Making Marines – 12 Weeks of United States Marine Corps Recruit Training

Making Marines – 12 Weeks of United States Marine Corps Recruit Training

Sit up straight and look at me now. Aye Sir. You have arrived at MCRD San Diego billet
six-two-two receiving company. You understand? Yes Sir. From now on, the only words that come out
of your mouth will be “Yes Sir” “No Sir” “Aye Aye Sir”. Do you understand? Yes Sir. Tens of thousands Marines have began their
outstanding service on these very yellow footprints. You will carry out that proud tradition. Do you understand? Yes Sir. Scream it. Aye Sir. Louder! Louder! You have just taken your first steps in becoming
members of the world’s finest fighting force. The United States Marine Corps. These recruits are entrusted to my care. These recruits are entrusted to my care. I will train them to the best of my ability. I will train them to the best of my ability. I will develop them in to Smartly disciplined physically fit basically trained
Marines thoroughly indoctrinated in
love of the Corps and country. I will demand of them and demonstrate by my own example the highest standards of personal conduct morality and professional skill Take charge of these men and make them Marines. Aye, Aye Sir. Group training, so this week we covered MCMAP. (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program) And we also did bayonet assault course. And we get the recruits ready to transition
on to the second phase. Ready, execute. Here you go, pay attention. Got it? Yes Sir! Execute. Execute. Execute Execute So right now, we’re doing a Combat Fitness
Test. It’s two laps, you understand? Yes sir. Ready, go. Measuring their strengths to see how they’re
performing on that. Get up. Run, run run run. Crawl. Crawl, crawl, crawl. It’s important for the recruits to experience
because this their first time in recruit training, this is the first time they’re learning about
the Marines. And for us to throw this on them and have
them train like this, it gets in their mindset that it’s not just about them anymore. It’s not me, I. It’s us. It’s about Marines. Brotherhood. We also have the Senior Drill Instructor inspection. Basically we get to see their attention to
detail as far as our uniforms, as far as our cleanliness of weapons, and just the knowledge
that we’ve bestowed in them since the moment they picked up on us in Fox Company. Every Marine is a rifleman, but also Marines
are amphibious. They have the 25-minute swim, the four-minute float the drop from the tower to try to overcome their fear of heights. Also conditional PFT, to test their strength
is fell over now. Pull-ups, crunches, and a 3-mile run. Get up. Aye Sir. Get up. Aye Sir. The recruits pack up everything in the house
and move to Camp Pendleton. Which leads into the second phase, which is
targeting marksmanship. So for Grass Week, we have the recruits for
five days, and they get taught about the basic fundamentals of marksmanship. A lot of these guys have never even held a
weapon or anything, so it’s all the way from how they handle that weapon in a safe manner
to placing low-end shots in the center of a target up to 500 yards. So firing positions, so there’s the prone,
sitting, kneeling, and standing. Then we teach them every variation, we find
what variation works for them, and then we take that, we practice it for that week so
they can go down range and apply it. This is an indoor simulated marksmanship training. They use that to simulate shooting downrange,
and it gives the recruits an idea of sort of what to expect. The recruits will end Grass Week with a five
mile hike. First Marine division. First Marine division, aye Sir. California. This week is our table one relay for recruits. (horn blaring) For the recruits this is their
first time ever actually firing a live round. They’re taking everything that they did last
week, learning how to aim, the proper shot placement, proper stances, proper position
holds, and they’re actually applying that to live rounds this week. (rifle shots) They fire all day long, multiple
days before they actually qualify. Every recruit will have a coach standing over
them. There’s one to help them out and turn them
into the marksmen that we need them to be as Marines. The goal of every Marine is to become a rifleman,
proficient with the weapon, and that’s what were doing here. Before they leave out of here, they will be
a rifleman first and foremost. So this week, Fox Company had field week. Starting the week off, Table II shooting,
which is that close quarter combat shooting. They worked on all those drills that PMI took,
those tactical reloads, speed reloads, controlled pairs, two in the chest, facade drills. They were put in that combat mindset and they
went out there to accomplish the mission they were assigned to do. Downrange area is clear. They advanced to the field for their Basic
Warrior Training. They went out there and did this Assault Course,
where they practiced an all night drill with flares in the air, combat guiding and how
to properly overcome obstacles in a combat territory, in a combat mindset. Then they started to learn Land Navigation. How to read a map, how to plot points on a
map, and how to finds those points they plotted. They worked on it during the day and at night. Team week is the first week of the third phase. It’s a week where we start really transitioning
and giving the recruits the responsibilities of taking care of each other, doing the right
thing when nobody’s watching. They go to different agencies and they just
help out, breaking boxes down, cleaning up, stocking shelves, whatever needs to get done
around the depot. Also, this week we have the interior guard
showing the recruits the purpose of standing duty in a more real-life situation. Their drill sergeants also do scenarios. For example, if somebody comes out of the
area of operations and the recruits get charged with a test like that. The Series Commander’s Inspection is an inspection
done by a Series Commander, and what he’s looking for, basically, is for them to be
able to articulate themselves, targeting with confidence, demonstrating bearing. It’s preparation for Company Commander’s Inspection
and the Battalion Commander’s Inspection. This week Fox Company did the inventory PFT. Measures the fitness of the recruits since
they’ve been here in recruit training. This is about their middle point. Measure their pull-ups, crunches, their run
times to see how much improvement they’ve made in the bayonet assault course where they
go through. They can put their MCMAP techniques that they
learned to the test in a real life scenario. Final pugil sticks in the Thunderdome where
they will be doing the final CFT. The CFT is the Combat Fitness Test. They measure their amount of times they are
able to lift a 30 pound ammo can. They do a obstacle course that consists of
carrying ammo cans, zig-zagging through obstacles, low crawling, high crawling, sprinting, and
doing a fireman’s carry. They also do a 880 meter sprint around the
track. So this week we actually had our final drill. This is a big day for the recruits. This actually shows them a lot of pride and
discipline. A lot of things that the drill sergeants actually
worked hard for to do. And the final PFT, physical fitness
test where recruits are evaluated on pull-ups, crunches, and a run time. Next thing that we’re gonna be doing this
week is the repel tower. The repel tower for the recruits is the opportunity
for them to get their last little bit of courage out and show the drill sergeants that they
actually wanna be United States Marines. Go faster! The chambers filled with CS gas are non-lethal
tear gas and riot control agent. to test recruits’ knowledge on proper points
for equipment used during biological and chemical attacks. The remainder of week 12 is spent undergoing
the most defining moment of recruit training. The Crucible. The Crucible is the cumulating event of recruit
training process. It is a 54 hour field training exercise executed
with only 3 meals and 4 hours of sleep per night. Designed to emphasis the importance of team
work and overcoming adversity. The Crucible cumulates with the formal presentation of
The Eagle, Globe, and Anchor. and officially marks the transitions from recruit
to Marine. (AiirSource Logo) We are proud to claim the title of United
States Marine.

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