LinkedIn Privacy Policy

LinkedIn Privacy Policy

this is a privacy policy most people think of a privacy policy is a long complicated document full of legal mumbo-jumbo that can be pretty confusing and not always the most useful at LinkedIn we believe that a privacy policy should be easy to understand and centered around protecting you our members to ensure that we continue to earn your trust so we've designed our policy around putting our members first we give you clarity consistency and control over your information we make clear what data we collect how we collect it and how we use it for example when you register we collect information to help you set up your account we also store and collect data on how you use the site and how you interact with third-party services and applications so we can help you create the professional networking opportunities you need to transform your career we never rent sell or distribute your private information to third parties unless you ask us to like when you ask us to make a secure transaction on your behalf the information you choose to provide enables us to enhance your experience and make LinkedIn work better for you through your LinkedIn account you can control what information people see and how it can be used of course you can always request to simply close your account but there's no need to do that because we've worked hard to earn the trust of millions of professionals just like you from our members to our employees and partners Trust is what powers the LinkedIn professional network check out the details of our privacy policy today at LinkedIn

23 thoughts on “LinkedIn Privacy Policy

  1. What is the point of a privacy, when your profile details is exposed to Millions of Linkedin members. Except non members, ALL Linkedin members can check your profile full details eathir for marketing or tracking your full history!! check my video list to see the prove.. I emailed them, they said nothing they can do about it!! 

  2. I though I did, but some how, I got lost in the shuffle but god knows, and only
    he makes the final desion of what you make of your self.

  3. They also forgot to mention that our government has a backdoor into all our information through the Prism Act…..

  4. Hate LinkedIn. All my information is available to anyone with an account. That's their "privacy" policy.

  5. Would you please add proper captions? Auto captions are not of acceptable quality and would do more harm than good for 50 millions of deaf and hard of hearing people in USA and 642 milions of them in the world. Check my Audio Accessibility website for more information. Thanks!

  6. I'd like to share this video in a training session – how can I go about getting LinkedIn's permission to reuse this video? There's no reference or opportunity to comment on the source blog. Please let me know. Thank you 🙂

  7. Seriously one of the easiest privacy policies and user agreements I've ever read. Just read the gray boxes for the summary of each section. It's VERY concise and readable. I've read FAR worse policies that were way more complex. This one only takes 5 mins to read.

  8. I actually always read them, lol. Or at the very least I know what to look for to be sure my information is not being mishandled. 🙂

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