100 thoughts on “MAKING SOLDIERS – United States Army Basic Training At Fort Benning

  1. Kinda like Infantry Basic Training at Ft. Benning Georgia in 2002…. but I never saw a female till I got to Airborne School 4 months later… and their uniforms are different.

  2. Morocco is the frest in the world to recognise the United States. I want to know your opinion. Do you americans love morocoo, and why does Donald Trump consider US arabs? We are not Arabs. We are North AFRICA 🇲🇦🇺🇸❤

  3. It's a different approach and obviously works there. Here in Australia what works is near deathly silence and since they banned physically punching someone and instructor will calmly and sternly call you out, put their clench fist out and you have to bang your head against it until they say stop. The silence is awful but teaches you to know when to speak on exercises and only talk when necessary. The bloke shouting will be the first to be shot.

  4. LOL показали утреннюю зарядку когда я служил срочную ))))

  5. No Faith for the guys that quit on themselves. And beginning a carrier of killing there own kind. Kill for interests that are not yours. May become money but money is unlimited. If you're a consumer slave like me. Money is limiting you.

  6. The guy on 0:14 was caught by his drill instructor sleeping the drill instructor posted it on his YT I forgot his channels name

  7. I feel bad for the ones that wear glasses. How do they keep them from falling off during all that? Maybe they are glued to their head😁

  8. 😆😆😆 อ๋อๆ ของเขาปืนดัง เป้งๆๆๆ นะ ของเราดัง ปังๆๆๆๆ แล้วก็ตามมา วี้ๆๆ บูม 😁😁😆😆

  9. Hey can you guys just show the people raiding Area 51 that there's nothing there, that way you guys don't have to use lethal force?

  10. 4:00 you guys should watch this its so funny when they say bang bang bang its souds like they are joking around

  11. The Army needs to understand that we are humans, not machines. This is generally for all armies in the world. We humans have our limitations, no matter what.

  12. Can you imagine a modern day Social Justice Warrior or Antifa retard going through boot camp? Purple hair, 80 lbs overweight, and constantly whining about how oppressed they are because you didn't use their non-binary gender fluid made-up pronoun?

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  14. Basic is what everyone should do after finishing high school makes for a much more professional and moral population

  15. This is pitiful real sorry compared to my days of wooden Barracks at Harmony church , Rangers lead the way. Today’s military has Lost there way. This is like children teaching children at summer camp. So many weak things I noticed compared to the old days. I won’t say any more, politically correct weak modern military is what —-,,, well o.k. I’ll shut up now.

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  17. I am 70 years old and the basic training I went through was an ice cream social compared to the hell these trainees are going through.

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