let me give you the replacement phrase, because
I’m not suggesting you go out and buy a bunch of stuff when you don’t have the financial
resources. You know, you wanna make wise purchases with
the money you have. You don’t overspend, you don’t wanna create
that. So, people get weirded out by this and say,
“Well, I can’t say I can’t afford it.” Well, we’re gonna tweak that a little bit. Use this phrase, “I can afford to believe
in it. I can afford to believe that the money will
show up for me.” What happens when you speak that, think that? It opens. You flow the energy of money to you, “I can
believe, I can afford to believe that I can have this experience. It can be a part of my life that money will
show up and support me. And I’m excited to see when, and where, and
how it does.” Let it show up for you, let it flow. So, remember, no more, “I cannot afford it.” Switch it to, “I can afford to believe in
money showing up for me.” Feel that difference? It’s remarkable. I love that, that switch. The third step is clear your energy of being
stuck in life of struggle. Well, where do you go to do that? Go to my stuck quiz. See, money is one of the biggest resources
we create struggle with. And so, you just overall carry a struggle
energy in your system. It’s just a habit, your condition to struggle
with something and so one of the easiest things to create struggle with is money. So, go to caroltuttle.com and you’re gonna
see right there on the page you can take my stuck quiz. I’ll take you through my master class to help
you clear your stuck energy and you’ll start clearing this energy of struggle. Life is a struggle, I’m struggling with this,
I struggle with money. You can let go of that now. So, get rid of the struggle energy, start
believing you can live an affluent life. The fourth step, why, you could say this and
see what comes up for you. One of my favorite affirmations with money
is “I love money and money loves me.” So, just think or speak that right out loud
right now, “I love money.” Does that make you feel worldly, sacrilegious,
you know, all you care about is money, you’re not a good person, money is more important
to you than people? It’s like what comes forward when you say,
“I love money”? Do you have a religious tie-in with that,
that money is the root of all evil? Money is neutral, money is nothing. It just becomes whatever you project onto
it. Money makes you more of whoever you are, as
a human being. If you’re a kind, good person, it gives you
more options to use your kindness and goodness because it’s a tool to help you make choices,
and create stuff, and share it, and do amazing things in the world. So, money is just neutral. It will create whatever energy you give it. So, once I recognized and got rid of all the
misunderstandings about money, and I recognized that money was a powerful tool that gave me
more choices that allowed me to experience more, to serve more, to support my needs and
wants, and to be able to really embrace that phrase, “I love money and money loves me,”
to have a loving kind relationship with money, and to see it as a spiritual tool and a beautiful
resource in my life, more of it started to show up for me. I appreciated it for that, that resource it
is. So, start to say that and, again, you want
to provoke whatever stuff you carry that would cause you to shut down. Because when you shut down with money, money
shuts down for you. So, four simple steps use them. I knew that if I started practicing this way
back in 1994, my life would look dramatically different in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years. Here it is 23 years later. I have completely cleaned up the decades ago,
my issues with money. Money shows up in my life. It’s a beautiful resource. I want that for you. So, use these four simple tools to get the
law of attraction working for you to help you create more money. Subscribe to my channel here so you can get
my weekly heal with “Carol Videos,” and make sure you check out the ones we’ve already
published here on YouTube. Thanks for watching everyone and go take that
stuck quiz, caroltuttle.com and get rid of that struggle energy.

11 thoughts on “Learn How to Create More Money With The Law of Attraction

  1. Thank you for watching my video! If you have more questions about the Law of Attraction, you can watch more of my videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1y-_RHHIPfU&list=PLi7by4JQjmqpBimxwrmD-1ZfDHHhDN_i1. If you're also wondering about areas in your life you might be stuck in, you can take my Stuck Quiz here: https://ct.liveyourtruth.com/healing-quiz/ and remove the areas in life you're stuck in!

  2. Thanks, Carol, for the great advice… from now on, when the subject arises as to whether I can afford something or not, I will pull the Universe in by name and say, "WE can afford it." A good reminder that we're not alone and "someone" has our back… kinda like the mafia, but better and kinder, lol.

  3. Yes, but your starting phrase was that you had $50,000 (if I remember correctly )of credit card debt and no money. So, where did you get the $100s for your wallet ? And how do you go from being $50,000 of debt and no money to a mindset that "we can afford it" ?

    My situation is that I'm around $30,000 in debt, and of course I have no money in the bank so for me to go and take out $100's of dollars to put into my wallet, then that's going to put me more in debt with my bank.

    My 'problem' could be paid off very, very quickly but i simply don't have/get enough work, and the work I do get is sporadic PLUS I live in a rural area so to commute to (in my case) London for work (which is where most of it is), truly is impractical (I'd need to move there, and I don't have the money for that). I'm really trying hard to think out of the box (something I don't normally do because I am pretty passionate about my very creative line of work), and am looking at alternative online income streams that I could garner (as I'm no technophobe), but those will take time and I have to really move on this before it goes really, really finally out of control.

  4. This is such a great video, I am steadily watching all your videos Carol and I cannot believe the synchronicity that these videos are presenting for me. A simple search of Dressing Your Truth brought me to you clothing playlists and really resonated with me, those videos brought me to these videos and I cannot believe that I am hearing this from you. My boyfriend (of 10 years) and I have been discussing how money is a neutral resource for years now but it seems to be a sentiment that we alone share and many people cannot understand it. For this reason many of our friends and especially family members see us as foolish and irresponsible even though we have been extremely independent financially. Right now we are both working on our own business foundations and it can be very disheartening when everyone around you has nothing but doubt because they don't see the results that we VISUALISE for ourselves. We have found the only way to stay inspired and encouraged is to keep the positive affirmations strong and put distance between the negative doubt even if it has meant cutting off those family members that put negative energy in our headspace. It is so refreshing to hear you discuss the power of healthy mindset vs toxic mindset and I really appreciate you taking the time to share it 🤗

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